8 Best Apps for Lawn Care Business in 2021

Are you looking for an optimum mobile solution for your landscaping business that can automate your business operations? Then I guess you have taken the correct decision.

There are multiple apps for lawn care businesses available in this competitive world that help you run your business and manage landscaping projects more conveniently.

To help you with that, we have highlighted the list of best applications and their features that allow landscaping businesses to enhance business efficiency to a great extent. So, let’s get started.

Overview of Landscaping and Lawn Care Business

The lawn care and landscaping business is a business that involves much more physical work. The business involves essentials services like:

  • Cutting grass lawns
  • Edges trimming
  • Debris removal
  • Turf maintenance

The lawn care and landscaping business is solely responsible for managing everything related to your landscaping tasks daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

Lawn care business provides services to both residential and commercial customers as per their needs.

Top 8 Lawn Care Business Apps to Grow Your Business in 2021

After making a research on the various business apps related to the lawn care business, we have come up with the best apps that help you in improving productivity.

1 – Yardbook

Yardbook is a free app for lawn care businesses, making it easy for business owners and landscapers to run smoothly and operate business operations.

Yardbook app allows your business to deal with end-to-end solutions in terms of different roles like creating schedules, estimates, completing invoices, payments, timesheets, and many more.

With this lawn care app’s help, business owners can easily keep track of every small business operation, starting from scratch to field. Moreover, the app is responsible for creating and scheduling jobs daily, weekly or monthly from their Android phone or iPhone.

With its robust and easy-to-use online tools, Yardbook helps you efficiently enhance your business strength and build long-lasting customer relationships. In simple words, we can say that Yardbook is associated with field service management software.

It is straightforward for the field employees to download this bookkeeping app and be connected with real-time scenarios to the office. The app offers an interactive way for the users to use digitized yardage books to take key notes, whether at home or on-site.

You can download Yardbook from Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

Top Features

  • Easy-to-use & user-friendly app
  • Customer management
  • Property management
  • Job Status
  • Integrates with Stripe to collect payments
  • Routing
  • Timesheets
  • GPS Tracking
  • Equipment maintenance

2 – Lawn Buddy

Lawn Buddy is a scheduling app specifically designed for lawn care business owners to run their businesses with ease.

This lawn care business app’s primary goal is to connect you with the perfect company that provides an optimum solution to your basic needs.

With this app’s help, the local lawn care professionals are connected with your choice’s service providers. Such professionals are enthusiasts to perform on-demand solutions or schedule any yard care smoothly.

The most exciting part of the Lawn Buddy app is that it allows you to create multiple schedule requests with ease, chat seamlessly with your provider, and make payments without any specific contracts.

Lawn Buddy app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Top Features

  • Route optimization
  • Supports online payments
  • Crew tracking
  • Push notification
  • Easy scheduling
  • In-built marketing tools
  • Communicate seamlessly
  • Background checks
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Yard estimation

3 – LawnCare Pro

LawnCare Pro is a lawn care business app designed explicitly for landscape professionals to deal with detailed invoicing and financial management.

With its active integration functionality, invoice generation is relatively easy, and you can easily track your essential accounts. It is solely responsible for creating and maintaining a schedule typically based on your client appointments.

The app is a boon for many lawn care businesses as it easily maintains all the essential information on mobile devices without any need for additional connection to business servers.

Top Features

  • Contact management
  • Scheduling and invoicing
  • Labor, plants, parts & supplies management
  • GPS and time tracking
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • In-app purchases required
  • Cloud sync possible
  • Document manager
  • Signature capture of approved estimates

4 – LawnStarter

LawnStarter is a free lawn care scheduling app that creates and manages lawn care and lawn mowing with ease, no matter the size of lawn area.

LawnStarter provides essential services to your landscape business like yard maintenance, aeration, landscaping, and fertilization. With this tool’s help, the service providers can accept recurring clients who have already signed up for yard service.

Moreover, it allows you to run your business using Android mobile devices, iPhone, or PC and avail free software to existing clients.

Top Features

  • Quick setup
  • Online account management
  • Number of products offered
  • Fully insured professionals
  • Good customer service
  • Top-rated lawn crews

5 – Turfhop

Turfhop is a landscape management app that allows you to manage and automate your entire landscape business from a single mobile app.

TurfHop is an all-in-one lawn care CRM system that quickly manages and automates your daily quoting, scheduling, and invoicing activity to get paid faster. TurfHop is an ideal choice for landscapers, lawn maintainers, irrigation experts, and hardscapers.

Using the TurfHop scheduler, it becomes relatively easy for you to get better reviews and enhance better customer relationships to a great extent.

Turfhop provides integration with leading platforms like Stripe, Quickbooks, Mandrill, Zillow, Twilio, and Google Maps.

Top Features

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Online invoicing and quotes
  • Customer database
  • Inventory control
  • Reports and trends
  • Scheduling & appointments
  • Work order management

6 – TaskEasy

TaskEasy is a simple and free lawn care scheduling app that allows you to open the app and enter the address of the specific job site that needs lawn care, and you are good to go.

TaskEasy is an app for lawn care or landscaping business that provides home-based solutions like lawn mowing, fertilization, and aeration from your mobile app. Moreover, such services can easily be customized depending on selection from multiple service plans, frequency, and scheduling options.

With the help of a lawn care business app, you have to select a package type and its intended lawn mowing frequency. Based on it, a local contractor is assigned for scheduling your yard care, or landscaping service comes into action.

A notification is sent to both the customers and service providers on the completion of service. You will receive a photo of before and after services performed, making it easy to approve multiple work orders at a time.

Top Features

  • Easy-to-use tool
  • ScribbleSizer tool for area tracing
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Work order management
  • Notification status of each task
  • Customization options

7 – Lawn Care Software

Lawn Care Software is one of the top-rated business apps for lawn care or landscape business that efficiently manages all the essential business operations and business needs.

The app primarily deals with professional services that maintain all essential business activities and transactions with clients.

With its intuitive feature of a schedule calendar, it becomes relatively easy to record and view the job appointments, whether past or future ones. You can even record snow removal or yard mowing jobs and equipment maintenance.

The app is a modern, profit-margin, and easy to use management program that handles the functionality to calculate all financial transactions per job directly from a bank account.

Top Features

  • Invoices and estimates
  • Get paid faster
  • Measure pricing for any property
  • Automatically send reminder emails
  • Client portal
  • View and share business tips

8 – GreenPal

GreenPal is an app for landscaping jobs that makes it easy to perform operations like lawn mowing and plant cleaning.

GreenPal provides you with an easy-to-use platform where you can find, schedule, and perform payment for the perfect lawn care professionals at your place. Once the professional is available, the scheduling & payment is made directly from a mobile devices or desktop computer.

With the help of this personal lawn care app, multiple quotes are made available to you from locally rated lawn care services faster. You can look at the reviews and hire a yard mowing service based on your requirement. Just pay it and avail the functionalities with ease.

Top Features

  • Job bidding
  • Work and job scheduling
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Tracking income and other costs
  • Performing taxation with ease

Benefits of Using a Lawn Care App in 2021

After looking at the apps list, you might be wondering why small business owners need lawn care apps for their business. To answer your question, we have come up with the essential advantages as mentioned below:

Benefits of Using a Lawn Care App

  • Easy Scheduling: The lawn care app makes your scheduling easier as it allows you to have direct access to the jobs, dispatch, and even set recurring shifts from anywhere.
  • Easily track employees: Many lawn care apps allow the service teams to know the information about employees like time-in/time-out, working hours using GPS location, and even other routes.
  • Communication made easy: A lawn care app makes your communication ease as it allows your employees to chat or send messages to service teams about the job scheduling and other details. So, they are aware of essential updates and announcements, making everyone remain on the same page.
  • Automate day-to-day operations: Many lawn care companies can easily automate their daily activities by using apps. The app provides you to create checklists, forms, and daily reports in digital format.
  • Enhancing professional skills: The lawn care apps allow you to grab the training materials and information using a mobile phone. So, once the information is available on hand, employees can quickly enhance the expert skills to deliver the best customer satisfaction.

These are the essential points that make your landscaping area more robust using landscaping apps. However, there are still many questions that might be arising in your mind, so to clear it out, we have highlighted the FAQ in the next section.


Generally, it depends on the working position of employees in the business. However, on an average, it ranges from $35K to $60K.

To start a business from scratch, you could range from $500 to $100K+ per user depending on the cost of a lawnmower, trimmer, and leaf blower. A franchise purchase will vary.

  • Building lawn care network
  • Enhance social media platforms
  • Taking care of existing and recurring clients


So, you must use the apps for your landscaping business that suit the best for your basic needs and fulfill all your major tasks with ease.

We have gone through the list of apps that help your landscape business to satisfy your customers and manage everything related to yard care needs.

Want to streamline daily operations and grow your service business?