12 Best Mobile Field Service Solutions For Your Business

Do you know that the global field service management market will reach $10.81 billion by 2026 at a CAGR rate of 16.9% from 2019 to 2026?

With this substantial growth, you must have set up your mind to include the software solution to enhance your business productivity. Many field service businesses are involved in day-to-day tasks like creating schedules, tracking field technicians, tracking job history, and generating reports. But it becomes pretty tedious to handle such operations manually.

The best option is to include mobile field service solutions in your business and make your work easier to overcome such issues. To add more convenience, we have come up with the best software solutions and features to select the perfect one for you.

What is a Field Service Solution?

A field service solution, most commonly known as field service management, helps your business process work orders, dispatch technicians, and collect payment on job completion.

Many field service companies have started adopting field service management software in their business with mobile technology. The primary aim of such software solutions is to schedule, create estimates, manage jobs, communicate in real-time, and process payments on the go through your mobile device.

What are the Benefits of Field Service Management Solution?

7 benefits of field service management solution

Field service management solutions play a vital role in the field service industry. It is responsible for managing the basic field operations like order management, dispatching, inventory management, vehicle tracking, and scheduling. Apart from these, there are some benefits of field service solutions that help you to overcome the challenges like:

  • Enhance efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Route Tracking and Vehicle Maintenance

Best Mobile Field Service Solutions For Your Business

As a field service business, it becomes essential to know the basic information about the field service solutions and their features before selecting the best one.

  • Job scheduling
  • Staff management
  • CRM
  • Payment processing
  • Voice-to-text functionality
  • Job management
  • Customer management
  • Generate comprehensive business reports
  • Real-time technician tracking
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Supports customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Fleet management
  • Asset management
  • View team activities
  • GPS tracking
  • Customizable reports
  • End-to-end job management
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Google Calendar, and HomeAdvisor
  • Staff productivity reporting
  • Drag-and-drop calendar
  • Live mapping
  • CRM
  • Supports communication tools
  • Lead management
  • Supports offline mode
$169.00 /mo
Service Fusion
  • In-built VOIP phone software
  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Step-by-step, personalized onboarding
  • Better customer support
  • Add activity notes, photos, and custom tasks
  • Contactless eSign Solutions
HouseCall Pro
  • Drag-and-drop job scheduling
  • Customer management
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Postcard marketing and Email remarketing
  • Route optimization
IFS Field Service Management
  • Supports warranty and contract management
  • Inventory, logistics, and parts planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Parts management
  • Analytics and reporting
Reveal Field
  • Fleet management
  • Compliance management
  • Drag-and-drop calendar
  • Live map integration
  • CRM
  • Real-time alerts and notification
$45.00 /mo
  • Mobile work order management
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Manage customer information
  • Back office management
  • Field sales quoting
  • Asset management
  • Mobile project management
QuickBooks Enterprise FSM
  • Contract/license management
  • Dispatch management
  • Workflow management
  • Job management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Recurring appointments
  • Manage multiple service calls
  • Supports electronic signature
Service Autopilot
  • Lead capture management
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Productivity reporting
  • Fleet management
  • Inventory control
  • Employee management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Supports document scanning
  • Empower technician utilization
  • Increase productivity
  • Empower systems with field data
  • Share data in real-time
  • Track field performance
  • GPS tracking & mapping
  • Real-time job sheets
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Fleet management
  • Track field service technicians
  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp is a field service management software that helps you to manage and streamline your business operations. With powerful scheduling algorithms and comprehensive workforce management, FieldCamp offers maximum efficiency.

    FieldCamp is a field service solution that allows you to create and manage schedules, dispatch, create invoices, take regular follow-ups, payment processing, reporting, and even customer reviews.
    This software solution allows you to quickly survey your cleaner’s schedules, assign jobs, monitor their status, and optimize their schedules for success.

    The significant part of FieldCamp is that it is equipped with voice-to-text technology, making it easy to run your business without even having to touch your device.

    FieldCamp is an ideal choice for other service businesses like HVAC, Plumbing, Carpeting, Snow removal, Painting, Pest control, Landscaping, and lawn mowing.

    The mobile app is straightforward to set up and navigate and takes less than a minute to get you started. FieldCamp offers customization abilities for its workforce management software.

  2. Jobber

    Jobber is an online FSM solution specifically for small businesses having the primary goal to automate and streamline their field operation.

    This business software offers easy-to-use features where your customers can view and approve quotes, check service personnel schedules or appointments, go over work details, make payments on invoices, and even have receipts printed.

    This job management software allows you to run your daily operations from anywhere, and your task is done faster when your team has what they need when they need it. The app makes it easy for your team members to know their daily tasks to be performed.

    Using this software solution, you can easily view the upfront information regarding the job. So, you can make perfect scheduling decisions for your upcoming tasks in the field.

    In addition, Jobbers provides CRM tools to keep track of customer details, a job form builder for creating custom checklists, and nearly two dozen ready-made report templates to give you insights into the business.

  3. mHelpDesk

    mHelpDesk is a cloud-based software solution designed explicitly to supercharge slow and manual processes.

    Many field service management companies worldwide use mHelpDesk to streamline business processes, generating leads, managing job orders, and processing payments.

    mHelpDesk allows you to perform various business operations anywhere, and you don’t need to remain on office premises. It becomes easy for you to manage schedules, view job progress, check in on-field technicians, and even send estimates and invoices to your customers.

    With its real-time update features, you and your field techs are notified of jobs performed by email or text. In addition, when field techs complete the job by entering the essential work order details, you get the latest updates on the same.

    Once the job completes, this field service software allows you to easily create on-site estimates related to the work order. The payment processing is pretty smooth as it provides your customers to pay using different payment options.

    It boasts a powerful automation engine to fast track vital business tasks, including estimates and quotes, online booking, scheduling and dispatching, multi-location inventory tracking, workflow management, and job management.

  4. Service Fusion

    Service Fusion is a field service software built for the needs of small and mid-sized field service companies. It is meant to streamline business operations with features to automate workflows, create estimates and work orders, and manage dispatching and scheduling.

    Service Fusion mobile app allows you to easily manage your field service team and your customers with exceptional customer experience.

    With its mobile capabilities, Service Fusion makes communications smoother by connecting field and office staff. The mobile app allows field workers to receive and manage service calls on smartphones and tablets, reduce paperwork, and increase your business’s efficiency.

    This enterprise software allows you to quickly receive jobs and estimate related information for your mobile workers working in your customer’s job site. It also has an option where you and your field service technicians can view assigned jobs on a map directly from your mobile app.

    Moreover, the app allows you to directly communicate with your technicians and customers to eliminate possible miscommunications and scheduling overlaps. This app will enable you to take customer signatures on the mobile to confirm that the job is completed successfully.

    The software ensures that field personnel is always connected to their service managers and customers through real-time access to customer histories, work orders, and other essential data.

  5. HouseCall Pro

    HouseCall Pro provides solutions for your business to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase the workforce, or grow revenue.

    This field service software allows you to set up new and recurring jobs for your field service technicians. So, you can easily manage the time, location & other job details of your customers with ease. The software solutions allow you to seamlessly assign techs to scheduled jobs and even notify the details to the back-office systems.

    The excellent part of HouseCall Pro is that you can easily find your customers as it includes searchable CRM records. The software makes it easy for you to manage the essential facets of your business -before, during, and after the job.

    These include quickly creating and editing schedules, generating paperless invoices, accepting fast bookings online, dispatching and assigning teams, tracking field service people, updating clients, and following up with customers.

  6. IFS Field Service Management

    IFS Field Service Management is a cloud-hosted, full-service lifecycle management software for many field service businesses. The software provides a complete solution for online booking, planning and scheduling, inventory management, tasks scheduling, dispatching, billing and invoicing, and job estimates.

    This field service software solution offers tools that cover the entire service lifecycle. It can be configured to meet the needs of organizations in several field service industries such as medical equipment, high tech, property management, and even telecommunications.

    The field service module creates a closed-loop service process with real-time dispatching and scheduling. The mobile app enables workers in the field to access critical data through their wireless devices.

    The solution also helps manage contract lifecycles and parts management, both inventory and the part return process. Users can also handle claim recovery and warranty renewals.

    IFS is available for mobile devices, allowing your field people to be always updated on schedules, tasks, and updates. It can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud platform.

  7. Reveal Field

    Reveal Field from Verizon Connect provides innovative tools and advanced technologies to help you monitor and manage your mobile workforce and associated assets.

    It is a fully integrated, intelligent, and straightforward scheduling and dispatch solution that enables you to overcome inefficiencies to improve worker productivity while enhancing customer satisfaction.

    You can track field workers, drivers, mileage, work times, work locations, and equipment with the software. This is intended to help you optimize time and resources and realize cost savings to enhance efficiency and improve productivity.

    This field service software easily handles multiple customer requests having real-time visibility to track technicians and job status on a large scale.

    The software gives you a fully-featured work order management solution compatible with whatever smartphone or tablet your workforce currently uses, encouraging BYOD (Bring Your Device) practices.

  8. FieldConnect

    FieldConnect is a modular, mobile solution for technicians, dispatchers, contractors, management, and customers across field service companies. It empowers field service teams by providing state-of-the-art mobile solutions designed around business demands.

    FieldConnect is also an accounting software that allows you to generate practical invoice processes for accounting and increase efficiency for dispatchers.

    It plays a vital role in transforming field service businesses by driving efficiencies, improving customer experience, and providing real-time information available anytime, anywhere.

    FieldConnect enables you to manage work orders and customer agreements, send schedules, track technicians’ activities and time, complete inspection forms, and manage parts and materials used to service work orders.

    This enterprise software solution also enables customers to submit service requests and manage subcontractors. It includes support for voice-to-text note-taking and e-signatures.

    Our robust solutions leverage the many benefits of cloud-based computing for flexibility and strategic value.

  9. QuickBooks Enterprise FSM

    QuickBooks Enterprise FSM is a top-rated and industry-focused solution of the popular accounting platform.

    The software addresses the need of service firms to efficiently link up their office managers and supervisors with their people in the field to ensure consistent customer service and productive operation.

    Hence, this job management software offers advanced but easy-to-use tools to seamlessly connect with your field technicians, including real-time field updates, work hours and location trackers, job scheduling, job status monitoring, and on-location invoicing.

  10. Service Autopilot

    Service Autopilot is an online service management solution intended to help service companies boost business productivity and growth.

    The software lets you manage operations throughout the service cycle – from generating leads and extending customer service to handling service requests and accepting/processing payments. In addition, the software solution consists of various tools that can be customized according to the changing needs of your business operations.

    Service Autopilot allows you and your crew members to remain up to date and see their updated schedules, job notes, to-do’s and more while in the field.

    It likewise offers a notification system for its integrated calendar, to-do list, and communication tools to ensure that everyone from the head office to the field personnel is up to date with schedules and assignments.

  11. ProntoForms

    ProntoForms provides intelligent mobile forms for your field employees. It is a platform that makes it easy for you to automate mobile workflows and collect your mobile devices.

    This field service software provides a complete toolkit for your field service technicians working on the job site. The software solutions allow your employees to share the reports with their service managers.

    The good part of this software is that it comes with a form builder that easily creates mobile forms and tools that allow remote employees to gather data on their mobile devices. Also, you and your techs access company or customer information and share results either with co-workers in the field or with supervisors in the office.

    Its low-code mobile data collection capabilities are an ideal solution for field service management and firms engaged in on-site safety management and fleet management.

  12. GeoOp

    GeoOp is a job management software for the mobile workforce. It can simplify business workflows such as scheduling jobs, assigning teams, tracking costs, managing bills and invoices, and securing vital data.

    The software is designed to be simple and easy to use with a customizable interface. It offers scheduling and job status features that allow you to create or update information in real-time, so your mobile teams are instantly aware of updates and the latest information.

    It also provides mapping and tracking capabilities to check personnel or team member locations to optimize time and resources.

    The standard mobile field service solutions have different capabilities and features to streamline and automate your business operations with ease. Still, if you have any questions related to field service, we have come up with frequently asked questions in the next section.


Your business can easily enhance your business productivity

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • More accurate task matching
  • Effective scheduling
  • Meeting consumer demand
  • Ensure real-time connectivity
  • Promote technician productivity and efficiency
  • Establish supporting back-end processes


Which field service management software solutions suit the best for your business?

A perfect mobile field service solution allows you to automate and streamline your business operations efficiently. We have seen the multiple field service management software solutions that provide service delivery to your customers.

FieldCamp is the best solution for your field service business as it involves creating and managing work schedules for your technicians. Moreover, you can easily track the field technicians while they are working on the customer’s location.