How to Manage Field Technicians? [Tips to Retain Your Field Service Technicians]

In this competitive world of the labor market, it’s pretty difficult for you to recruit, manage, and even retain field service technicians in your field service business.

But by applying proper strategies, it becomes easy for you to enhance your technician’s productivity. It is possible if you offer attractive career prospects and develop their sense of loyalty in the field service company.

Here, we have come up with an article that mentions tips on how to manage field technicians in your business. Also, you’ll come across top field service management software solutions that will make work easier for your field technicians. We have selected these solutions on the basis of their features and ratings. So, let’s get started.

Essential Tips For Effectively Managing Field Service Technicians

As a business owner, you need to take care of many aspects related to field service technicians. To make it easy for you, we have highlighted the best tips that will help you to overcome many challenges.

Essential tips to retail your field service technicians

  1. Give Your Technicians the Best Pay

    One of the best incentives for any field service technician is to get attractive compensation to stay in a field service company. First, however, you need to be ready with the proper payment structure for your field technician.

    So, you need to do proper research on identifying the perfect payment structure by analyzing what other field service organizations are following. By such analysis, you get rid of overpaying your field workers and ensure that compensation packages are aligned with the market rates.

    Never make the mistake of underpaying your technicians. It may be detrimental to your business, and you may experience higher turnover.

  2. Train Your Technicians

    The long-term success of your field service business entirely depends on how you invest in training your technicians.

    By attending training sessions, the technicians become ready to deal with more advanced roles and responsibilities. In addition, the training helps them to enhance their knowledge and improve operational efficiency to deal with various field activities.

    So, it becomes mandatory for you to develop the best strategy to establish training plans for your team members. In addition, it will help you to keep your field service workers educated and aware of the latest advances and best practices that are currently hitting the field service industry.

    However, your teams will feel more technically proficient and trusted advisors. In simple words, they possess strong skills and technical expertise to deal with profitable and complex processes.

    Last but not least, the training plays a vital role in improving fixed rates to enhance business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  3. Equip Technicians With Proper Tools

    Any field service technician needs to have proper tools while working on the job site.

    Tools play an essential role in the life of any field personnel, and it helps to improve technician’s productivity while working on a work site. So, you need to research well and identify the tools and equipment that are important for your field teams.

    Nowadays, in this technological world, you’ll come across many tools that make it relatively easy for techs to perform the job. Just make use of your mobile device and you’ll find the best information related to multiple tools.

    You’ll find many online platforms where you can easily view the list of equipment and tools available for your business. In addition, you can view the pricing structure of such equipment and decide to include the equipment that suits the best as per your budget.

    Identify the cost to acquire the tool, your expected savings, and the amount of incremental profit you could expect to generate.

  4. Equip Technicians With Well-Organized Inventory

    Managing the inventories for your field service business is one of the essential aspects you need to consider.

    Your field worker’s time is properly maintained if you just pay them to find a single part of the equipment or instruct them to have a second trip to the customer’s location.

    Consider the scenario that you do not have any formal inventory system. In that case, you need to make sure that you track your technician’s part usage and decide how to maintain their service vehicles optimally.

  5. Offer Career Development Opportunities

    As we all know, one of the best techniques to retain technicians in your business is to offer training programs. Now, it’s time to move one step further and offer your techs to enhance their career skills.

    Nowadays, technicians seek a position to find ease in performing the task in this competitive world. So, you need to consider the aspects which make a good work/life balance and strong career prospects.

    To retain these technicians, you need to implement career development plans that are logical extensions of your training programs.

  6. Provide the Right Technologies

    Nowadays, field service technicians are habituated with new technological trends, and they are hardly using paper to record the work order details.

    With the advancement of mobile devices, apps, and other technologies, it becomes pretty easy for you to have faster and more efficient communications with your technicians and know the status of specific tasks.

    Moreover, the field workforce wants to adopt a modern, rewarding, and more effective approach to their proper job to add more to it. One such method is adopting a mobile field service app like FieldCamp, making it easy for you to deal with scheduling technicians and help them work more efficiently and productively.

    Such an easy-to-use software solution allows you and your team to generate field service reports electronically, access the real-time schedules, and even carry all relevant information in your mobile needed to complete service tasks.

    Moving to more technology-driven operations will have great appeal to new-generation and experienced technicians. And it will help you to reduce human error and improve your field service management to increase the overall quality of service delivered to your customers.

Best Field Service Management (FSM) Software For Managing Field Service Technicians

Now, it’s time to highlight some of the best FSM software solutions along with their features that will help you manage your field service technicians on a large scale.

FSM SoftwareUser RatingsTop FeaturesPricing
  • Job management
  • Staff management
  • Customer management
  • Payment processing
  • Invoice management
  • Real-time staff tracking
  • Generating business reports
  • Start: $19/month for one user
  • Grow: $89/month for up to 10 users
  • Manage: $189/month for unlimited users
  • Job management
  • Payment management
  • Field notes tracking
  • Reporting
  • Invoice and estimates
  • GPS tracking
  • Calendar management
  • Free trial
  • Grow: $89/month for up to 10 users
  • Basic: $40/month
  • Professional: $60/month
  • Job management
  • Ease in payment processing
  • Invoice and estimates
  • Customer management
  • Live mapping
  • Accounting
  • Text and email reminders
  • Free trial
  • Starter: $79/month
  • Business: $159/month
  • Premium: $239/month
  • Job scheduling
  • Take Field notes
  • Task Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Time-tracking tool
  • Payroll calculation
  • In-built messenger
  • Free trial
  • Starter: $24.99/month
  • Growth: $49.99/month
  • Enterprise: $99.99/month
  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp is a top-rated field service management software designed explicitly for field service technicians working in your business.

    This FSM software helps you create and manage your technicians’ schedules with its robust job scheduling features. In addition, all job details like customer information, location, job description, line items, taxes are automatically passed to that person, regardless of the device or operating system the technician is using.

    The exciting part of this scheduling software is its voice-to-text functionality. Using it, the technicians that are operating machinery, wearing gloves, or can’t tap a phone just need to speak out what they want, and the app will do the task.

  2. Fergus

    Fergus is a cloud-based FSM software solution that helps you to create and manage the job schedules for your technicians.

    Apart from this, Fergus is a field service software that offers a free trial and allows you to manage multiple timesheets for your techs. Also, it becomes easy for you to assign multiple jobs, track them while working on a job site, and even the job status of every field technician.

  3. Kickserv

    Kickserv is a cloud-based field service management platform that makes it easy for you to deal with various field service operations and even manage technicians.

    Kickserv allows your field workers to make real-time estimates of the total service costs by considering the factors like the type of service rendered and the components used.

    Upon completing the task, this field service software allows you to create invoices based on these estimates. In addition, your field teams are aware of each service request well in advance as they receive notifications on their mobile device.

  4. SINC

    SINC is a field service management solution, allowing you to track each service technician’s time on the assigned jobs.

    SINC includes timesheets that also include location tracking to view the real-time location of your staff when they are out on the job. Then, with the help of the built-in messenger, communicate and share job updates in real-time.

These are the standard FSM software solutions that help you to manage field service techs and increase productivity. First, however, we have highlighted the frequently asked questions in the next section if you have more questions.

Schedule Your Field Service Technicians With FieldCamp

FieldCamp is a field service software solution that allows you to create and manage job schedules for your technicians smoothly.


A good sign of a service technician remains calm, pleasant, and approachable to customers if they are stressed or angry. Also, writing skills are required to provide clear and concise descriptions of the service provided.

The software makes technician’s work easier by automating almost all business activities like creating schedules, managing job reports, writing the job description, and even generating invoices.


We hope you are now ready to manage the field service technicians in your business.

You just have to follow the tips mentioned in this article as it covers all the essential points making techs’ lives easier. Moreover, adopt the FSM software solution in your business to streamline and automate field tech operations.

We have seen some of the best FSM software solutions that come up with different features. But FieldCamp is the one that efficiently manages the complete job schedules of your technicians and keeps track of overall operations with ease.