12 Best House Cleaning Scheduling Apps of 2021

Many people find it a chore to clean their rooms or house daily. But does this task have to be difficult? Well, not if people use house cleaning schedule apps.

A 2010 study found that people who saw their homes as cluttered were more likely to suffer from depression, fatigue, and higher cortisol levels. An Indiana University study found a correlation between domestic cleanliness and physical health. It observed that cleaner homes have healthier residents.

People can use these apps to get an idea of where to start the cleaning process. It will also eliminate the need for hiring housekeepers. These mobile apps will be their perfect guide in getting the cleaning tasks done.

In this blog, I will share the best house cleaning apps that allows you to create a weekly house schedule for cleaning your home.

List of 12 Weekly House Cleaning Schedule Apps with Pros and Cons

Here is the list of 11 helpful cleaning apps that you can use to create a weekly schedule for cleaning your room or house.

House Cleaning App Top Features PricingDownload
  • Assign and dispatch day’s, week’s, and month’s field jobs through scheduler.
  • Track your staff’s status and analyze which member took how many jobs.
  • Check the status of active, pending, and completed jobs from a drop-down menu in a single view.
  • Allocate repetitive jobs by clicking on ‘Create Similar Jobs.
  • Notify job details to employees through mobile push notifications.
  • Issue and collect invoice amounts online and offline safely.
  • There are no deadlines, alarms, or notifications (optional).
  • Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you.
  • Turn home cleaning routine into a game.
  • Sync plans across devices and users and check in to claim credit for their actions.
  • iOS – $6.99.
  • Google Play – $0.99 – $4.99 per item.
Home Routines
  • Create routine checklists, then complete them on your chosen days of the week, with reminder notifications.
  • Customizable to suit your home and your household. You choose how often your routines recur – with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal scheduling options.
  • iOS – $4.99.
Clean My House
  • Focusing on housekeeping and errands around the house.
  • Organize the chores based on Categories.
  • Daily reminder – set a reminder for your daily tasks.
  • Google Play- $2.49 per item.
Clean House
  • Set simple chores like vacuuming the floor or changing the sheets.
  • Set your repeat interval, and the notifications will remind you when to do your work
  • Google Play – $4.99 per item.
Our Home
  • Assign and schedule tasks and chores.
  • Motivate kids with rewards and goals.
  • View personal progress and activities.
  • Add items to the shared grocery list.
  • Price – Free.
Cleaning Checklist
  • Users can organize their cleaning tasks with a simple checklist.
  • Price – Free + in-app purchases.
  • Set up multiple home areas such as the kitchen, living, or bathroom and create tasks lists for each one.
  • Price – Free + in-app purchases.
  • Super simple in its design, Do! adds tasks and breaks them down by a color-coded system.
  • Password lock.
  • Selectable date format.
  • Data backup & restore.
  • Price – Free + in-app purchases.
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly recurring orone-time chores for the whole family.
  • Add or remove funds from the wallet.
  • Selectable date format.
  • Set saving jars with financial goals.
  • Kids learn to manage funds for each of their goals.
  • Free.
Laundry Day
  • This app will help you with your laundry. You can scan your laundry tags, and the app will tell you how to wash your clothes.
  • iOS – $0.99.
  • Allows you to set and track goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Lets you set a goal for multiple times a day, not just once like most habit apps.
  • Fun color options let you customize your list.
  • Free

Managing your Business is Simpler Than Ever With FieldCamp

FieldCamp makes it easy to keep track of customer details, staff management, payment process, and invoice management.

  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp - Best House Cleaning Scheduling App
    A feature-rich premier field service scheduling and management software, FieldCamp, is for service companies that want to automate processes, improve productivity, and bag more sales.

    Being in cleaning or carpeting, HAVC, plumbing, electrical contracting, or handyman business, this tool is an all-in-one solution that helps you plan, dispatch, create invoices, and receive payments instantly. With this robust software, you are sure to deliver services timely without complex scheduling and monitor proactively through insightful reports.

    • Your daily operations get automated by 90%
    • 95% of the time spent on scheduling and collecting payments is saved
    • Monitor the progress of the tasks through the ‘Job Status’ filter
    • Reschedule in a click through ‘Create Similar Job’ button
    • Synchronize with Google Calendar
    • Collect deposits before the job starts
    • Send customized invoices and get paid reliably
    • Firms with few tasks would not require all the features
    • Need to upgrade your subscription with an increase in the number of your staff
  2. Tody

    Tody - House cleaning App

    It is one of the best house cleaning apps that is user-friendly and allows its users to share tasks on multiple devices. It has numerous filter options that allow users to find various cleaning tasks easily. Tody analyzes the user’s cleaning style and prioritizes the tasks. There are no deadlines here, only reminders and due dates.

    It has been highly rated on the Apple store obtaining 4.8/5 stars and 4.7/5 stars on Google Playstore. Being one of the top house cleaning apps, it has garnered amazing reviews from users as it allows you to share chores on multiple devices for the family to carry out. There are different subscription rates for a single person and family sharing use.

    • Availability on multiple platforms
    • Task sharing with family members on household chores
    • User-friendly
    • Different pricing on iOS and Android
    • Extra charge for family sharing
    • Requires subscription of individual devices
  3. Home Routines

    Home Routines - House cleaning App

    This is another great house weekly cleaning schedule app that does not require an internet connection to use it. It allows you to customize tasks and you can set deadlines to follow. There is a built-in timer feature that gives you that extra push to get it done in time. People can select whether they want to complete a certain task daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally.

    You can select ‘Focus Zones’ in the app if you want to dedicate days to particular tasks on that day. It also gives you stars when you accomplish tasks.

    • Customizable to your requirements
    • Built-in timer
    • Star reward system
    • Only available on iOS
    • Not task-sharing available
  4. Clean My House

    Clean My House - House cleaning App

    A great house cleaning schedule app that allows you to categorize 300 tasks and sends daily reminders for cleaning. It already has 292 cleaning tasks categorized for you to select from on a daily or weekly basis.

    There are various premium features available for you to purchase from such as a master task list and others at a one-time purchase fee. The app is basically free to download and use. Quite different from other house cleaning apps, it has various benefits to offer.

    • Free app and one-time purchase fee for premium
    • Numerous categories
    • Daily reminders
    • No task sharing
    • Available only on Android
    • No rewards
  5. Clean House

    Clean House - House cleaning App

    This is one of the best house cleaning apps for android which is user-friendly and to the point. It allows you to select the task, set reminders for the house cleaning schedule, and repeat them.

    The app covers all the basics and lets you manage the chores more efficiently. It looks sophisticated and uncomplicated. It has been rated fairly with people on the Playstore with highly positive reviews.

    • Uncomplicated app
    • User-friendly interface
    • Free to download
    • A bit costly
    • No tasks sharing
    • No timer
  6. Our Home

    Our Home - House cleaning App

    This weekly schedule cleaning app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and offers great features. You can assign tasks to multiple users and send them reminders as well.

    There is a point system that makes people want to compete with each other in a way. It is great for kids as it would encourage them to score more to win something.

    There is even a grocery list feature available in it which means that no family meetings are required. Members can just add what they want to get and others will know of it.

    • Task sharing
    • Point system
    • Grocery list
    • No regular updates
    • Complicated and complex
  7. Cleaning Checklist

    Cleaning Checklist - House cleaning App

    This house cleaning checklist app allows people to share tasks by room to users and is totally user-friendly. It does contain advertisements.

    The app is easy to understand and you can add as many rooms as you want to clean in an organized manner. You can decide what needs to be cleaned first in a room and who to assign it too.

    • Free to download
    • Very easy to use
    • Task sharing
    • Pop up ads when not using the app
    • No task lists’ history
  8. Spotless

    Spotless - House cleaning App

    The spotless cleaning app which is being used for house cleaning schedule will help you keep your house clean and clutter-free. You can set up multiple home areas, such as kitchen, living, or bathroom, and create tasks lists for each one. Tick off each task as you complete it. Also, create deadlines for each work.

    • The application is free to use
    • Spotless remembers everything. It will let you know when you cleaned the air conditioning vents or dusted the top of the bookshelf last time.
    • There is no notification and reminders
  9. Do

    Do - House cleaning App

    Do! is a household errands app for those who don’t want to use pen and paper or fancy bells and whistles. This home cleaning app has a simple design that makes using it easier than other apps. Moreover, this app is a lot simpler to use for adding tasks and break them all down by a color-coded system.

    • Get Notifications
    • Fix the item on top of the list (thumbtack)
    • Set Color Tag for each task
    • Complex to use
    • Too many ads
  10. Homey

    Homey - House cleaning App

    With Homey, you can assign any housekeeping tasks to your kids. It will help them learn about the work they will be doing in the future. Assigning tasks and transferring allowances is quick and easy with this app.

    • Set goals for everyone in the app quickly and easily
    • Transfer allowance or rewards for chores completed
    • Child-friendly
    • Limited free features
  11. Laundry Day

    Laundry Day - House Cleaning App

    You must have observed specific symbols on the laundry tag of your clothes. With this app, you can scan these symbols and get care instructions based on the selection.

    You can even manually select symbols to see care suggestions.

    • Scan clothing tags with the built-in scanner
    • No free version
    • Icons are small on the screen. They can be hard to read
  12. Done

    Done - House Cleaning App

    Whether building a habit of cleaning kitchen countertops every day or sorting out mail when you receive it, the Done app will help you keep track of these habits.

    You can enter the habit you wish to pursue and set parameters on how often you want to complete it. The app will track your progress and will remind you if you miss anything. View your trends over time and see how you can improve.

    • Build housekeeping tasks habits over time
    • Track your habits through your entries
    • It doesn’t have an Android version

Looking For Field Service Software?

FieldCamp is an advanced field service software that you can use to automate your business operations like job scheduling, payment processing, and much more.


An app that allows you to provide the customers with customized options to manage their daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal chores like spring cleaning along with the option of hiring you to do the same for them. You can add additional services related to cleaning that you provide as well such as deep cleaning, window cleaning, and others to keep their house clean.
A weekly cleaning schedules app can benefit you in gaining more clients and help you generate revenue through the app by providing other services such as home cleaning schedules, tips, and templates. It allows the customers to directly contact you for the services and you can send them promotional offers.
The most popular home cleaning app presently is Tody. It is perfect as it is feature-rich and simplistic at the same time. People get engaged easily as they can share their tasks with other household members and it is available on both Android and iOS, so it doesn’t matter which phone a person in the home uses.
Making a weekly cleaning schedule for the app is a serious task as you have to cover everything in the cleaning checklist and provide various templates for people to choose from.

It has to cover all the household errands like cleaning the ceiling fan, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishes, sink, washer, stove, dryer, shelves, mirrors, vacuum carpets, furniture, countertops, sweep and mop floors, and cleaning the tub. It has to cover all the rooms like the laundry room, basement, garage, bathroom, guest room, kitchen, and living room.

Covering all the cleaning zones is really important to make a cleaning chart or in this case, a cleaning checklist.

A house cleaning schedule needs to be organized in a systematic manner providing the users with an opportunity to choose whether they want to clean it by zones, rooms, chores, etc. Their cleaning habits need to be taken into consideration to provide the best cleaning tips and templates.The frequency at which they want to do their household chores should be taken into consideration. A calendar should be made after proper study and attention to detail to provide the best schedule with flexibility.

Weekly house cleaning schedule apps are the best solution if you are an on-demand house cleaning service provider. It would allow you to broaden the customer base and connect with them through multiple platforms. The users don’t feel forced into buying anything as they can use the app to organize the home cleaning schedule or hire services to get it done.

The cleaning apps should be made available on both platforms to get maximum benefits. FieldCamp is scheduling software that easily creates and manages job schedules for service technicians. Book a Demo now and automate your business operations with ease.