6 Best Field Service Apps for Streamlined Workflow

As per the recent survey by Capterra, it has been found that about 97% of users are satisfied by using field service management software or mobile apps to manage their field operations and enhance their business performance.

By looking at this number, if you are planning to adopt a field service management software or mobile-based application in your business, then you are moving on the right path.

By adopting software, you will be managing your entire business digitally from the comfort of your home, office cabin, canteen, and anywhere. Here, we have highlighted the list of best field service apps and their benefits currently hitting the market.

Overview of Field Service Apps

What Does Field Service Mean?

Field service is a type of service that is usually performed at a client’s location. The service technicians perform operations like installing, repairing, and even maintaining equipment for long-term usage.

Field service refers to any service conducted at a customer’s site to manage and optimize supplier equipment in a real-time scenario. To manage such field services, you need a field service application. Let’s know what it is.

What is a Field Service Application?

A field service application is an easy-to-use mobile app that is ideal for field service technicians to perform business operations with ease. Field technicians can download the essential information to access when there is no internet facility in the client location.

Nowadays, you will come across many field service applications in this competitive world, but selecting the best one is quite challenging. But no worries, in the next section, we have highlighted the best mobile applications that will enhance your business productivity. So, let’s explore the top mobile apps.

6 Best Field Service Apps to Checkout

Now, it’s high time to see the list of apps that make the business operations related to field service easy.

  1. FieldCamp

    Field - Best Field Service App

    FieldCamp, one of the top-rated field service apps, allows you to easily streamline and automate business operations.

    FieldCamp is a field service application that allows you to create and manage schedules, dispatch, create invoices, take regular follow-ups, payment processing, reporting, and even customer reviews.

    Some of the benefits of FieldCamp includes:

    • Job scheduling
    • Staff management
    • Customer management
    • Payment processing
    • Invoice management
    • Real-time field staff tracking
    • Comprehensive business reports

    FieldCamp is an ideal choice for other service businesses like HVAC, Plumbing, Carpeting, Snow Removal, Painting, Pest control. Landscaping, and lawn mowing.

  2. FieldVibe

    FieldVibe is a free field service app that makes your job scheduling easy. FieldVibe allows you to schedule jobs, track employee status, and even deal with sending notifications to customers.

    FieldVibe is a field service management software that offers advanced solutions to leading industries like HVAC, cleaning, electricians, plumbers, lawn care, junk removal, and other technicians.

    Let us now focus on key features that FieldVibe offers:

    • Automated appointment reminders
    • Scheduling and dispatching
    • GPS time tracking
    • Job management
    • Client management
    • Employee reports
  3. Loc8

    Loc8 is a cloud-based field service app that plays an essential role in replacing paperwork or spreadsheets with an intelligent tool that connects with your field service managers, office staff, and even techs.

    With its task management features, Loc8 allows you and your team members to create tasks easily. Also, you can easily add multiple photos, videos, and text notes using this tool to represent your fieldwork to the owners.

    Loc8 typically synchronizes all the essential tasks to a centralized database, making it easy for technicians to view their upcoming projects directly on their mobile phones. In addition to it, they can see the job details and write comments related to work.

    Top Features:

    • Obtain customer signatures on job completion
    • Responsive calendar to schedule jobs
    • Interactive reporting dashboard
    • Supports third-party integration like MYOB, Xero, and QuickBooks
    • Create and share invoices with clients
    • Easily track payment details
    • Maintains customer records
  4. ReachOut Execute

    ReachOut Execute is a cloud-based field service app with a solid capability to deal with customer relationship management (CRM).

    This field service management software can easily keep track of incoming client requests and convert them into running work orders to get perfect job details. Typically, up to three users can use the free version of the app.

    Like Loc8, ReachOut Execute is an interactive tool that allows its users to input job details in the work orders, add photos and comments, and assign technicians.

    Top Features:

    • View upcoming jobs and track total time of job work
    • Supports customer management
    • Supports billing and invoicing system
    • Location tracking functionality
    • Drag-and-drop functionality for job scheduling
    • Smart calendar functionality
  5. ServiceTrade

    ServiceTrade is a mobile field service app designed explicitly for commercial service contractors to deliver better services to their customers.

    This cloud-based field service software helps eliminate you and your field workforce to get rid of making phone calls every day and even reduce paperwork.

    ServiceTrade is a field service software that allows you to spend more time providing customer service. The vendor calls the free version a “self-starter” account, and it is limited to one user.

    Top Features:

    • Create multiple quotes for estimates
    • Job management
    • Project management
    • Technician management
    • Accepts credit card payments
    • Track employees and service vehicles
  6. Synchroteam

    Synchroteam is a mobile application that provides an optimum field service solution to you and your field workers.

    This field service mobile app allows you to view the complete information about your worker’s service history. Even the workers can also view the list of tasks they need to perform on a specific day or a week, making communication easy.

    Synchroteam is an ideal platform for industries like Energy, Maintenance, Medical, Telecoms, Security, and even HVAC.

    Top Features:

    • Robust & secure mobile client
    • Work order management
    • Job center
    • Job report
    • Real-time notifications
    • GPS tracking

After looking at the list of top-rated field service apps, it’s time for you to focus on essential features that you need to consider in your mobile apps.

Important Features to Consider in Field Service Management Software or Apps

Field service management (FSM) software or mobile apps are getting more advanced as a new technology revolution hits the market. However, there are some essential features that you should consider in your FSM software:

Important features to consider in field service apps

  • Intelligent Dispatching: You need to look out for a field service app that can easily create work orders and send the details directly to the assigned technicians. The dispatching board should be in sync with both the office and field technicians to get regular updates.
  • Equipment History: A field service mobile app should allow the mobile workforce to assess to check the equipment and provide essential recommendations quickly. Such information should be available in spreadsheets, warranty dates, and even lists of activities performed.
  • Integrated Payments in the Field: The field job scheduling apps must have an integrated payment functionality in the mobile app so that team members can easily send invoices to customers. With this feature, you can quickly eliminate the need to transfer hard copies of invoicing to the back office.
  • Work Order History: The field service management platform should allow techs to access customers’ entire work history. So, they can get an overall idea about the pain points and total work they’ve performed so far.
  • Time Tracking: Time management is one of the biggest challenges for field service businesses. You need to make sure that the field service app has a time tracking feature to track the working hours, send friendly reminders, and automatically manage job updates.

Key Benefits of Field Service Mobile Apps

Benefits of having field service mobile apps

  1. Team and Resource Tracking

    One of the most significant advantages of having mobile apps for performing field services is that business owners can easily track the field service technicians using their smartphones’ GPS.

    With this feature, you can easily see employees’ current locations and even client details using mobile devices. So, you do not need to make particular phone calls to check where your workers are.

  2. Ease in Communication Between Dispatcher and Technicians

    The technicians do not need to verify with dispatchers for job status by using mobile apps, which reduces errors and confusion.

    At the end of service delivery, you and your field technician team will have complete detailed information about customers like name, the task to perform, purchase orders, and even a customer signature on job completion approval.

    On the other hand, the dispatch can easily track the job updates directly from the job site and the technician’s location without making a call.

  3. Enhanced Field Team Efficiency

    Using a field service management app, the field employees do not initially pick up the paperwork orders. They just simply fill out the forms on their mobile app, thereby reducing errors and paperwork.

    The mobile support allows field techs to simplify the business operations and enhance data accuracy to a great extent. Correct information directly affects your company’s best practices and business performance.

  4. Improved Customer Experience

    Scheduling multiple appointments from their mobile phones makes the customers happier with the services they get. Customer expectations change day by day as demand for mobile devices changes.

    With the help of field management software, you can easily access essential information and services directly on your mobile phones. The owners of field service businesses should adapt to customer expectations to make them happy.

    Moreover, by using such mobile field service apps, you can quickly receive real-time updates or notifications when the technicians accept the work orders or make a visit to perform the job.

  5. Streamlined Operations

    When you or your customers use mobile field service apps, communication becomes easy between the company and home office employees.

    Such an interactive tool allows field employees to input their valuable information using mobile devices at the job site, and information is directly transferred to the office.

    Moreover, the app provides you with the most straightforward way to create quotes and invoices for your customers, reducing the risk of developing incorrect bills and errors.

So, these are the benefits that many field services businesses can use to enhance business productivity and even customer satisfaction on a large scale.

However, if you still have any questions about this field service app, you can look at frequently asked questions in the next section.

Are You Looking For the Best Field Service Management Software?

FieldCamp is a technologically advanced field service application that allows you to manage your business with ease.


Managing field technicians is an essential aspect for field service business owners. However, if the following constraints are applied in a well-defined manner, you can easily manage them.

  • Make effective scheduling on a daily or monthly basis
  • Try to meet customer’s demand
  • Ensure real-time connectivity
  • Develop promotional activity program for enhancing productivity

A field service manager is an individual, who handles and helps technicians in installation, maintenance, and repair. He manages the entire team, from the team’s attendance to daily work, pending payments from customers to received payments, and feedback.

Field service apps are a boon for many businesses as they help technicians and business owners streamline business tasks.

We have highlighted a list of field service apps along with their advanced features to make it easy for you to select the best one. You can adopt FieldCamp in your business as it allows you to easily create and manage schedules for your field service techs. FieldCamp plays a major role to enhance business performance and employee productivity on a large scale.