How Much Does a Field Service Technician Make?

Field service technicians are the pillars of the field service business. They possess professional skills to provide the best services to the clients by visiting their location.

A technician provides essential on-site services like installations, repairs, maintenance, test tasks, diagnosing errors, technical problems, and suggesting proper solutions.

Trust me; it’s not an easy job. A lot of training is undoubtedly required. But, in addition, it requires hard work to complete the task.

Also, several salary factors play an essential role in the life of field service engineers. So, a question arises in your mind that how much does a field service technician make?

We have detailed information on the average salary for field service engineers and field technicians to answer this.

The Average Salary of Field Service Technicians

The current average salary of a field service technician is $18.20 in the United States, which comes up to $44,883 per year. This salary is for entry-level field service technicians with 1-3 years of experience.

For such junior field service technicians, the overtime pay comes up to an average of $6,750 per year, and the bonus adds up to $1,440 per year. The bonus and overtime pay are highly variable and depend on the customers’ location, needs, and number of co-workers.

So in rough terms, a field service technician with 1-3 years of experience ends up making $50,000-$55,000 per year. However, a senior field service technician with 8+ years of experience in the industry makes $76,320 a base-level salary. The overtime pay and bonuses drive up this amount.

So, without considering any experience to bifurcate the data of how much a technician makes, the average amount came up to be $62,052 per year, making the hourly amount $30 per hour. This data is updated by including the changes in the market due to the COVID-19.

Out of the people surveyed by Salary Expert, 51% were graduated from high school, 30% had a bachelor’s degree, and only a percent had a doctorate. In 5 years, the average salary is expected to see a 10% growth and the field service technician salary estimates in the year 2025 are $68,477 per year.

The average salary is also highly dependent on the location, and the mean-field service engineer salary in San Francisco, United States, is $76,439 per year. The city average in Los Angeles, California, United States is slightly lower, with the average yearly salary being $67,946 and the salary range being $49,146-$83,569.

The technician salaries in Boston, Massachusetts, and Seattle, Washington are $71,423 and $70,448. From this data, it is evident that the service technician salary range is quite dependent on the local market of the location you will be working in and other factors.

Job Title and Job Duties of Field Service Technician

After discussing how much field service engineers make, the next question arises to mind what a field service technician does. A field service engineer’s salary is quite good when you compare it to the salaries of related jobs.

So, one is likely to be more interested in details like the job title and the duties and responsibilities of a field service technician. But, also, there are various essential considerations that you need to take into account during the hiring process in your business.

There are many different opportunities for a person interested in becoming a field service technician/personnel. Some of them are:

  • Service Technician Lead
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Field Service Specialist
  • Field Service Technician
  • System Technician
  • Electronics Technician
  • Maintenance Technician

These are only some of the job titles of people interested in becoming field service personnel. One can select from the different options and specialize in the desired field for a higher field service technician salary and job profile. Some of the responsibilities of a field service technician are:

  • Provide service and customer support during field visits
  • Manage all on-site activities like installation, repair, maintenance, testing, etc
  • Diagnose errors correctly and provide the right solutions
  • Produce timely and detailed service reports
  • Process all per and post-service documents effortlessly.
  • Operate vehicles, machines, and other equipment in a safe manner
  • Follow the company’s filed procedures and protocols.
  • Build a positive relationship with customers
  • Cooperate with other departments like IT, Customer Service, and HR

These are the general duties that any field personnel is expected to follow. However, if you are a field service engineer, project manager, heavy equipment field service technician, additional responsibilities come with the job.

Pros and Cons of Being a Field Service Technician

  • The first and foremost advantage of becoming a field service technician is the ability you get to work with machines and other equipment.
  • The ability to do work in new locations and not from an office chair
  • Freedom of work and trust from supervisors
  • The chance to learn something new every day
  • Every day is different, and unpredictability makes the work exciting
  • The schedule is very inconsistent
  • Unpredicted problems on-site can affect all the appointments for the day
  • Most of your time is spent on the road
  • Traffic jams are unavoidable and can cause a lot of stress
  • The work can become hectic if things don’t go as planned

After looking at the detailed information on the salary of a field service engineer, it’s time to see some of the frequently asked questions to answer your queries.


The most crucial thing in this field is experience. If you do not have any experience as a field service technician, then you can apply for internship/training and get certification courses, which can land you more jobs for sure.

According to, based on 2,443 reviews, the job of a field service technician has a job satisfaction of 3.74 out of 5. Not every job is perfect for everyone, and if you are wondering the answer to this question, we recommend reading the pros and cons we have covered in this blog.


We hope you got a clear idea of the average salary the field service engineer makes daily or yearly. Of course, the technician’s salaries are highly variant by the location, but we hope you have gained a basic idea of how much a technician makes.

The roles and responsibilities of field service personnel are quite exciting, and work never seems boring. Apart from being on the road, most people love all aspects of the job.