7 Best House Cleaning Schedule Apps With Weekly Plans (Pros+Cons)

It is no secret that people don’t feel like cleaning their rooms and homes every day. It can turn out to be a fun task if you schedule a cleaning house. When you have something figured out systematically in a short time, it becomes easy to get it done.

In simple words, you need to maintain weekly cleaning tasks for handling the different areas of your house with extreme care. But the question arises: is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible to adopt house cleaning schedule weekly apps to make a cleaning schedule for cleaning routines. You can quickly and efficiently create schedules for cleaning your house and make your life easier.

In this article, you will come across the list of best house cleaning schedule apps available in the market, along with detailed information.

Basics Of Weekly Cleaning Schedule Apps

The weekly cleaning schedule apps make a schedule for cleaning your house every week. In simple words, the app is solely responsible for creating and managing the house cleaning routines for various places and things in the house that need to be cleaned every week.

An app that allows you to provide the customers with customized options to manage their daily, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal chores like spring cleaning, along with hiring you to do the same for them.

7 Cleaning Scheduling Apps With Pros and Cons

It’s time to focus on the list of cleaning apps working moms use to DIY good housekeeping like the laundry room, kitchen & kitchen area, living room, bathroom floors, and bedroom.

There are cleaning schedule apps available on Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to use and come with genius layouts. All these apps have their own specialty to engage the audience.

  1. Tody

    Tody is an amazing app that allows its users to share tasks on multiple devices. It has numerous filter options that allow users to find various cleaning tasks easily. Furthermore, it analyzes the user’s cleaning style and prioritizes the tasks.

    The app has garnered amazing reviews from users as it allows you to share chores on multiple devices for the family to carry out. There are different subscription rates for a single person and family sharing use.

    Moreover, the application will not help you in big tasks, but it will also help in small tasks like clean reading & artwork area, fixtures, mirrors, stains, comforters, shower, plants, TV screens, sheets, and collection spots in your home.

    • Availability on multiple platforms
    • Job and task sharing with family members
    • User-friendly
    • Different pricing on iOS and Android
    • Extra charge for family sharing
    • Requires subscription of individual devices
  2. Home Routines (iOS)

    Home Routines is a cleaning scheduling app that works offline and allows you to customize tasks, and you can set deadlines to follow. In addition, there is a built-in timer printables feature that gives you that extra push to get it done in time.

    Users can select whether they want to complete a certain room cleaning task daily, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning, or seasonally. In addition, you can select much important ‘Focus Zones’ sites in the app if you want to dedicate days to particular tasks on that day.

    It also gives you stars when you accomplish job tasks like bathroom washing, clean walls, and sinks with full energy.

    • Customizable to your requirements
    • Built-in timer
    • Star reward system
    • Only available on iOS
    • Not task-sharing available
    • In-between advertisement
  3. House Cleaning/Keeping List

    House Cleaning or Keeping List is a cleaning scheduling app that is easy to use, has cloud capability, and allows you to share household members’ tasks. The best thing here is that it has unlimited lists to create a schedule for dust cleaning.

    You can organize the lists and items as you want and share them with your roommates and family members in a room to make daily life easier. It would be best if you had the internet connection to sync it with the cloud and make it much easier to access.

    There are templates available in the home cleaning schedule app for users to purchase at a one-time fee.

    • Unlimited job list
    • Sharing with house members
    • Cloud sync and a one-time fee for templates
    • Different iOS version
    • In-app charges for the purchase
    • No reminders or repeat cycles
  4. Clean My House (Android)

    A great and attention-grabbing app allows you to categorize 300 tasks and send daily reminders to clean your home. It already has 292 cleaning tasks categorized for you to select daily, like laundry (clothes) cleaning to the living area.

    There are various premium features available for you to purchase, such as a master task list and others at a one-time purchase fee. The printable chore chart app is basically to download from the link and get a wonderful experience for all those users who stay with children.

    • Free app and one-time purchase fee for premium
    • Numerous categories and items to add
    • Daily reminders for vacuum and job to do
    • Cleaning supplies and products option
    • No task sharing and calendar
    • Only on Android
    • No rewards
  5. Clean House (Android)

    Clean House is another weekly house cleaning schedule app for android, which is user-friendly and to the point. It allows you as a mom to select the task, set reminders, and repeat them. It covers all the basics and lets you manage the chores more efficiently.

    With this application’s help, you can quickly maintain your house clean tasks and make things much easier as it has pets clean features like a dog bath and other daily work.

    Moreover, the app has various followers due to its exclusive features like breeze bathmats, advice from experts, magazine partner techniques, and tips & tricks to clean the mess & duvets.

    • Uncomplicated app with PDF files support
    • User-friendly interface
    • Free to download
    • A bit costly
    • No tasks and items sharing
    • No timer and clutter
  6. Our Home

    You can use this app to assign tasks to multiple users and send them reminders as well it. It is great for kids as it would encourage them to score more to win something, keeping their toys & toys buckets clean.

    Even a grocery list feature is available in it, which means that no family meetings are required. Members can add what they want to get, and others will know of it. The created printable schedule list for your company can be shared with anyone through an email, text message, or Facebook in a short time.

    Overall, the inside app gives an amazing experience without affecting health when using it for times. However, we do not mention this app to earn any commission, but we cover it due to its features. So, you can suggest it to your friends and let them use chunks of features.

    • Task sharing and cleaning supplies & products option
    • Bullet journal ideas for kids and moms
    • Easy to maintain grocery lists that even kids can handle
    • No regular updates
    • Complicated and complex
    • In-between advertisement
  7. Cleaning Checklist (Android)

    This is one such top cleaning app that allows users to share tasks by room and is totally user-friendly. It does contain advertisements and makes it work smoothly. It is easy to understand, allowing you to add as many rooms as you want to clean in an organized manner.

    Being a mom, you can decide what needs to be cleaned first in a room and who to assign it to. It should make sense when assigning a task to anyone. You can download this one job cleaning supplies application from the given download link or download page.

    With the use of a job schedule application, your search for the work clean app ends here.

    • Free to download
    • Uncomplicated items
    • Job and task sharing
    • Pop up ads when not using the app
    • No task history
    • Limited zones and in-between advertisement


A weekly cleaning schedules app for home routines can benefit you and your company by gaining more clients and generating revenue through the app by providing other services such as house cleaning schedules, tips, and templates.
Making cleaning schedules for the app is a serious task as you have to cover everything in the cleaning easily checklists and provide various templates for users. In addition, it has to cover all the household chores like cleaning the ceiling fans, refrigerator & inside the refrigerator, microwave oven, wash dishes, sink, clothes washer, and other household work.
A house cleaning schedule weekly should be organized systematically, providing the users with an opportunity to choose whether they want to clean it by zones, rooms, and chores. In addition, their cleaning habits need to be taken into consideration to provide the best cleaning tips and templates.


Cleaning schedule apps are the best solution if you are an on-demand house cleaning service provider.

It would allow you to broaden the customer base and connect with them through multiple platforms. In addition, don’t feel forced into buying anything as they can use the weekly cleaning schedule app to organize the home clean schedule or hire services to get housekeeping things done in the right place.

But in the end, it comes down to your budget, features, and other aspects that you want to involve or focus on. FieldCamp is scheduling software that easily creates and manages job schedules for service technicians. Book a Demo now and automate your business operations with ease.