Field Service Technician Job Description – Top Things to Know

Hiring field service technicians is one of the most essential and challenging tasks for managers, and most importantly, business owners.

As a business owner, you need to take care of some essential points while writing the job description for hiring field service technicians. First, it becomes quite obvious that you need to include the information related to skills, salary, experience, and others in the job description.

To have such information is not sufficient for your job description. It would be best to consider some other essential things while writing a field service technician job description. Continue reading this article, and you’ll know everything related to the job description.

Who is a Field Service Technician?

A field service technician is a highly skilled and well-trained professional who provides an expert solution to install and maintain install and maintain the customer’s equipment.

The sole responsibilities of a field technician include performing equipment installation, repair, troubleshooting, documenting the issues in detail, and creating reports on job completion.

However, there are some job titles like the head of a field service technician, office manager, and operation manager that a service worker can enhance their career skills.

Field Service Technician Job Description

The field service technician job description should be easy to understand and written in a simple language, so that job seekers or field service technicians comprehend it from job boards.

The description must highlight all the important points of field service technicians like:

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Job duties
  • Salary estimate
  • Educational qualifications

Remember that the job description you keep on job boards or your company website defines the professional level of your business. So, the job description should be written in a well-defined manner and up to the mark.

What Does a Field Service Technicians Do? – Responsibilities and Duties

The field service technicians’ job responsibilities include performing on-site installation, repairs, maintenance, equipment tracking and management, and testing. However, there are some essential field service technician responsibilities and duties that need to be followed in their daily tasks:

  • To visit a customer location to install new equipment and perform testing to check whether it works correctly or not.
  • To make appropriate usage of the company-owned vehicle for field visits by strictly following the company’s protocols and using field automation systems.
  • To provide proper guidance or technical training to the customers regarding operating or using such equipment.
  • To analyze the equipment, perform troubleshooting to diagnose errors or technical problems, and create timely and service reports.
  • To collaborate with colleagues and team members for sharing information related to issues and solve the customer support tickets.
  • To repair equipment, replace faulty parts, and create detailed documentation related to workflow issues to share with the service manager.
  • To fully understand the customer requirements and providing them with the best suitable suggestions.
  • To build robust and positive relationships with customers with better work protocol.
  • To effectively generate a detailed report on job completion and share it with the senior authorities.

These service technicians’ responsibilities typically enhance business productivity and customer service skills by keeping the job boards’ information.

Field Service Technician Skills and Qualifications

The field service technician must have the following metrics mentioned below to become a part of the field service business.

  • High school diploma, technical degree, or proven field service experience
  • Strong familiarity in using mobile devices and applications
  • High-level experience to analyze, install, test, repairs, and service technical equipment or hand tools
  • Ability to deal with providing better customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Potential to work with flexible and changing shift work environments
  • Excellent problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, and time-management skills
  • Ability to travel and work according to a changing schedule of customers
  • Physically fit strength and ability to work or repair even heavy equipment

So, you can include such skills and qualifications in a job description template so that it becomes quite easy for you to find the best field service techs for your business.

How to Become a Field Service Technician? (5 Tips)

If you are planning to become a field service technician, then you must follow the tips mentioned below:

  • The first thing you need to become a field engineer is postsecondary education, specifically a high school diploma.
  • You need to attend specialized training or on-the-job training to grab the basics of field experience like repair, installation of tools, and even maintenance support of various jobs.
  • Various certifications are available from the recognized academic organizations for you, specifically for industries like heavy machinery, electronics, and computer. You can opt for the same.
  • You must be ready to deal with various field service solutions like equipment maintenance, testing strategy, work schedules, operating software, and managing several work orders.
  • The essential thing is that you must have the ability to explain to the clients the complex equipment issues and maintenance with ease in a user-friendly manner.

It becomes relatively easy for field service technicians to create a resume by following these tips. So they need to input their values into a field service technician job description template available in the market.


Hope you are now ready to create a field service technician job description to enhance employee productivity in your business.

Job description plays a vital role in your business as it helps you get the best field technicians to provide the best services to the customers. For employers and employees, the field service technician job template is an essential factor that helps them easily create the job profile and share it with the technical team to proceed ahead.

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