How To Get HVAC Customers: Follow These 6 Easy Steps

Do you know that the global market size for HVAC systems is now at an estimated value of $240.8 billion, according to 

It is estimated that the number of sold HVAC units in 2024 will surpass 151 million.

Not only this, but the United States makes use of more energy for air conditioning than the whole continent of Africa uses for their power needs. 

Isn’t it shocking?

Looking at these stats, we can say that most people in the U.S. will need to get heating and air conditioning work done at some point during the year. So how do you make sure that you get maximum customers for HVAC services? 

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting these customers with your HVAC marketing strategies

Excited to explore these steps to know how to get HVAC customers. Continue reading this blog.

6 Simple Ways To Get HVAC Customers For Your Business

  1. Make Sure Your HVAC Business Has a Website

    A website is a critical piece of your marketing puzzle. It’s how potential customers learn about you, what you do, and how to contact you. When people are looking for an HVAC company, they will likely start their search online. 

    Make Your HAC Website

    Points to Consider to Make Your Website Attractive:

    • Make sure your website looks professional and easy to navigate. Include information about the services you offer, your license and insurance information, how to take advantage of specials or promotions.
    • Your website should also have a blog. Use your about us page as the first post of the blog and then continue to write at least two additional posts per month, more if possible. Share how-to articles, how you built something in your office, customer success stories—anything that will help potential customers see how valuable you are to them.
    • If you’re not sure what types of posts people want to read or how often they might visit your site searching for information on heating or cooling systems, ask some questions! The end goal is always better content for visitors (and search engines).
  2. Create an HVAC Blog to Keep Customers Up-to-date on the Latest News, Updates, and Promotions

    Do you know that blogs are a great way to engage your customer base and help them get the most out of the information that they need? Blogs also allow you to establish yourself as an expert in the field, which will boost trust among potential customers.

    Points to Consider to Create HVAC Blog:

    • You don’t need to be a professional writer to create an HVAC blog. In fact, you can easily put together a few posts using free online tools like WordPress or Blogger.
    • Be sure to include topics that are relevant to your customers, such as how to save energy and money on their heating and cooling bills, how to select the right system for their home, or even how to troubleshoot common issues.
    • Content is key for keeping people coming back to your blog, so aim to post at least once a week. However, if you’re short on time (or just don’t enjoy writing), consider setting up a schedule of monthly or bi-monthly posts instead, it will help you to generate HVAC leads on search engine optimization.

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  3. Offer Great Customer Service By Responding Quickly to all Inquiries and Requests

    It is a must that you provide great HVAC customer service to your customers by answering their queries and requests in real-time. All you have to do is make it easy for your customers to reach out to you with any questions or concerns in different ways, including phone, email, and live chat.

    Offer great customer service

    Points to Consider To Provide Great Customer Service:

    • Make sure to answer phone calls quickly and ensure that you don’t let your potential customers hang up frustrated because no one answered the phone after several attempts. Answering promptly lets them know how important they are to you. If someone does not answer immediately when they call, use an automated system that allows them options depending on what service they need.

      For example, when calling about plumbing issues there are three choices: press “one” if you want drain services, press “two” for general plumbing services or if they want to schedule a service appointment.

    • Another way is following up on emails or email marketing. In this digital age, most people would rather communicate via email to get answers to their queries. Make sure and respond within 24 hours and even better the same day if possible! This shows them how serious your HVAC company takes customer satisfaction and how dedicated you are to providing great HVAC service no matter the channel of communication used for the HVAC industry.
    • Last, but not least option is offering live chat support – Many consumers prefer communicating with businesses online because it allows them some privacy when asking questions about products or dealing with personal issues such as billing errors, so make sure how to get HVAC customers.
  4. Offer Special Deals for New Customers or Those Who Refer Friends

    If you offer a deal when someone refers to friends, be sure to ask for the name of their friend and how they heard about your business. This will help track how successful referrals are so that you can reward customers in the future and generate HVAC leads for your business.

    Points To Consider While Offering Deals For New Customers:

    • This type of referral campaign is also very affordable because there’s no need to hire additional employees or spend money on marketing materials – just add an incentive! If people think it was fun getting $50 off their bill by referring a few friends, then you’ll have even more success with this method compared to things like paid advertising campaigns (which tend not only to cost much more but may take time before seeing returns).
    • Although word-of-mouth recommendations work best if your HVAC services actually deserve them, you can also incentivize referrals with a little bribery. Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’re offering a discount to new customers, be sure to offer an extra incentive for those who refer friends. This could be anything from gift cards to free services or products. Just make sure the incentive is enticing enough that people will actually want to tell their friends about your business!
  5. Send Out Promotional Emails With Discounts or Special Offers

    This is a great way to get them feeling appreciated and special. It will also show that you’re grateful for their business! Plus, they may even tell their friends and family about your great deals, which can result in more customers! 

    Points To Consider While Sending Out Promotional Emails:

    • Remember to always be courteous and friendly when interacting with your customers, whether it’s through email or in person! It can really make a difference in how they view your HVAC companies. Plus, it sets the tone for future interactions. We hope these tips have been helpful and that you are able to get more customers through them and make an online presence for your local businesses!
    • Send out promotional emails with discounts, ask them for online reviews on their experience or specials that are exclusive just for them! This is a great way to get them feeling appreciated and special. It will also show that you’re grateful for their business!
  6. Share Your Social Media Links To Make Them Follow You

    It’s always a good idea to have multiple avenues for customers to reach you. By having social media links on your HVAC website and promotional materials, you make it easy for them with social media marketing! And, who knows, they may even like or follow you on social media and not even realize it! It’s a great way to stay top of mind.

    Share your social media links

    Point To Consider When Sharing Social Media Links:

    • Share your social media links so they can follow you there too! It’s always a good idea to have multiple avenues for customers to reach you. By having social media links on your HVAC website and promotional materials, you make it easy for them! And, who knows, they may even like or follow you on social media and not even realize it! It’s a great way to stay top of mind.

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    Follow these simple steps listed above and you’ll be able to get more HVAC customers in no time! It will help you to generate leads with HVAC advertising on social media, business tips, google ads, HVAC websites, and other sources of digital marketing.

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