5 Best and Easy House Cleaning Schedule Apps That Help You Organize Your Home Like A Pro

Do you find it tedious to create manual tasks to keep your house clean and organized?

It’s time-consuming. Right?

Is there any possible solution to automate the task?

Yes, you need to adopt a scheduling app to create a checklist for cleaning the house daily. It resolves your queries in optimizing and managing things automatically.

You will come across many easy house cleaning schedule apps that help you to create an appropriate cleaning schedule, allocate cleaning tasks, and make your house clean specifically daily, weekly, and even monthly.

But which is the best one? Confusing?

Don’t worry! We have highlighted the best cleaning schedule apps and their primary uses in this article.

5 Best House Cleaning Schedule Apps to Create Home Cleaning Schedule

Let us now focus on some of the best cleaning schedule apps that clean your house and make your work easier.

  1. Run My Life

    Run My Life is an online home cleaning schedule app designed explicitly to manage your tasks and housework easier. Using this application, it becomes quite easy to create weekly cleaning schedules irrespective of the size of the home and type.

    The app provides an optimum solution to clean different products like a refrigerator, clothes, bed, and almost everything that makes your room neat and clean. In fact, it eventually leads to taking a rest and spending more time with your family members rather than utilizing more energy in manual work.

    In addition, this app helps to create a schedule based on a particular day, week, and month. Then, as per the needs and cleaning, you can generate a checklist for cleaning the house.

    This house cleaning checklist application will be your task manager currently available for a single user on a single device. In addition, the application has in-app purchases to remove ads and allow them to make use of the premium features.

    Top Features

    • Weekly cleaning task manager
    • Reminders and notifications for household chores
    • Schedule management
    • Task management
    • Create, manage, and organize house deep clean checklist
    • Share cleaning schedules and in real-time with anyone
  2. Home Routines

    Home Routines is a home cleaning schedule app used primarily to manage day-to-day chores for cleaning the house regularly. This application is universal and ideal for all the house cleaning services and manages a daily cleaning routine including laundry room cleaning, counters cleaning, clothes, refrigerators, and weekly cleaning schedule others.

    Using the app, the daily chores are broken into days of the week, but it doesn’t end there. Every day is then broken down half into morning and a half in evening tasks. So, you can perform your tasks at the time of the day.

    You and your family can easily grab the advantage of using such a schedule app to clean your house by keeping it in the personal vanity and making it more clean and green. Further, the Home Routines application comes with a special feature called Focus Zones that assigns a particular room of your home to perform cleaning and complete the task.

    Top Features

    • Built-in to-do list for a simple and one-off job
    • Daily message option to help users to plan the pattern of weekdays
    • Sync your data in real-time
    • No need for an internet connection
    • Share your schedules, task list, checklist all items
  3. Clean House – Chores Schedule

    Clean House is a simple cleaning schedule application that helps you create a task list, manage it by day, week & month, and share it with anyone. It will make it much simpler and smoother to manage your daily household chores.

    To keep your house clean, dust-free, and organized, all you have to do is apply the trick to create the schedules. It helps you manage schedules related to clothes cleaning, bed wash, dishwasher, furniture-based cleaning, rugs cleaning, cleaning the toilets, countertops, and other products daily.

    You can easily create a checklist for house cleaners like vacuum the floor or change the sheets, clean the kitchen, bathrooms cleaning, mop the laundry room floor, clean the windows, wiping down surfaces (shelves, windowsills, etc.), set your repeat interval, and reminders & notifications.

    Top Features

    • Make schedules for blinds cleaning, women stains remover, dishes, and pillows
    • Share created schedules with anyone in real-time
    • Set simple chores like “vacuum the floor” or “change the sheets”
    • Real-time notifications and reminders to do your work like bathrooms, blankets, baseboards cleaners, microwave oven, and carpets
    • Create schedules with just a few clicks and stay organized
  4. Spotless

    The fourth one on our list is Spotless, which mainly aims to transform your home into a clean, clutter-free, and organized appearance. It contains impressive cleaning tips that help you create schedules multiple times, house cleaning task lists, and share the items with family members.

    Spotless is one such home cleaning application that allows users to set up a weekly cleaning schedule to clean multiple areas like the living room, its windows, cabinets, clean the bathroom sink and tub, clothes, kitchen floor, stove cleaning, dryer cleaning, and other utility areas. With the help of this app, it becomes easy for you to track and create a weekly house cleaning schedule.

    Further, the application can tick off each task as they go along and create deadlines if the tasks are required to be finished. Many a time, it happens that you find it difficult to remember the last time when you cleaned the air conditioning vents, cleaned the washing machine, sweep the dust from the bookshelf, and cleaned the door handles, so don’t worry, Spotless is a perfect application to resolve such issues.

    Top Features

    • Create lists and task schedules in just a few minutes
    • Ease in performing the task related to vacuum the floor
    • Notifications for upcoming schedules
    • Real-time reminders for the schedules and tasks
    • Complete ease in set up and use a nice, clean, clutter-free app
  5. Tody

    Tody application is mainly designed and developed to help users by turning deep cleaning into a fun game and gives you a chance to change your lifestyle. Moreover, the application provides notifications and reminders throughout the day and it helps you get the chance to claim credit for your actions every day.

    Moreover, the application provides an important checklist for cleaning houses of any type and size and makes estimates for task indication and measures the actual need for doing them. Thus, it revolutionizes the cleaning process, automating it and streamlining everything from top to bottom.

    You can manage cleaning in the houses and cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need instead of arbitrary dates.

    Top Features

    • Plan and organize weekly cleaning schedule house jobs with absolute flexibility
    • Stay motivated with a gratifying color bar system that tracks your efforts
    • Available with Android and iOS
    • Turn home cleaning into a game and claim credit for a job done
    • Get friendly, non-pushy reminders on upcoming cleaning tasks
    • Vacuum the house for better results

So, these are some of the best house cleaning scheduling applications that allow you to create schedules and checklists for cleaning houses, perform specific management, organized things, and more.

Uses of House Cleaning Schedule Apps

Schedule Applications are considered a great solution for automating and streamlining a scheduling chore, helping you to save the time you spend cleaning. If you are wondering to know the uses of these types of apps, then you need to make sure their main uses are defined below:

  • It helps you create a schedule for cleaning the home by creating the checklists in just a few minutes.
  • You can save time and effort by creating schedules on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Your to-do list is ready for your daily task. So, no more worrying about what to do every morning.
  • The house cleaners checklist app makes your life much easier and is completely responsible for keeping your house completely dust-free.
  • It helps in organizing and managing chores based on categories.
  • Set and schedules time tasks and repeated tasks.

So, these are some general and main uses of scheduling apps for a home cleaning that helps homeowners, maids, or someone from your house create schedules to clean the home daily.

Schedule Your Cleaning Jobs Efficiently

FieldCamp is a premier field service software that helps you to easily create and manage job schedules for your cleaners.

Still, have some questions? Here are the answers to general questions.

  • First of all, make a habit of cleaning your house
  • Include a scheduling app to manage your daily activities
  • Make a cleaning checklist to create a task for household chores
  • Clean your basic household appliances like load dishwasher, clothes washer, stove, dryer, dining room, guest room regularly.

You can find many weekly house cleaning schedule apps on the web, such as Tody, Home Routines, Clean My House, and Cleaning Checklist. And to name one the best would not be fair as it is highly subjective. You need to find the app that suits your requirements the best. Make sure it has features like:

  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Daily cleaning schedule
  • Notifications for upcoming schedules
  • Simple to use
  • Data synchronization


Which cleaning scheduling apps make your home look like a pro?

By making an appropriate usage of various schedule apps that we discussed, you can identify the best cleaning tips and easily automate the activities with just a single click, and this leads to spending more time with your family members.

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