How to Choose the Best Scheduling App For Small Business in 2022?

As a small business owner, you must be dealing with various business operations like assigning tasks to employees, solving team members’ problems, communicating with employees and customers, marketing, and managing finances.

Are you still doing it manually using excel sheets? Stop! Stop, using excel and Google sheets as you are wasting your time and effort.

Is there any optimum solution to get rid of it?

Yes, the scheduling app plays a vital role in managing and improving such business activities, making it easy for you to automate business operations. But, the question arises in your mind that how to select the best scheduling app for small businesses and what is its importance.

This article will answer your question of selecting the perfect application for your business needs. So, let’s get started.

Introduction to Scheduling Application

The scheduling application allows businesses, organizations, and top service companies to create, manage, and track schedules of all the employees to meet their deadlines. In addition, the mobile application allows team members to check the schedules, reserve appointments, events, or services as per their availability.

Moreover, this online scheduling application typically tracks the employees’ total hours and working days, including vacation time, sick time, compensation time, and break time. It gives alerts if there are any conflicts in anyone’s timing or hours.

This online scheduling software for a small business allows booking appointments in just a few simple taps, access customer data, and manage staff calendars from multiple locations. Just explore this solution and know how it is helpful for your company.

Importance of Choosing the Best Scheduling Application For Your Business

Let us now deep dive into the concept of understanding the essential importance of selecting a small business schedule app for your business.

How to Choose Best Scheduling App for Small Business

  1. Automate the Entire Scheduling Process

    Creating worksheets, schedules, and workflows in excel sheets, paper forms, and files becomes the oldest way to manage your workforces. However, with limited team members in your small businesses, it’s quite challenging to manage manually.

    The most preferred way is to adopt online scheduling software for small businesses that will help you plan and make schedules, assignments, and job requests. Also, it allows you to share them with your team only.

    The small business scheduling app helps you in everything by automating daily operations from creating to managing and tracking. Thus, you must choose one such app platform for your company that is available on contracts or monthly pricing.

    It automates the daily work scheduling so that managing the operations from multiple locations is possible and there are more chances of enhancing overall business revenue.

  2. It Must Meet Day-to-Day Scheduling Challenges

    While creating schedules and assigning jobs to your employees, you must be facing a lot of challenges like unaware of employees’ availability, shift timing of a particular team member, current tasks, progress report, skill-set, and expertise.

    Consider the scenario that if you don’t know the employee’s availability, current tasks, and other important things. You might call him in the cabin and discuss all these things. So, it’s better to select an appointment scheduling software that meets all these business challenges and provides a quick solution.

    Using the best appointment scheduling software, it becomes quite easy to assign the jobs to employees as per their expertise, track their previous & current tasks, look into reporting, process payments from clients, time and attendance tracking, deal management, and get customer feedback easily.

  3. It Must Be Easy-To-Use and User-Friendly

    The third point in the appointment scheduling app is that it must be easy-to-use and user-friendly, allowing non-technical business owners to access the solution without facing any issue.

    It is a must that the management CRM software for client appointments and client management is user-friendly and provides a richer appointment scheduling experience like online booking payments processing, set reminder emails, submit various intake form, supports calendar integrations, and others that help the service providers or business owners for your business.

  4. It Must Be Flexible and Scalable Solution

    Whether home service businesses or any other type of company is making use of an appointment scheduling tool, it is a must that the system is flexible and scalable enough. In addition, it must be flexible so that it can be easily customized with specific features, functionalities, marketing tools, and reporting tools.

    With specific tools and technologies, it becomes relatively easy for the companies to make the system as per their specific business needs.

    For instance, any small fitness studio that also offers face-to-face training sessions must have different booking requirements than any service-based company that provides installation, repair, and maintenance services, allowing customers to book appointments with experts and get real-time updates and email notifications by week and per month.

    If you want your customers to look into the menu of services and specify the location for appointments, an appointment booking solution comes with the flexibility feature. It will allow you to customize such aspects to don’t have any problems while creating schedules.

  5. Offers an Exclusive Range of Features and Functionalities

    While selecting and finalizing any software solution for your business, you must consider the number of features and functionalities that it offers. For example, you can finalize the appointment booking software with the maximum number of features to make things easier for you as an admin.

    You have an option to familiarize yourself with the different features and functionalities of the appointment scheduling apps. However, it would help if you also spent time on the functionalities that it offers and what they do for your business.

    If you are clearly understanding the features and getting a complete idea like how it is helpful for service businesses, then you opt for that particular online appointment scheduling software.

    While looking for the appointment booking and staff scheduling software solution with multiple locations, make sure that you check for these important features and functionalities:

    • Group schedule: It allows users to manage group employee scheduling with different employee scheduling templates, including details like a phone number of the employee, fields, deadline, urgency, any special note about price, etc. In addition, it must provide an appointment scheduling page, allowing users to do class scheduling, rescheduling management, and manage the appointment scheduling process per month and weekly with just a click.
    • Sync with external calendars: The essential feature is calendar sync, allowing the admin to sync with all the external calendars like Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Office 365, and other available tools.
    • Customer support: It must provide 24/7 customer support to solve your queries and issues that you might have related to the solution. The app possesses a one-to-one chat option and gets a quick resolution for the same. Discuss any problem with customer history on a weekly and per month wise.
    • Real-time alerts and appointment reminders: The app must provide alerts like Google calendar and client text reminders about appointments per month. Whether you want to get SMS reminders or email reminders per month or weekly, it is possible to set the reminders as per your preference in advance to smooth the communication.
    • Dashboard view: There must be a dashboard view, giving you overall updates about your company, individuals, tasks, reports, notes & visitor data, emergency booking, promotions & activities, and other add-ons. You can get a quick insight into your business and give attention to the important activities.
  6. Offers Multiple Points to Access Solution

    If you have decided to adopt customer appointment manager or appointment management software, then it is a must that you look for a solution that offers multiple access points so that your employees, clients, and managers easily access it. The best application will always give you different options and support mobile devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Whether your team members or field technicians have an Android device or iOS device, the appointment scheduling software will run smoothly on the device and allow them to access the schedule instantly.

    In fact, many software solutions provide a website, mobile applications, and web solution so that your employees and customers instantly access the solution and get per-month notifications. Whatever device you and your team use, the more options always sound better.

  7. Real-Time SMS and Email Notifications

    Whether you want to use appointment scheduling software for managing your customers or employees of your company, you might be facing a problem when they forget their appointment or booked schedule. Right? They do not show up in the end time, and it creates a big problem for your service-based company.

    Fortunately, companies solve the no-show problem through automated email notifications and SMS reminders scheduled per month. Today, almost all the software solutions provide features of real-time automated email marketing efforts and push notifications, reminding all the employees or customer appointments and schedules that they can check and avoid a no-show.

    When you create a new schedule or work timetable for your employees, all you can do is, send them a website reminder message and notify them by email address, text message, or both, reminding them to check the schedule.

  8. Sync with External Calendars and Tools

    So, many startups and companies use external calendars and tools like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365 to keep track of their important assigned tasks.

    But the important feature that you need to look at in the gym management software solution is, syncing with external calendars. By syncing your existing tools and calendars, the system automatically sends the events or schedules to your external calendar without manually doing it.

    This way, you keep track of every appointment booking process and work scheduled per month wise. In fact, it will also give email reminders, alerts, and updates about your upcoming events. Moreover, the online appointment tool will help you have your personal and business schedule in one convenient location not to miss a single thing.

  9. Analysis, Reporting & Client Management

    While selecting the best appointment scheduling software for your company, you make sure that it gives an accurate analysis and reporting data so that you give a quick look at your business, tracking everything.

    The solution must have reporting and analysis tools, allowing business owners to gather project data and create reports on resources, resource allocation, the performance of the members, work orders, workflow, expenses, product reviews, and more.

    By having a quick look into all this data and information, it becomes quite easy for you to make instant decisions and take it to the next level. Without making reports and doing confirmation email analysis manually, the tool will provide pre-defined reports to generate as per their need.

  10. Data Collection Security

    When you decide about the solution for your company, the last point you need to consider is data collection security. The solution must be safe and secure, allowing you to store your data without any problem of leaking and hacking.

    No matter how important or least important the data is, it must be a safe and secure solution that comes fully encrypted and offers secure cloud-based client data storage. It would help if you were quite diligent in your client’s information and data security. And selecting the solution should not be difficult as you know what to look for, and it will help you be on your way to business success using new scheduling services.

    So, these are the top things that you should consider when deciding about the business software for appointment bookings and scheduling work. Moving ahead, let’s have a quick look at the best examples of scheduling software systems that small businesses opt for.

    In any case, if you have some common questions in mind, don’t worry, here we have tried to answer your general questions that might solve your queries or issues that you have.

    These are the standard importance that helps small business owners to select the scheduling app for their daily business needs. Still, if you have any questions related to the scheduling app, we have come up with some frequently asked questions in the next section.


Depending upon your business needs and type, you can choose one such app that works from multiple locations, suffice your daily requirements, and delivers an excellent experience. One of the best examples is FieldCamp, a field service management app, responsible for managing the field operations anytime and anywhere by the field business and field technicians.

Here’s the list of features that must be considered when selecting the best appointment scheduling solution or work schedule management application. Features like:

  • Scheduling features and appointment confirmations
  • Accurate collaboration and reservations
  • Emergency bookings and multiple payment gateways like Braintree and Paypal
  • Cancellations and rescheduling management by per month
  • Social media accounts integrations (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Custom reports managing meeting types
  • Business analytics & waitlists tracking

Not only one, but there are various benefits that you can get by using a scheduling solution for your business website. Here are the top advantages that you get:

  • Reduce communications gap
  • Automate the whole business process and operations
  • Best payments processing
  • Save time and effort on member management
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Reduce no-shows and conflicts
  • Alerts you to uncovered shifts
  • Increase employee engagement and work satisfaction level

On a Concluding Note
Selecting the perfect scheduling app for a small business is essential for any business owner.

Scheduling app not only makes the work easy for the business owners but also plays an essential role to enhance business productivity. We have seen the information that helps you to make the perfect decision in selecting the scheduling app for your business.

You can also check out FieldCamp, which is the field service management software that automates your field operations with ease. You can easily create and manage jobs with FieldCamp. Just give it a try to FieldCamp and avail of its services for free for some days.

Before you finalize any appointment booking software for your company, remember you analyze your company and its needs, challenges you are facing, make a list of features you expect.