10 Best Field Service Dispatch Software [Features + Rating]

Being a business owner, managing your field service business is an essential task. It involves creating schedules, keeping track of numerous dispatchers, tasks, and work orders, managing technicians, using a fleet of vehicles for delivering products or rendering services, and other field service operations.

But are you using manual processes to streamline such field operations? Trust me! It’s just a waste of time.

You need an optimum solution to quickly get rid of such challenging tasks and provide the best customer satisfaction. You need to adopt field service dispatch software to simplify your operations and maximize profits in your business.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top field service dispatch software solutions that will not only help you run your company but will also make your life simpler in the process.

What is Field Service Dispatch Software?

Field service management (FSM) is a critical activity for businesses that need personnel to go to a customer’s site to address problems in person. However, manual labor such as creating schedules for field agents or monitoring work order progress will be delayed due to procedural inefficiencies.

Dispatch software significantly reduces such manual labor that is required for service dispatch. This platform gives you the ability to plan, manage, and deploy technicians for servicing activities. In addition, being more coordinated with field technicians can result in quicker resolution time.

Comparison of Top Field Service Dispatch Software

You need to understand the various aspects of the business software solutions before selecting the best one. Therefore, we have come up with a comparison table that makes it easy for you to choose the perfect field service management solution for your business.

ProductRatingsFree TrialTechnician DispatchWork Order ManagementBilling & Invoice

[Note: The above ratings are taken from Capterra]

Top 10 Field Service Dispatch Software

  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp - Field Service Dispatch Software
    FieldCamp is one of the best field service management solutions that play a vital role in managing the field technicians in many field service companies.

    FieldCamp is solely responsible for creating and managing various field service operations for technicians such as service delivery workers, house cleaners, mobile spa masseuses, and on-road mechanics with ease. In addition, FieldCamp is a field service software solution that deals with field service automation of your entire service business.

    With the help of this field service software, it becomes easy for you to see all the essential details of a technician while working on a job site.

    Top Features:

    • Job management
    • Inventory management
    • Customer relationship management
    • Payment processing
    • Invoice management
    • Real-time field staff tracking
    • Comprehensive business reports

    This field service software allows you to track the schedules of your field technicians rapidly, allocate work orders, track their progress, and ensure that their schedules are optimized while working on the job site.

    The nice thing about this FSM software is that it comes with voice-to-text technology, which allows you to operate your business without ever touching your device. FieldCamp helps companies save time and minimize manual tasks while providing 5-star service by providing a mobile app and a quick setup.

    FieldCamp is an ideal choice for the field service industries like HVAC, Plumbing, Carpeting, Snow Removal, Painting, Pest control. Landscaping and lawn mowing.

  2. Jobber

    Jobber - Field Service Dispatch Software
    Jobber is a field service dispatch software that allows you to schedule, manage, and administer business operations in real-time.

    Many field service companies benefit from Jobber’s business intelligence (BI) technologies in managing operations, increasing customer experience, and boosting revenue.

    You can quickly construct and assign jobs to a concerned team member to perform a task using this field service software. Jobber also offers interactive scheduling services that help you to quickly create a job request, track service history, track job status, and even view calendar activities from any mobile device.

    Jobbers ensure that work orders are completed on schedule and that customers are constantly informed. In addition, this enterprise software enables you to schedule projects effectively and send estimates and bills through SMS.

    Top Features:

    • Calendar management
    • Project management
    • Track job details
    • Inventory management
    • Supports GPS tracking
    • Invoicing and payments
    • Share notes and attachments
    • Drag-and-drop calendar
    • Provides automation solutions

    Small businesses will also utilize the platform to offer critical customer information to their staff and boost field worker efficiency. It also tracks field workers and sends out notifications on your mobile app when a job is finished.

    The field service app enables businesses to send automatic payment reminders and accept payments in person, online within 24 hours, or every month. Jobber is an ideal choice for business managers of a field service industry who help them keep track of and manage complex processes.

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  4. ServiceFusion

    ServiceFusion - Field Service Dispatch Software
    Service Fusion is a web-based field service management software that enables you to create estimates and tasks for multiple technicians rapidly.

    Additionally, it helps you keep track of your vehicle fleet, your customer-owned equipment history, sales income, and reports to your employees and customers. In addition, it has a mobile app that’s meant for customers and to increase productivity on a large scale.

    Top Features:

    • Customer management
    • Invoicing & payments
    • Inventory management
    • Drag-and-drop dispatch grid
    • Time tracking
    • Analytics and reporting

    ServiceFusion enables you to quickly create estimates and job confirmations using pre-populated product and service line items. Additionally, you will be able to monitor referral sources and assign more jobs to salespeople for commission computation.

    This FSM software allows you to send job information to field employees on their mobile phones through text messages or the mobile app using a drag and drop dispatch grid. Additionally, you have the ability to generate invoices, handle payments, and update the accounting system with a single click.

    The field service management app also enables inventory serialization and controlled stock inventories through the built-in inventory system. The software supports time monitoring, payroll reporting, and revenue reporting as well.

    The various modules in the system allow for service-specific and user-specific preferences and permissions to be applied.

  5. mHelpDesk

    mHelpDesk - Field Service Dispatch Software
    mHelpDesk field service management software is a simple, effective, and dependable solution that facilitates real-time communication and data exchange from the field to the office.

    With its easy-to-use features, it becomes easy for you to take charge of your technicians, scheduling, invoicing, and other duties that make your company operate effectively. In addition, you will be able to view all of the information and reports that you will need to provide excellent customer support to your customers with the assistance of mHelpDesk.

    This field service management software is ideal for small companies, from field service to information technology. mHelpDesk is simple to use and understand, and it is intended to make your business a breeze.

    Top Features:

    • End-to-end job management
    • Workflow management
    • Drag-and-drop calendar
    • Text messaging dispatching
    • Track technician performance
    • Supports route optimization

    mHelpDesk is very robust, supporting a broad range of planned and unscheduled processes, as well as one-time and recurring appointments. Using mHelpDesk’s scheduling calendar, ensure that your staff is assigned correctly and effectively routed using the map view.

    Customers of mHelpDesk are enjoying the benefits of avoiding duplicate data input when dealing with third-party accounting systems like Quickbooks, and you can, too!

    Maintain a record of all customer interactions in mHelpDesk so that you and your team have the information you need when you need it. Custom fields make it simple to monitor the detailed information and track performance that is unique to your company, and everything can be seen in real-time by you and your team on a mobile device on the job site or from wherever you happen to be.

    mHelpDesk is a great partner for success today and in the future as the best-rated cloud-based business solution for field service companies.

  6. ServiceMax

    ServiceMax - Field Service Dispatch Software
    ServiceMax is an enterprise-class solution for field technicians and back-office managers to handle critical activities such as work scheduling, inventory management, onboarding, and staff routing. It covers fundamental problems of the field service sector for companies of all sizes and scopes.

    Because it is cloud-based, it will be delivered on various platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and embedded devices. It is intended to be integrated into new or current IT infrastructures in the medical, education, energy, manufacturing, mining, and utility sectors.

    Top Features:

    • Parts & returns management
    • Complex job planning
    • Warranty & contract management
    • Metrics, reporting & dashboards
    • Work order management
    • Schedule & dispatch
    • Mobile field service management
    • Preventive maintenance
    • IoT connected field service management

    ServiceMax is an easy-to-use cloud-based field service scheduling application. It is geared at SMBs and large organizations. Moreover, it includes tools and apps for monitoring service parts and inventories, managing service contracts and warranties, work orders, a customer self-service portal, and machine-to-machine communication.

    Management staff will quickly allocate competent people to answer consumers’ issues and track their performance via a user-friendly interface. On the other side, employees have easy and real-time access to critical information about their customers to provide superior service.

    Additionally, the platform includes simple-to-use scheduling features. Generally, the platform allows you to provide complete customer relationship management service.

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  8. RazorSync

    RazorSync - Field Service Dispatch Software
    RazorSync is a comprehensive field service management software intended to keep your operations in sync and on time.

    RazorSync lets your company simplify its field employees and operate seamlessly from anywhere while ensuring you are supported with excellent customer care and support. It is cloud-based, powerful, and easy-to-use on desktop, tablet, and mobile with online and offline capabilities, enabling your company to be productive from anywhere.

    Top Features:

    • Remotely clock in and out workers
    • Manage payroll and customer invoicing
    • Assign jobs
    • Maintain customer notes for your employees
    • Connect tasks to work orders and Google calendars
    • Display driving instructions and GPS map views for each job

    By automating scheduling, invoicing, and record-keeping, as well as reducing travel expenses and managing your employees, you can optimize revenues and provide the service that today’s consumers demand.

    RazorSync is a must-have for centralizing your workflow.

  9. Synchroteam

    Synchroteam - Field Service Dispatch Software
    Synchroteam is a field service dispatch software that streamlines critical business operations by managing numerous tasks and the mobile workforce’s schedule.

    Synchroteam is a cloud-based field service management software that is used in a variety of sectors, including cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, as well as construction.

    Top Features:

    • Robust & secure mobile client
    • Work order management
    • Job center
    • Job report
    • Real-time notifications
    • GPS tracking

    Synchroteam’s drag-and-drop feature enables workers to populate the platform with their schedules depending on their location and availability.

    Synchroteam enables field service businesses to quickly build a set of processes for field technicians to manage customers’ recurring chores from anywhere in the globe.

    This field service management software automatically updates technicians, enabling them to access client-specific data from their own devices. In addition, because Syncroteam’s field service management software is entirely cloud-based, retrieving history and notes is a snap.

    Once a task is completed, the field service software helps you to generate company invoices. So whether customers need assistance in the office or on the job, Synchroteam offers a centralized, dependable solution.

  10. FieldOne

    FieldOne - Field Service Dispatch Software
    FieldOne is an agile, end-to-end field service dispatch software that automates the entire field service management process.

    It enables you to integrate advanced routing and scheduling functions, sophisticated work process automation, a flexible and mobile user interface, an enterprise-class CRM, and robust reporting/business intelligence capabilities.

    Top Features:

    • Billing and invoicing
    • Contract management
    • Customer database
    • Dispatch management
    • Word order management
    • Technician management
    • Service history tracking
    • Inventory control
    • Resource management

    FieldOne from Microsoft is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. It has an open design that simplifies solution integration regardless of whether it is cloud-based, on-premises, or a hybrid deployment.

    This FSM software streamlines and digitizes the payment process, making transactions searchable and accessible to port over to accounting software.

    Additionally, the system supports “no-code” customization, which expedites the deployment process – and returns on investment.

  11. CollectiveFleet

    CollectiveFleet - Field Service Dispatch Software
    CollectiveData’s collectiveFleet is a fleet management software. It is intended to be a more effective production management system for service businesses seeking to maximize profits.

    Top Features:

    • Activity tracking
    • Audit trail
    • Barcoding/RFID
    • Cost tracking
    • Depreciation management
    • Employee Management
    • Fuel Management
    • Fuel Tracking
    • GPS
    • Inventory Management

    Embedded data-tracking capabilities are one of CollectiveData’s fleet management software elements that can be used to determine the condition of vehicles and assets. It provides complete flexibility and will be set in a system to assist them in dealing with future service improvements.

  12. Fleetmatics

    Fleetmatics - Field Service Dispatch Software
    Fleetmatics was acquired by Verizon and is now a part of Verizon Connect. Fleetmatics Work field service management software is intended to assist businesses in streamlining operations while giving quick access to task details and client information.

    This cloud-based field service scheduling software is compatible with almost every mobile device, including Android, iPhone/iPad, Nokia, and Blackberry. It, therefore, connects technicians everywhere from two to hundreds in the field and provides customer satisfaction.

    Top Features:

    • Real-Time Fleet and Driver Monitoring
    • Route Replay Feature
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Fleet Maintenance Information
    • GPS tracking
    • Reporting & statistics
    • Task management
    • Third-party integration

    This Fleetmatics office portal has a dashboard, task dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, accounting, and inventory control capabilities. Using smartphones and other mobile devices, In addition, field employees will get access to the system using a mobile device, and field service scheduling software sends out job notifications.

After looking at the list of best field service dispatch software along with the comparison table, you must have got a clear idea about software solutions. Still, if you have any queries regarding field service software, we have come up with frequently asked questions in the next section.

Looking For the Best Field Service Dispatch Software?

FieldCamp is a Technologically Advanced Field Service Software to Manage your Business Operations ranging from Scheduling to Reporting.


FieldCamp is a top-rated field service management software that helps you create and manage your technicians’ schedules with its robust job scheduling features.

Field service technicians can easily be managed by following the essential points:

  • Provide your technicians with the best pay
  • Give perfect training to your technicians
  • Equip technicians with proper tools
  • Equip technicians with well-organized inventory
  • Offer career development opportunities
  • Provide the right technologies

A field service manager is an individual who handles and helps field technicians in installation, maintenance, and repair. In addition, he manages the entire team, from the team’s attendance to daily work, pending payments from customers to received payments, and feedback.


A field service dispatch software plays a vital role in your business to automate, schedule jobs, generate invoices, payment processing, and field workforce to gain customer satisfaction at an incredible pace.

As you have seen, the software list handles field service management systems with better accounting systems, service delivery status, integration with leading technologies, and resolves challenges to get rid of manual processes.

By adopting FieldCamp in your business, you can quickly streamline and automate your business operations. In addition, it comes up with robust and unique features that other software solutions lack, like “voice-to-text.” Just check out this software and explore advanced features to know how it is helpful for your business.