How to Get Clients For a Cleaning Business? [Get More Customer for Commercial & Residential Cleaning]

Commercial or office cleaning business is said to be one of the most lucrative businesses. As reflected in a report by Allied Market Research, the industry will continue to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% in 2022. Even in these unruly global economic conditions, the outsourcing of cleaning services is still a favorable model in most developed countries.

The idea of starting a cleaning business might have been scary for you. But once you are past that stage and have created a cleaning business, you will realize that it was not the most challenging part. The scariest or challenging part is to get clients for your business. Relatable much?

To attract a client base, whether it is residential or commercial, you need to create a marketing plan or blueprint that follows your advertising approach. In the current day and age of digital media, businesses have more avenues than ever for advertising and talking about their business. In this article, we will present a bunch of ways that are going to offer a solution for the question – how to get clients for a cleaning business? Ready to explore?

How to Get More Clients Faster for Your Cleaning Business

One of the biggest problems with getting more clients is not about actually getting them but more about retaining those who come to you. The following points will tell you some of the best ways to get and keep your clients in the best possible manner.

Ways to get cleaning clients fast

  1. Promote Your Business Online

    Establishing and maintaining an online presence is the key to having a successful business. As a business owner, you can easily create websites using platforms like WordPress and Wix. You can customize and add a logo, list your services, update your contact information, buy online ads, and analyze footfall on the website. You will need a fair amount of SEO optimization for your landing page.

    In addition to building a website, create a business page on popular and relevant social media sites. By doing this, you are increasing visibility to the audience.

    For example, creating a business page on Facebook and using the advertising tools offered by the platform is a good way of ensuring your reach to potential customers. Facebook is a platform with space for all kinds of businesses to reach out to their target market. Facebook for Business offers the latest news, advertising tips, case studies, and best practices to engage with new clients.

    You can create suitable marketing strategies for online platforms. You can choose to post on certain days on your website by way of blog posts. Or you can choose to run a Facebook Ads campaign and tweak campaign parameters to expand your reach.

  2. Business Listing in Small Business Directories

    Being a part of a business listing in directories, whether online or offline, is an excellent channel to reach potential customers. It is important to consider being a part of small business directories as a part of your marketing campaigns. As much as people are going online to search for services, there are still many individuals and companies that rely on offline business directories.

    Offline marketing campaigns are still running well in certain parts of the world. Depending on the industry, you can choose to participate in business directories and make your services known to your potential customers.

  3. Get Online Reviews

    Online platforms like Google and Yelp can help establish a presence and image among your cleaning clients. All you have to remember is to be meticulous about responding to the reviews for your cleaning services. Accepting reviews and responding to them diligently allow cleaning businesses to expand their efforts towards creating an online presence.

    Platforms like Yelp for Business offers features for effective advertising and adding more control and value to your business.

    Most business owners will not have enough time or resources to manage an online presence on their own. For the purpose of optimizing the content on search engines, you can hire an individual or a team. They can help with Google Analytics, responding to reviews, and maintaining all the necessary business information on Google.

  4. Ask for Customer Referral

    Reaching out to previously serviced clients is the way to get referrals. They can refer you with proven experience. Using real experiences through customer testimonials or referrals is the best way to get new clients. Businesses can use the same testimonials on their website as well as social media profiles.

    Using referrals is getting word-of-mouth publicity, but you are directing it. You can sift through the referrals received from your customers and put them out for a potential cleaning client to see how you have helped others in the past. You do not have to rely on referrals as your primary marketing strategy. But it is also something you shouldn’t completely rule out because it can open several doors for your cleaning business.

  5. Use Field Service Software for Quick Services

    If you are offering a cleaning service and serving a varied clientele, it is advisable to use field service software. A field service software is a tool that allows you to process job orders, schedule and dispatch technicians, accept payments from customers, and make your overall business process much smoother.

    If you offer a cleaning service and have experienced struggle in managing all the aspects of the business, it is the best thing to let a field service software share some of your responsibilities. It will only allow you to focus on other more important things like getting new clients. There are several reasons why you must adopt field service software.

    There is a bunch of excellent field service software available in the market. You have to find the right tool that suits your requirements and helps you overcome challenges that you face while offering cleaning services.

  6. Discounts & Coupons

    Make sure your cleaning clients have access to your services without spending too much time or money. It is one way of being recognized. Offering a discount or coupon can help you entice cleaning clients to try out one of your services. You can offer discounts on the first two or three services. Discounts & coupons are basically ads with an incentive.

    You can also ask clients to bring in their friends and receive a discount in return. It is a great way to make sure you have repeat clientele with the possibility of having new clients from time to time. Eventually, you can charge the prices from clients for your cleaning services.

  7. Join Online Marketplaces

    Online marketplaces offer you to create an additional sales channel for finding more business clients. Another benefit of being a part of an online marketplace is that it involves reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels.

    Customers prefer an online marketplace because they can easily compare services and prices on such platforms. Such platforms allow you to be transparent by giving the cleaning clients access to the correct availability and prices in an open environment. You can start by creating a profile and increase visibility for clients in your area.

    It has been proven that in the last 2-3 years, most customers and businesses have made the shift from offline to online interactions. At some point, businesses have to make a choice. Cleaning businesses are no exception. Like any other business, they can gain more cleaning clients in different locations quickly.

  8. Participate in Business Events

    Participating in business events gives you a chance to build a professional network of companies. It is possible when you attend conventions or networking events and get in touch with potential customers and companies engaged in a similar business. You must keep marketing materials like flyers and business cards handy at these events. It is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your service.

    Business events and conventions are often mistaken to be places where maximum business can happen. But that is not true. While attending these events, your focus should only be on being human, creating contacts, and building an image. If you let the conversations flow smoothly, the business will eventually happen.

    Events will open up an opportunity for you to serve bigger clients like corporations. In the contract cleaning market, commercial cleaning clients accounted for over 50% of revenue in 2019, making commercial cleaning clients the largest contributors. So imagine, if you are able to penetrate that market, it will prove to be great for your business.

  9. Global contract cleaning services market
  10. Join Business Groups and Communities

    Building a professional network through attending business events and conventions can help you find business groups and communities you can join. There are groups and communities for businesses of all kinds. The cleaning company business is a vast market. You will find that it also has some of the most significant communities.

    These communities help you advance in business by sharing ideas, tips and forging ahead in the industry collectively. You will find several cleaning business owners who own cleaning companies of all sorts. Belonging to a community can offer the feeling of security and relatability. It provides the support you need to run a business. The power of communities is often quite underrated.


A reliable way to find leads for your cleaning business is to use online portals that allow all kinds of customers to get in touch with you. The customers are exposed to a bunch of companies, and you will be one of them. It is up to you to convince your customers to choose you for doing their job.
Any customer wants from a cleaning business is a job done perfectly. For any cleaning assignment, you take up, make sure you do it with the utmost honesty and discipline. There is not much more a customer expects from you. Just arrive on time, do your job well, and finish it on time.
There are several ways to get new clients. You can try signing up your business on a portal. These portals allow customers to get in touch with you. In addition to that, you can sign up on service apps, network with different companies, collect reviews and referrals from previous customers, and make your business available and accessible on digital media.


Getting new clients for your cleaning service can be a difficult task. But it can also be a great learning experience at the same time. Whether you are looking to get more commercial cleaning clients or residential cleaning clients, recycling your marketing strategies, optimizing your website content, and participating in online marketplaces will make a positive difference.

While focusing on home or office cleaning clients, you also need to factor in the lowest common denominator- which is the price. You can charge an appropriate amount as long as you go a step further and offer something your competitors are not.

You can start by simply being accessible and easy to hire through a website or social media. That, along with an affordable pricing structure, will allow you to gain some new clients in the cleaning industry. Once you make a list of a good number of clients for your business, ensure that you manage their requirements with utmost care using FieldCamp software. The software allows you to automate your cleaning business and daily operations.