13 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software in 2021

Are you looking for an optimum solution that automates to track and locate your employee’s tasks and activities? Field Service Management (FSM) software is the one-stop solution for your organization as this solution instantly enhances your business growth.

Do you want to know what are the benefits of field service management software for your business? You have landed at the right place.

Nowadays, customer expectations are increasing day-by-day; they want their work to perform faster and accurately. FSM software overcomes such a burden and helps your business to get practical FSM solutions like better communication with employees, customers, and management.

What is Field Service Management(FSM) Software?

Field Service Management (FSM) software helps the organizations to enhance their business productivity and achieve their business goals. The business owner generally aims to gain the profit by simply following two essential goals: resource usage up to the mark and higher customer satisfaction.

The business which uses the FSM software can quickly grab an opportunity to be on the top of this competitive world. FSM typically connects your business’s essential parts to provide an impressive customer experience for your caring customers and your business growth.

Who Can Use FSM Software?

Field Service Management software is an ideal choice for an engineering services company, industries, subcontractors, and contractors, marketing experts, and specifically, which deals with specific contracts working on the workforce outdoors.

Telecommunications, waste management areas, public transport, and even the healthcare industry primarily use FSM software. For any organization, field service technicians, team managers, dispatchers, accounting persons, and many others use FSM software to a great extent.

Important Benefits of Using FSM Software in 2021

Here are some important benefits of field service management software:

Important Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

#1 Streamline Work Orders

Many industries still make use of papers for documentation or old software to capture the daily work order details. It results in delays to schedule a specific job, scheduling overlaps, dispatching problems, more inaccurate data entries, and even high costing demands.

With FSM software’s help, every task is sent to the worker’s mobile device, including the optimal route to the site, tools used, inventory management processing, customer’s service history, generate service reports, and other similar information (description, address, photos) to serve the client best as per their basic need.

The field service management software can quickly help eliminate paper-based field services and provide the organization to streamline business processes smoothly.

#2 Improve Job Scheduling

A field service company depends on its schedule and the dispatch team to make the working process smooth. The business improves its scheduling criteria by invoking a sound system.

In simple words, it means that by including FSM, your business analysis and planning make a significant impact on on-time technicians, reduction in double-booking, and the right technician to meet all kinds of jobs.

A flawed scheduling system can result in great chaos and even an extreme loss of revenue.

#3 Boosting Operational Efficiencies With Routing Optimization & Scheduling

Route optimization is just an initial stage of your daily business planning operations. In your organization, if the planning team and the transport department are working in isolation, then it becomes quite a hindrance in a route planning process to improve the operational tasks that your worker performs.

There exist multiple route optimization systems that help the planners of an organization work on daily planning activities. It automates scheduled assignments, route planning, monitoring, reducing the transport costs, mining, saving time and effort, and finally decreasing customer service levels.

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#4 Better Resource Optimization

The Field Service Management software enhances their profitability by adequately optimizing the essential aspects like to assign and route field personnel based on the expertise level.

As per the Feblowitz: “Dispatch optimization allows crews to do as many jobs in a day as possible. It minimizes drive time, increases productivity, and reduces emissions and fuel charges”.

Let us take an example. The manual dispatch process replacement with the Field Service Management system in Source Refrigeration & HVAC helps create more impressive and practical routes. In only one region, the field technicians have a reduction of 35% to maintain the perfect service level compliance.

Hal Kolp, vice president of information technology at Source Refrigeration & HVAC, says, “Instead of someone calculating this information in their heads, we needed a system to determine the plan in a uniform way across all sites.”

#5 Effective Communication with Customers & Field Service Technicians

Customer acquisition and customer retention are the two main objectives that any organization must-have. You are going to lose your customer once they are disappointed with your services or products. The effective way to enhance your customer satisfaction is to have better communication with the field service technician that visits your premises to resolve your business queries.

The technicians typically record relevant service notes, various diagnostics, test outcomes, quality data, parts consumed and labor expended in the device, and on-arrival capture as image/video using their mobile devices.

They provide real-time information as per the business requirements to keep the customer happy using multiple innovative ways. On the other hand, the customers, who use the tools, track the technician’s location.

Customer engagement also enhances once we include accurate FSM software in your business. Like Salesforce, SAP, or ZoHo, the most popular CRM apps perform integration with your FSM system to popularize your business.

#6 Work Automation

Field Service Management software plays a vital role in automating the multiple tasks that work as a sequence of numerous events and generally occur outside the walls in a very streamlined fashion.

It usually avoids the obstructions and costing that affects the time-wastage and inefficient activities, explicitly ranging from perfect planning, standard asset management (EAM/CMMS), and scheduling ability to adopt multiple changes daily.

FSM software facilitates the task coordination steps with a dynamic scheduling engine solely responsible for managing all the planning and scheduling variables and its related dependencies. The decision comes typically out of scope from the manual dispatch environment and integrates them into the software.

#7 Dealing with Knowledge Base and Client History

For any company, the most valuable asset is a database that includes complete information about all the clients, their related history, and some essential technical instructions. So, if any of the employees are not available, leaving the job, feeling sick, there will be no loss to the company. The reason behind this is that the work process continues, as the substitute will be available for that particular employee as the company does possess the previous job history.

#8 Track Equipment

The FSM software, typically linked with the telematics technologies, helps the organization have complete control over each equipment’s location. For instance, the Kärcher installs the SIM card on their machines to capture the information about it.

So by proper usage of M2M technologies and 4G, the mobile app can easily connect with each machine and efficiently perform the data collection to maintain the accurate data and the people who access that particular data.

As GPS tracking is possible, every information like stolen-machine, unauthorized usage of the machine, and others can be readily available.

#9 Invoicing is Fast

Invoicing is one of the essential assets of any field service organization. It typically takes multiple weeks to assess the work performed once every data is captured and analyzed manually.

Using the FSM, the field service technicians can send all the job-related information like time spent, tools and materials used, change the work status, client’s digital signature, and even job result photos. Based on the information provided, the FSM system automatically generates the invoices quickly to calculate the price, identifies the products available under warranty, outstanding commitments, and discounts.

#10 Managing Emergency Jobs

FSM systems are always ready to handle the emergency to identify the nearest technician if available. The complete functionality works on the map, so it becomes easy for the dispatcher to view the map’s location. So, the technician can quickly reroute the distance to reach the final destination.

The introduction of emergency service calls brings a worker into panic if an automated field service software is not available.

#11 Minimizing the Waste

The FSM system’s primary responsibility is to handle the problem of Waste management that usually occurs in the organization. In addition to it, it includes the task and related activities to manage waste ranging from the establishment to its final disposal.

By including the FSM system into your organization, you can reduce the waste by prompting the system’s essential functionalities. It helps the field workers work more systematically and smoothly, which quickly enhances the organization’s business sense.

#12 Real-time Tracking of Field Service Technician

Apart from the services to improve the service management activities that usually exist before, the customized tool allows the customers to track the documents related to a particular service request and service delivery.

Once the service is complete, you have an option to analyze the performance of the field service technician to improve the field-based solution.

One of the leading proactive service management is to analyze the field teams in real-time visibility. In addition to it, you can easily manage the technicians more intelligently and anticipate problems before they occur.

Once we have the field service technician’s accurate location, it becomes relatively easy to adjust routes and make perfect decisions to deal with unexpected events or emergencies in the most efficient way possible.

#13 Better Coordination with the Team

Team coordination is the perfect FSM solution for any organization, and this tool possesses an excellent option for team coordination.

Now, consider the case that the customer does not have FSM software, then his manager would have informed another person to handle the task. But once the data validation is available specifically on a central platform, better coordination can be achieved.

So, these are the benefits of field service software that help your business to grow on a large scale in terms of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings to enhance the user experience by performing additional tasks and field operations.


It depends on the relevant factors like the number of employees the organization possesses, the business processes they follow, the impressive budget available to spend on development, and the business goals. The application requirement decides the estimate of your project.

SAP FSM usually works as a Customer service where service repairs and support are required. It provides an optimum solution that manages the failure reporting process for the customer – it gives an impressive application to provide perfect customer satisfaction with enhanced responsiveness; for serviceman – to deliver a notification management platform to execute and assess the organization’s effectiveness.


The field service management system handles almost everything that improves your business strength to make it more efficient and provides field employees or individuals with the resources to make their jobs easier.

Once you invest in a field service solution, you can easily avail of the benefits of establishing interactive customer relationships, minimizing operational costs, and improvising cash flow.

You will come across multiple options to choose from. So, take a pen and list down the items of wishlist your FSM software solution needs.

Want to streamline daily operations and grow your service business?