What are the Important Things That Impact on Field Services Manager Salary?

Have you decided to hire a field services manager for your field service company and business?

An experienced and skilled field services manager salary is responsible for executing and improving the company’s field service operations, marketing, sales, and merchandising initiatives.

It may also include hiring and training an entire team of field service experts, analyzing the performance, planning, and managing logistics.

While hiring a field services manager and expert, there are many things that one should consider in the mind like experience, skill-level, special expertise, technical expertise, positive attitude, ability to delegate, vision, and ability to see the big picture.

All these things matter a lot when it comes to hiring the best field expert to perform all the daily field operations.

Basic of Field Services Manager

A field service manager is responsible for installation, repairing, assessing, designing, and managing the customer’s products and services in the field service business and company. As per their job title, they need to travel from one location to another to identify the problems and figure out the solutions.

They ensure answering all the queries and questions that any customer or company has in mind regarding the products and services. There are many other roles and responsibilities that any field engineer has to meet when it comes to performing daily tasks and operations.

If the manager got promoted as a senior field service manager, then he is responsible for handling a team of highly skilled service engineer technicians. Moreover, they are responsible for improving the overall quality of services that are being delivered to the customers.

Role and Responsibilities of the Field Service Manager

The field service engineer handles all the major functions and features that are listed below. It may require some extra duties, responsibilities, and jobs to handle that may not be outlined below and specific functions, which are subject to change.

  • The engineer is responsible to handle the basic troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, and repairing of designated equipment.
  • Handles complete preventative maintenance and field modifications.
  • Take care of ordering, managing, and repairing parts of the products.
  • Stay updated on the administrative roles and responsibilities like internal service records, maintaining service logs, and total compensation, base salary, job titles, requests in a timely manner.
  • Handling daily communications with customers be it old and new and ensure resolution and proper follow-up.
  • The engineer is also responsible for total compensation, maintaining tools, check & test equipment, and ensure that they are accurately handled.
  • He/she must meet health and human services, environment health & safety, and other applicable regulatory needs.
  • The field services manager must handle the escalation process with the utmost care to solve customer service delivery problems.
  • Knowing and participating in different sales opportunities like contracts, contract renewals, and system sales.
  • Works as a senior member of the local team so that he/she can deliver efficient services to all the accounts under the assigned area.
  • Adheres to the ongoing regulatory needs that include, but not limited to HIPPA, OSHA, and FDA.
  • He must be responsible for taking the feedback from customers and reporting it to the manager. He must provide the details related job and about the client’s expectations that whether they are meet or not.
  • He needs to create reports as it helps to document and keep track of all the important things. Whether it is about any issue, service request, or anything, it is a must that he handles reporting work.

What are the Important Skills For Field Service Manager?

There is not only one, but there are some important skills that field service manager should have in order to perform and handle daily tasks and operations. Let’s check out the skills that field service manager should have:

Important Skills for Field Service Manager

Leadership Skills

The main skill that he should have is leadership qualities because the manager handles the team of workers, technicians, and field experts along with their work details. Therefore, it is a must that he has some leadership qualities or skills so that he can handle the team and guide them in the right direction.

He can easily motivate them to accomplices their tasks on the time and deliver the utmost quality services to their customers.

Attentive and Give Attention to Details

Another main skill that a manager should have is, attentive. He must be attentive and give attention to the small details of the business so that he doesn’t face any problems while delivering the service. As he needs to visit different places that they never been and work on equipment in offices that they have never seen earlier.

So, this is the reason why it is important for all the engineers to give attention to small things, write notes, and take pictures to ensure that the equipment is left in the same configuration.

Good Communication Skills

Another major skill that he should have is good communication as it plays a very important role to make your field jobs successful. If the engineer is experienced, skilled, and has the expertise to perform the jobs, but doesn’t have good communication skills, then it can create problems.

If they are not experts in communication, then the company has to suffer because the manager or technician has to communicate on a moment-to-moment basis. It is mainly true for all those engineers who have to deliver remote support.

Positive Attitude Towards Problems and Issues

The last most important skill that he should have is a positive attitude towards technical problems and customer issues. It is a must that he has a problem-solving attitude rather than giving up on the problems, issues, and technical problems.

Whether it is about a customer’s problem, the issue, or general, the engineer should always participate in the solution, provide suggestions or opinions on different problems. In short, he has a positive attitude towards the problems and issues.

So, these are some of the important skills that one should look at in a field service engineer. Moving ahead, let’s talk about the pay scale of the field service engineer.

What is the Pay Scale of Field Service Manager?

The average salary of a service manager in the United States is $62,340 as of January 29, 2021, but the range mainly falls between $125,658 and $145,906. The salary range widely depended on the many important factors like certifications, education, skills & expertise, the total number of experience, and willingness to learn new technologies and tools.

Apart from this, you can identify the average salary for the service manager after the interview of the candidate and consider how much knowledge and information he has. How many years of experience and expertise he has in the industry.

All these things like years of experience, national average salaries of field services managers matter when it comes to calculating the pay scale of the field service manager.

Still, have any query or confusion in mind related to the field service engineer and his salary for the job? Continue reading as we have answered some of the general and frequently asked questions here.


Generally, the duties of a field manager’s salary depend on the industry in which he is working. Often, the field services manager is responsible for supervising the activities of staff, technicians, and workers, and perform different activities in the real world, on the ground, or in hands-on settings.

The average amount that a service manager makes is $57,494 per year in the United States and $16,125 in overtime per year. In fact, approximately 53% of automotive service managers in the United States think that their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area.

Some of the major responsibilities of the field service manager salary report are:

  • Need to handle the average field service technicians and workers’ team
  • Need to handle their daily task and work schedules
  • Have to create daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports on the business, covering all the important points like profit & loss, job requests, customers, technicians, feedback, reviews, payments, salaries, and more.
  • He has to handle the escalation process with utmost care to solve customer service and delivery problems.

The field service manager job description is the general description, highlighting the requirement of the company. The company can highlight things like years of experience, expertise, and any special skills that it’s expecting from the field service manager salaries.


In this blog post, we have covered detailed information about the field service manager’s salary and its pay scale that might help field services businesses who are looking for hiring an experienced field manager for their company.

From the basic information about the average field service manager salary to roles & responsibilities, important skills to pay scale, we have covered various points that you might want to know before you hire a manager for the vacancy in the United States.

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