8 Best Apps for Lawn Care Business

As a lawn care or landscaping business owner, you need to deal with pretty challenging and rewarding tasks like creating and scheduling jobs, tracking job status, managing invoices, and even improving team’s efficiency.

It becomes quite obvious that you need to adopt the best lawn care business apps that make it easy for you to overcome such challenges. In this competitive and technologically advanced world, there are plenty of new options out there when it comes to managing your landscaping business.

We have highlighted the list of apps for lawn care businesses and their features to make it easy for you to select the best option.

Overview of Landscaping and Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business, also known as lawn mowing business, is a low-investment business that provides services like:

  • Cutting grass lawns
  • Edges trimming
  • Debris removal
  • Turf maintenance

The lawn care and landscaping business is solely responsible for managing everything related to your landscaping tasks daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

Lawn care business provides services to both residential and commercial customers as per their needs.

Top 8 Lawn Care Business Apps to Grow Your Business in 2021

Based on the “ease of use” and “customer service” reviews on Capterra, we have compiled the best apps that help you to enhance the business productivity and select the best lawn care business app for your business.

  1. FieldCamp

    Best Used ForRating
    Automating and streamlining your lawn care business operations5/5

    FieldCamp, one of the top-rated lawn care business apps, allows you to create and manage schedules, create invoices, take regular follow-ups, payment processing, and even reporting.

    This software solution allows you to survey your cleaner’s schedules quickly, assign jobs, monitor their status, and ensure their schedules are optimized for success.

    The great part of FieldCamp is that it is equipped with voice-to-text technology, making it easy for you to run your business without even having to touch your device.

    Top Features:

    • Job scheduling
    • Staff management
    • Customer management
    • Payment processing
    • Invoice management
    • Real-time field staff tracking
    • Comprehensive business reports
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  3. Lawnager

    Best Used ForRating
    Handling administrative processes for customers, work orders, task scheduling5/5


    Lawnager Capterra


    Lawnager is a free lawn care business app that provides simple tools to easily create and manage lawn and lawn mowing activities with ease.

    This app for a lawn care business allows you to create an account quickly, build your profile, invite your customers, and even create schedules. In addition, this app is solely responsible for dealing with simple automated scheduling and email marketing services to promote upcoming services and get paid quickly.

    Moreover, it allows you to run your business using Android mobile devices, iPhone, or PC.

    Top Features:

    • Quick Setup
    • Online account management
    • Easily manage quotes/estimates
    • Employee management
    • Customer support
    • Good customer service
  4. Yardbook

    Best Used ForRating
    Managing business operations, sales, and financial records4.7/5


    Yardbook - Capterra


    Yardbook is a free lawn care business app, making it easy for you to run your business smoothly and operate business operations.

    Yardbook app allows you to deal with different roles like creating schedules, estimates, completing invoices, payments, and even generating timesheets.

    With this lawn care app’s help, you can easily keep track of almost every small business operation, like creating and scheduling jobs daily, weekly or monthly from your Android phone or iPhone.

    With its easy-to-use online tools, Yardbook helps you to schedule one job at a time and track the job completed in a real-time scenario. Also, a notification is sent to you and your customer’s mobile once the job is completed. So, it plays a vital role in enhancing your business productivity and building long-lasting customer relationships.

    You can download Yardbook from Google Play Store and App Store.

    Top Features:

    • Customer management
    • Property management
    • Job-status
    • Integrates with Stripe to collect payments
    • Create invoices directly from jobs
    • Set up recurring invoice templates
    • Routing
    • Timesheets
    • GPS tracking
  5. LawnPro

    Best Used ForRating
    Generating invoices and estimates4.7/5


    LawnPro - Capterra

    LawnPro is a lawn care business app designed explicitly for landscape professionals to create detailed invoicing and financial management reports.

    LawnPro primarily allows you to deal with managing invoices and estimates. You can also add a custom message to invoices & estimates, such as payment terms or a quick note.

    Invoice generation is relatively easy with its active integration functionality, and you can easily track your essential accounts. In addition, it is solely responsible for creating and maintaining a lawn care schedule typically based on your client appointments.

    The app is a boon for you as it easily maintains all the essential business information on mobile devices without any need for additional connections to business servers.

    Top Features:

    • Contact management
    • Follow up reminders of potential customers
    • Labor, plants, parts & supplies management
    • GPS and time tracking
    • Automation of late payment reminders
    • Supports multiple payment methods
    • In-app purchases required
    • Cloud sync possible
    • Document manager
    • Signature capture of approved estimates
  6. TurfHop

    Best Used ForRating
    Customer Management4.6/5


    TurfHop - Capterra


    Turfhop is a lawn care app that improves your business management and builds a strong customer relationship.

    TurfHop is an all-in-one lawn care CRM system that quickly manages and automates your daily quoting, scheduling, and invoicing activity to get paid faster. TurfHop is an ideal choice for landscapers, lawn maintainers, irrigation experts, and handscapers.

    Using the TurfHop scheduler, it becomes relatively easy for you to stay organized and be on top of everything with a to-do list for jobs and customers. In addition, Turfhop provides integration with leading platforms like Stripe, Quickbooks, Mandrill, Zillow, Twilio, and Google Maps.

    Top Features:

    • Drag-and-drop scheduling
    • Online invoicing and quotes
    • Customer database
    • Inventory control
    • Reports and trends
    • Scheduling & appointments
    • Work order management
  7. ServiceTitan

    Best Used ForRating
    Streamline business operations and supercharge the team4.5/5


    Service Titan - Capterra


    ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software solution that allows you to deal with both residential and commercial landscaping.

    ServiceTitan allows you to create and manage job schedules for your staff using its drag-and-drop scheduling feature. Moreover, the app is responsible for streamlining every part of the job cycle and enhancing the team’s efficiency to a great extent.

    A notification is sent to you and your customers on the completion of the service. In addition, you will receive a photo of before and after services performed, making it easy for you to track the work and approve multiple work orders at a time.

    Top Features:

    • Easy-to-use tool
    • ScribbleSizer tool for area tracing
    • Scheduling jobs
    • Work order management
    • Notification status of each task
    • Scheduling & appointments
    • Customization options
  8. Service Autopilot

    Best Used ForRating
    Maximizing the business profits4.3/5


    Service Autopilo - Capterra


    Service Autopilot is a top-rated lawn care business app that efficiently manages all the essential business operations like time, scheduling, expenses, employees, marketing, profits, and sanity.

    The app allows you to create job schedules for your staff for an entire day. So, it becomes easy for you to keep track of activities performed by them.

    With its intuitive feature of a scheduled calendar, it becomes relatively easy to record and view the job appointments, whether past or future ones. You can even generate invoices on the job completion. So, this lawn care scheduling app is solely responsible for enhancing your business productivity.

    The app is a modern, profit-margin, and easy-to-use management program that handles the functionality to calculate all financial transactions per job directly from a bank account.

    Top Features:

    • Invoices and estimates
    • Get paid faster
    • Measure pricing for any property
    • Automatically send reminder emails
    • Client portal
    • View and share business tips
  9. Smart Service

    Best Used ForRating
    Creating and managing job schedules4.3/5


    SmartService - Capterra


    Smart Service is an app for landscaping jobs that work as field service software for Quickbooks.

    Smart Service allows you to add routing, scheduling, dispatching, and more to QuickBooks to create a single, seamless software system. It provides you with an easy-to-use platform where you can find, schedule, and perform payment for the perfect lawn care professionals at your place.

    With its drag-and-drop feature, you can smoothly create and manage multiple job schedules for your employees and keep track of their activities in real-time scenarios. In addition, this lawn care scheduling app allows you to even take before and after pictures of the lawn care work performed.

    Top Features:

    • Customer management
    • Document imaging
    • Work and job scheduling
    • Electronic signature
    • CRM
    • Equipment management
    • Invoicing and billing
    • Tracking income and other costs

Bottom line: The lawn care business apps that we’ve gone through include different business perspectives like scheduling, invoices, and estimates, the administrative process for customers, work orders, customer management, streamline business operations, team enforcement, business profits, and creating and managing job schedules.

But, what if I tell you that you can perform almost all the business aspects mentioned above with one software solution. Really? Is it possible? Yes. You need to adopt FieldCamp, a field service management software, in your business.

Organize, Run, and Enhance Your Lawn Care Business

FieldCamp is a premier field service management software that helps you create and manage schedules, employees and effectively run your landscaping business smoothly.

Benefits of Using a Lawn Care App

After looking at the apps list, you might be wondering why small business owners need lawn care apps for their business. To answer your question, we have come up with the essential advantages as mentioned below:

  • Easy Scheduling: The lawn care app makes your scheduling easier as it allows you to have direct access to the jobs, dispatch, and even set recurring shifts from anywhere.
  • Easily track employees: Many lawn care apps allow the service teams to know the information about employees like time-in/time-out, working hours using GPS location, and even other routes.
  • Communication is made easy: A lawn care app makes your communication more accessible. For example, it allows your employees to chat or send messages to service teams about the job scheduling and other details. So, they are aware of essential updates and announcements, making everyone remain on the same page.
  • Automate day-to-day operations: Many lawn care companies can easily automate their daily activities by using apps. The app provides you to create checklists, forms, and daily reports in digital format.
  • Enhancing professional skills: The lawn care apps allow you to grab the training materials and information using a mobile phone. So, once the information is available on hand, employees can quickly enhance expert skills to deliver the best customer satisfaction.

These are the essential points that make your landscaping area more robust using landscaping apps. However, there are still many questions that might be arising in your mind, so to clear it out, we have highlighted the frequently asked questions in the next section.


To start a business from scratch, you could range from $500 to $100K+ per user depending on the cost of a lawnmower, trimmer, and leaf blower. But, of course, a franchise purchase will vary.

To get more customers in your lawn care business, you need to adopt a robust marketing strategy. Some of the best methods that you can apply are:

  • Building lawn care network
  • Distributing flyers in the local area
  • Using word-of-mouth technique
  • Enhance social media platforms
  • Taking care of existing and recurring customers

It becomes of prime importance for lawn care business owners to make the perfect decision of using the app for their business.

We have gone through a list of business apps that help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Take your valuable time to decide the best one from the list mentioned. We recommend you opt for FieldCamp, a field service management software that allows you to automate your business operations like job schedules and track your employees efficiently.