What to Consider While Hiring Field Services Technician For Your Company?

Are you planning to hire engineers for your field service company? If yes, then you might be thinking about what are the essential points that need to be considered for hiring them. Don’t worry, you have landed at the right place.

When it comes to hiring field services technicians, staff members, and crew members for your field service business, you may find it difficult to search and hire the right and eligible candidate for the role.

We have identified a list of key points for an organization that needs to be taken into consideration. But before that, have a look at the table of content mentioned below to highlight the points that we are going to cover.

Basic Introduction to Field Service Technician

In a simple language, the field service technician is a general term that can be used for any technician, who provides repairs, test the equipment, maintenance, and assessment service. The candidate has to travel to different customer sites to schedule the work, repair, prepare the service documentation and troubleshoot equipment problems.

Most of the companies create job boards that specifically look for one such candidate that delivers the desired customer service experience. The main goal of field service technicians should be to drive service success, improving customer satisfaction, get appropriate training, maximizing customer retention, and increasing profitability.

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6 Points To Consider When Hiring Field Service Technician For Your Company

6 Points to Consider When Hiring Field Service Technician for Your Company

1. Expertise Plays an Important Role

The employee or team members in your company must have special expertise in the field of workflow programs and must be capable to handle different problems like equipment maintenance, handle work schedules, customer management and troubleshoot the problems without any problem.

No matter what type of service business or contractor firm you are running, you need to search for a candidate that believes in smart work schedules and special skill-sets to overcome the problems of using such tools. Such information should contain the relevant information in the job boards so that the complete network be aware of the data.

2. Know What Level of Technician You Want For Your Company

Many of the companies in their job boards include hiring only experienced field service technicians, whereas others prefer to search and hire applicants fresh directly from different sources.

If you are looking for hiring a trainee for the work, then they might not have picked up any part of bad trade habits; however, it may take a year or two in order to train them completely. But if you search and hire an experienced service candidate, then you don’t have to train them from scratch.

They will require only a few weeks or so of learning the industry’s culture, handle the customer service, and jobs to perform but make sure that the employers enquire why they left their previous jobs and what were the reasons behind it.

3. Must-Have Passion and Commitment For the Job

You don’t want to hire or search the person or an employee in your team who switches careers or jobs often in order to earn more money only. The field service engineer or maintenance engineer must be passionate about the work, assigned schedule, type of data or information, handle service calls, he performs, so he must be dedicated to delivering rich and advanced quality service to your customers.

Thus, it is important to look for an employee who doesn’t believe in completing the job only, but he thinks for the customer’s data or information, the company’s reputation, the company’s workflow information, and customer satisfaction as well.

So, always look for a service technician who is honest and committed to the job and has a high school diploma degree as he will perform service requests that he will get with accuracy.

4. Check Compatibility and Problem Understanding Level

It is a must that you consider this point in mind because you want to search and hire such a candidate that will fit in with your company’s culture and average salary requirement.

You can browse for the field service technicians who have social skills or not to get along with others and mainly with the current employees and managers. In addition to it, you can ask how they are managing the current clients and how they comprehend their problems.

By asking these questions, you can check the understanding level and compatibility. Further, interest and willingness are considered as the most essential things that the senior field service technician job description templates must include in the organization to be in their resume.

5. Always Improve Your Hiring Process

No matter whether you are looking to hire resources or employees for your big service company or your own start-up, it is a must that the hiring process is the foremost factor that the employers have to focus on. Ensure that you follow the following steps to improve the hiring process:

  • Rather than asking different irrelevant questions to individuals, you need to focus to get the service technician’s capabilities, the problem-solving capability of applications, education requirements, training skills, confidence, and attitude.
  • While advertising job alerts, notifications or job vacancies for field service technicians, you need to ensure that all the job needs and requirements are met. Such needs like responsibilities, job descriptions, required education, job location, average salary or technician salaries, high school diploma, and more need to be mentioned properly and accurately.
  • Apart from this, it is also important to involve other people in the job evaluation process, as many opinions can lead to finding the right candidate.

6. Try to Be Little Social With Your Service Technicians

Rather than asking personal and irrelevant questions to the field service technicians, you can try to be social with them. The employers can analyze their previous records, social media accounts, and their presence on the web, and you can also ask your human resource team to analyze the technician’s past work experiences.

So, these are some of the points that you can consider when hiring a field service technician for your service company or service contractor organization to gain customer relationships.

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However, if you have some common questions in mind related to the field service technician challenges like his role, and per hour rate, then you can continue reading this blog. Here, we have given answers to some of the general questions.


You need to create an impressive field technician job description that includes the major information about the field service technician needs to follow. Inside the job description, you need to include necessary information like the average salary you will provide, compatibility in working with mobile devices, and even industry experience they possess.

  • Expertise and Troubleshooting Customer Service Skills Over Experienced
  • Training Undertaken
  • Associate Degree, high school diploma, certifications and better qualifications
  • Ready to Go On-Site Anytime in the city using office vehicle, phone and share Tips to Junior Workers and Trainees
  • Passionate and Be Available With Hand Mechanics Tools
  • Capability to Handle Issues, procedures, protocols, Errors, Duties on Different Locations

You need to identify the expert professionals skills of an individual like the capability to handle customer support, customer’s query, do possess the skill to repair the farm equipment, field processes, repairs almost everything, ready to use office vehicle, do have the ability to perform field visits as expected, and many others.

On a Concluding Note

As discussed, you can consider these points for your job boards whenever you look for the service technicians to hire or field service technician job requirements to fill in the company for client’s requirements.

By looking into these different types of options or considering them in mind, you can ensure that you will not end up hiring resources or the wrong service technician in your city or organization to improvise your customer service.

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