10 Benefits of Having a Messaging Feature in the Field Service Apps

As a businessman, you must know the importance of communicating with your employees and team members in a fast and efficient manner. However, there are many businesses who fall short in this area as they fail to communicate and discuss things with their team on time.

As a result, the company suffers from a big loss. Talking about the reasons, they can be varying from not using the right technology to a lack of in-app messaging feature in the application. It doesn’t matter what type of mobile application you have for your business; it is must that your app has an in-app messaging feature.

When it comes to discussing the importance of messaging features in the business app, the main business category that should consider including this feature is field service-based. Field service providers need to communicate with their field technicians about the service request, progress of the request, and other important things. Therefore, it is must that field service providers consider messaging features for their field service application.

Before we discuss the more in-app messaging feature, let’s know the basic information about in-app or in-product messages.

What is the in-app messaging feature?

The in-app messaging feature is a direct communication line between you and your customers. As their name suggests, they arrive within the application and come in different patterns such as chat and notification beacons.

The in-app messages are considered as the most important mobile customer engagement strategy, including messaging types like SMS, mobile wallet, email, and push notifications. Moving ahead, let’s discuss the benefits of including a messaging feature in the field service apps.

Benefits of Including a Messaging Feature in the Field Service Apps

  • Unhindered Communication: One of the main benefits of including an in-app messaging feature in the app is, unhindered communication. No matter where the field technicians are in the world, in-app messaging allows you to communicate with the technicians without any hindrance. The technicians can reach out to the admin and discuss anything related to the business.
  • Increase Productivity: As we all know that it is a must for all the businesses that their employees and field experts are productive, so if you are wondering how to increase the productivity of the team, messaging feature is the right tool. It helps you to communicate efficiently and stay connected with the team members. It will also help you to give any guidance for a particular job.
  • Easy-to-use and Implement: Implementing a messaging feature in the field service application is a lot easier. The total time required to set up and administer has been reduced in the past couple of years. Now, you can easily implement the messaging feature, allowing your field experts to take benefit of instant messaging.
  • Stay in Touch With Remote Employees: Whether your employees or field technicians are in the office, in the field for delivering service, or anywhere in the city of the world, you as the admin of the business can stay in touch with them and ask for the updates about particular jobs. You can take the status of job completion and other required details.
  • Get Real-time Updates & Information: Using field service apps, including in-app messaging feature, you will get real-time updates and information from your employees and field workers. They will keep you in the loop, letting you know the current status of the assigned jobs.
  • Increase employee engagement: With constant communication and support throughout the day, employee engagement has been increased, resulting in more satisfied team members. It can lead to customer retention and loyalty.
  • Customize for every employee: Still wondering why to use push notification? It allows you to customize each message and text that you send to your employees. Moreover, you can communicate with employees anytime and anywhere where Internet Connectivity is available.
  • Improve Overall Management: Including a messaging feature in the field service software improves the overall management of your business as you will be updated with all the important updates and work status.
  • Quick Resolution to Any Problem: In case, if the employees of your field service business have any problem or query related to the service or job that he needs to perform, then he can instantly communicate with the admin. With just a single click, employees and the admin can discuss and solve the query.
  • Saves Time: Ultimately, it also saves time for the admin and field technicians as they don’t have to wait to reach the office and discuss the queries. Instead, they can do instant messages and discuss things without any hindrance.


You have just gone through the benefits of including a messaging feature in the field service app as it allows you to communicate with the field members anytime and get real-time updates about the work.

In any case, if you still have any query or confusion like why to include the in-app messaging feature and how it helps your field service business, get in touch with us and we will try to answer to your queries.