8 Best Field Service Management Software For Small Businesses

It can be challenging for small businesses when they set their foot in the field service industry. First, there is a lack of control over the technicians. You, as a business owner, are unable to keep track of your team. It gets hard for you to determine your field worker’s current location and work status.

Second, the data is not centralized in one place. Even in 2021, most businesses rely on manual methods regarding sending out work orders, managing inventory, and sharing client’s locations. It leads to excessive documentation.

Therefore, it’s time for businesses like you to adopt field service management software to solve these problems. The software allows you to track your technicians, know where they are, and get their current status. Keep all data in one place and eliminate paperwork.

To share the best FSM software for small businesses, I have shared a list of software with their features, pros, and cons in this blog. For those who are planning to get into the FSM industry or have just started, it will help them immensely.

8 Best Field Service Management Software for Small Businesses

With many different software solutions in the market, you must be facing difficulty in selecting the best software solutions. Isn’t it? Well, to make things easier, we have covered 8 best field service management software:

  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp is one of the best field service software designed to help small businesses thrive and also streamline their various operations. You can create and manage schedules, dispatch invoices, take regular follow-ups, process payments, send reports, and manage customer relationships.

    The best part of FieldCamp is its voice-to-text functionality. Using it, the technicians operating machinery, wearing gloves, or can’t tap a phone can speak out what they want, and the app will do the task.

    FieldCamp provides you with attractive features like:

    • Job management
    • Staff management
    • Customer management
    • Payment processing
    • Invoice management
    • Real-time staff tracking
    • Generating business reports
    • The software uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep your data secure. You can set a unique PIN to access your account without having to log in again.Generating business reports
    • You can easily assign jobs to your field staff. Share all job details like the client, location, description, line items, taxes. Everything can be passed automatically to that person
    • FieldCamp is compatible with iOS, Web Application and Android.
    • Your field service technicians can clock in and out on the jobs assigned by you. Every time one of the clocks in, you automatically get the status, which can be “On my way,” “In progress,” or “Complete”
    • You can share all your job details in one place like, client location, job location, work description, tasks, and notes. Your field service technician can add notes, and photos from the job, providing critical and instant feedback
    • Lacking third-party integration
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  3. FieldEdge

    You can connect your entire business on one system with FieldEdge. This FSM software is accessible from anywhere. Whether on office, or on-ground, FieldEdge empowers everyone.

    Top Features:

    • You can see all your work orders, whether they are assigned, non-assigned, or completed.
    • Review all the work that your technicians have performed throughout the day.
    • Quickbooks will show your every transaction, whether in the field or the office.
    • You will know when service agreements are due for renewal, billing, and scheduling.
    • You can provide the technicians with price books. They can use it to sell additional equipment and services.
    • The software offers many options, such as tracking call sources, maintenance agreement tracking, and installation/equipment tracking
    • The learning curve of its functions is easy
    • Scheduling is straightforward, and you can do it with a few clicks
    • They have increased prices by 25%. To use the mobile function, you will have to pay a yearly support fee plus the per-user fee.
    • There are integration problems with Quickbooks. They need to integrate it better.
  4. Fieldpoint

    You can boost your company’s efficiency, streamline its processes and optimize the services you provide with FieldPoint. Integrate your ERP & Accounting systems, deliver a great user experience, and take the business productivity to new heights.

    Top Features:

    • They have a MobilePro app, a dynamic, customizable, field service app for technicians. You can manage your field workforce with ease through this app.
    • Track work orders from start to finish and capture essential consumer and business information. It will help field service technicians to carry out their jobs without any delay or hindrance.
    • Whether planning a new installation, upgrading a system, or overhauling an old one, get all the details from this software. Plan each step of your project, estimate costs, purchase parts, and resource scheduling with FieldPoint.
    • The software is customizable to whatever your company needs
    • Easy to use and simple to configure. The support team is always available and willing to assist
    • The Scheduling tools need to be more flexible for the technicians
    • The software needs a UI query tool for users to pull quick data sets
  5. Synchroteam

    Synchroteam is a scheduling tool that simplifies processes for managing multiple jobs simultaneously. It also handles the scheduling of the mobile workforce.

    Synchroteam serves industries like cleaning services, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and even construction. Using the drag-and-drop functionality, Synchroteam allows field employees to include their schedules into the platform based on location and availability.

    With the help of Synchroteam, the FSM businesses can create a list of workflows that help field employees in handling the recurring tasks of customers by sitting anywhere in the world.

    Top Features:

    • Automated tracking, scheduling, and dispatching
    • Job management
    • Robust Reporting system
    • Optimize service delivery
    • CRM
    • Time tracking
    • Rapid invoicing
    • Cloud-based SaaS with iOS and Android apps
    • It supports integration with Quickbooks and Zoho
    • Get access to Live support
    • The scheduling, the custom job reports, and the automatic sync with Zoho are excellent. They have a great support team. Synchroteam support is available immediately to help with integration.
    • The user interface is clunky
    • The price is very expensive
  6. ServiceMax

    ServiceMax is one of the best field service software for small-scale businesses. It is an ideal choice for various industries such as medical, energy, mining, manufacturing, and utilities.

    The system manages current customer contracts in a user-friendly format. In addition, their scheduling matrices help the service team manage technician’s time and efficiency. It is an online project management software that allows you to have visibility and control over all your tasks.

    ServiceMax got developed on the Salesforce Chatter platform. It uses ServicePulse, which is a social network tool for techs. You can highlight issues by posting images, videos. Also, the software lets you collaborate with others on a client portal to resolve them

    Top Features:

    • Task scheduling
    • Time tracking
    • Drag-and-drop functionality
    • Invoicing & payment
    • Supports route optimization
    • Various dispatching features
    • Customer service
    • Manages multiple work orders
    • The tool has excellent functionality for scheduling, dispatching, and managing work order workflows.
    • Lacks report functionality
    • There are no third-party integrations
  7. Service Fusion

    You can streamline your workflows by migrating customer records into a digital format with service fusion. This business software provides a centralized system for customer management, scheduling, invoicing, sharing automated payment reminders for consumers, payment processing, and reporting.

    You will gain visibility across different business operations, enabling you to provide better customer services.

    Top Features:

    • Share auto reminders for payments
    • GPS fleet tracking
    • Third-party integration
    • Inventory control
    • Customer web portal
    • Get Estimates & jobs
    • Export/import Excel files
    • Job management
    • Calendar sync
    • Secure data storage
    • The software is user friendly and customizable
    • It is easy to use. The software is reliable and handles purchasing orders quite well
    • It can manage multiple warehouses for inventory
    • Service fusion can schedule different technicians for a job
    • The calendar is outdated
    • They update the software without any warning. Hence, you may face a situation where you can’t get any work done due to the server being down. Service fusion has backup servers, but they are slow
  8. ServieTitan

    ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software solution for residential and commercial FSM businesses. This software will help you boost sales of your business and improve the efficiency of your team. It will also provide real-time insights.

    Top Features:

    • Eliminate paperwork
    • Training library
    • Track sales performance
    • Monitor call booking
    • Import data
    • Receive consultation on best practices
    • The software is easy to use. There is no steep learning curve
    • Service Titan has excellent customer support
    • ServiceTitan is not the ideal solution for commercial businesses. Creating quotes from the office is not efficient. Multi-day jobs feel confusing to figure out
  9. ServiceTrade

    ServiceTrade will help you deliver exceptional customer service. It will add significant value to your small business.

    This app’s customer service features facilitate online engagement throughout the service cycle. With this, you can build profitable, long-term relationships with the consumers.

    ServiceTrade lets you share after-service reports with photos from the technicians. The software streamlines service operations by managing work orders, scheduling planned and emergency services, and integrating with accounting platforms to eliminate double data entry.

    Top Features:

    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Application programming interface
    • Third-Party integrations
    • Inventory management
    • Document management
    • Mobile access
    • Compliance management
    • Activity tracking
    • ServiceTrade support team is responsive and will quickly resolve any issues
    • Easy to use. The learning curve is not difficult
    • Invoicing could be smoother
    • Technicians can’t capture customer signatures on mobile version

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Which Industry Uses Field Service Management Software?

Which Industry uses Field Service Management Software

  1. Plumbing Businesses

    An FSM software will handle all the plumbing requests from your customers. It will assign jobs to workers, let the companies track them, and conduct payments in real-time.

  2. Carpentry Businesses

    An FSM software ensures that carpeting companies waste less time on paperwork. It will help them in organizing and scheduling jobs, track their progress, and keep clients satisfied.

  3. Cleaning Businesses

    A field service management software ensures that cleaning businesses can manage every cleaning-related task with ease. They can automate their cleaning business operations and help the industry save time and money.

  4. HVAC Businesses

    Whether it is organizing service agreements or managing one-off jobs, the situation can get hectic when running an HVAC business. A field service scheduling software helps AC repairing teams dispatch estimates, installs, repairs, and track jobs.

  5. Landscaping Businesses

    Field management software helps the landscaping industry by keeping track of the crews, jobs, invoices, and everything else they need to stay organized and keep the customers happy. This software has made hundreds of landscaping companies more profitable and efficient.

Top Features of Field Service Management System

Generally, you will come across many features that every FSM solution contains, like different packages, add-ons, and even pricing models. However, there are essential features of the standard field service management software specifically for a small business:

Top Features of Field Service Management Software

  • Job Scheduling and Dispatch: FSM software considers various factors like availability, skill level, location, and others when assigning jobs to correct individuals. The software solution allows you to easily create and manage job schedules for your technicians to complete the task on time.
  • Work Order Management: FSM software streamlines the working process and eliminates any miscommunication, if available. Once the job is received and assigned, all the essential information related to the job and allocated techs get recorded on the work orders.
  • Mobile Access: The service techs can easily view their day-to-day activities, accept/decline the job details as per availability, access the general instructions, and even receive the dispatch orders on their apps.
  • Parts Inventory Management: The FSM software easily monitors the inventory of every part the technicians use daily. The system keeps a real-time record of stocks available, and also, a notification gets sent to the system once it reaches a predetermined level.
  • Case, Contact, and Order Management: Field-based solutions contain an effective customer database containing essential information like client’s information, job management, work they have performed, and any additional notes for the task.

These are the prominent features through which FSM software helps small businesses and field technicians deal with day-to-day tasks.

How Does Field Service Software Help in Growing Your Business?

Field service software helps a small business deal with various automation tasks for the processes that make up your business. However, there are some of the benefits that aid you in enhancing your business growth.

  1. Automate Your Entire Scheduling Process

    The first and foremost thing to note before selecting the best software is if it can mitigate your day-to-day challenges. For example, you no longer have to spend hours creating separate schedules for every field technician.

    Your customers can automatically book appointments, and the field service providers get notified of the same. All of these activities get done with minimal human effort and error-free appointment schedules.

  2. Automate Your Field Service Operations

    In addition to booking appointments quickly without any back-and-forth correspondence, you can automate other operations too.

    With the best field service management platform, you can:

    • Assign service technicians to perform their job
    • Send reminders to your customers and field employees regarding upcoming appointments
    • Track the status using GPS tracking
    • Assign new activities to available technicians
    • Generate invoice f
    • Process payments

    Since a variety of activities get performed by field service employees, therefore field service management software allows workers to envision their daily objectives and assist them with project management

  3. Centralize All Your Processes and Records

    With the online and best field service management systems, you can centralize and streamline all your business processes and records into one app. You can even schedule tasks, work orders, manage inventory, track the technicians, and process transactions from one app.

    In addition to this, the field service software stores all essential data like client information, customer history, customer preferences, client notes, etc., so you can provide excellent customer experiences.

  4. 24/7 Access To Everything

    For small businesses that do not have FSM software, the technicians often have to go to their office to access any information or record. By selecting the perfect FSM software, this problem no longer exists.

    The field workers can quickly look up any information, track the status, accept and decline tasks, etc., from the mobile application and desktop apps.

  5. Higher Customer Satisfaction

    With the FSM software, you can easily schedule tasks for workers, your techs get informed of the bookings, and there is no room for poor service.

    Since you can focus all your energy on delivering the best customer service, your clients are bound to be happy with your business.

  6. Enhance Communication and Increase Employee Satisfaction

    If you are still using stone age means to schedule tasks, there will be errors in performing tasks. The working process details can be miscommunicated or not communicated at all, your techs need to call no-show clients, and a lot of time gets wasted.

    With the FSM software, your technicians can focus on delivering the best service and increase their productivity. It is significant for your small businesses as your staff is happy and your profits get a boost.

  7. Enhance Your Business

    The FSM software sends monthly reports on the number of tasks performed, staff efficiency, time taken to finish a task, revenues generated per month, staff attendance, and other job information. All these are vital statistics for business owners.

    The owners can improvise current operations and streamline procedures to achieve maximum profits with these monthly reports. It becomes easy to generate more revenues for your business.

Streamline Your Business Operations With FieldCamp

FieldCamp is a premier field service management software that helps automate your business operations and make the work easier?


Field services refer to any work conducted at a customer’s place where your product was installed. It involves managing the installation, maintenance, or repair of hardware or equipment installed in the field.

The global market size of the FSM industry was valued at $3.12 billion in 2018. It is projected to reach $10.81 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.9% from 2019 to 2026.

Which FSM software solutions suit the best for your business needs?

Field service systems are responsible for managing your company and field service technicians to perform the task related to field-based operations.

There are many options to choose from; it can be confusing to begin looking at which vendors might be right for your company.

FieldCamp is one of the best field service management software that provides solutions for field technicians and field service solutions. You can easily create and manage multiple job schedules for your service technicians and keep track of their real-time activities.