How To Start A Cleaning Business in 2021? – 8 Steps Guide

Have you decided to start your own cleaning business this year? Congratulations! You have just made the perfect decision and you have already landed at the right place.

But confused about how to start a cleaning business?  Don’t worry! We have showcased the essential points about how to organize yourself as a business owner effectively to start your business. So, let’s get started with a complete guide that helps you get a clear idea of cleaning businesses.

Basics About Cleaning Business

You can start any business if you have proper planning, resources, and a good implementation strategy. For starting a cleaning business from scratch, you require minimum capital and very few overhead expenses in your business structure.

After the COVID-19 virus has spread across the globe, cleaning businesses have grown on a large scale. They follow CDC recommended procedures to provide services like disinfecting, vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, floor mopping, and waxing.

The cleaning business comes up with two major categories: Residential cleaning business and Commercial cleaning business. Let’s understand both types in detail.

Residential Cleaning Business

Residential cleaning business provides specialized cleaning services in the home with no startup costs. Such cleaning occurs during the day. For housekeeping or maid service business, the individual or employees works full-time and part-time to perform house cleaning services.

The residential cleaning business is more detail-oriented. The reason is that house cleaning service typically includes work inspection and is very peculiar to deal with tasks like household chores, carpet cleaning, curtains, and bed & blanket cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Business

The commercial cleaning business is associated with providing expert cleaning solutions in companies. This business can be profitable because it contains additional add-ons like floor waxing, window cleaning, and even deep disinfecting the various sections of office buildings.

The commercial cleaning business primarily deals with covering square feet, so it requires working faster with a minimal detail-oriented approach.

How to Start a Cleaning Business: A Simple 8-Step Guide

Now it’s time to see how you can effectively start your cleaning business. The detailed steps are mentioned below:

Simple Steps to Start a Cleaning Business

1. Initially, make yourself ready to do the cleaning job

To start a cleaning business from scratch, one of the most fundamental challenges you will face is hiring appropriate staff members for your cleaning company.

The best recommendation is to start your cleaning job by doing most of the work by yourself. The primary reason behind it is that you become more familiar with your new business before it goes live globally.

You can start making your new clients by simply sharing your company information directly with your friends and family to view their reviews. With a few clients on an initial level, ensure low-cost and minimal business efforts as a part of your local business.

Rather than sparing more investment in hiring new employees, try getting payment for yourself as per your working task and following the best practices.

By taking care of yourself as a primary client, you can quickly gain positive outcomes and a reputation for your company on a large scale.

2. Be clear about the cleaning business budget you need to set

Budget is the primary constraint for any business. Generally, the following questions arise in the mind of the business owner who is planning to start a new business.

  • Is it possible to start a cleaning business with no money on hand?
  • Is there any best way to keep my initial costing low?
  • Is it going to be more expensive during the initial stage?

The standard answer to all the questions is that you just need at least some money to start a new cleaning business. Yes, but it’s a fact that it can lead to fewer start-up costs as per your expectations.

However, if you want to save your money, you can plan to perform cleaning jobs. But you need to consider other budget measures like hourly rate, maintaining cleaning supplies, and even purchasing other cleaning products to have a successful cleaning business.

A cleaning business owner must have to keep aside money for paying taxes and insurance when opting for a business plan.

3. Gather a list of cleaning equipment for your cleaning business

As a part of the cleaning business plan, owners need to make sure about the list of equipment and cleaning products required for cleaning a client’s home & business.

One of the best recommendations is that cleaning industry owners need to split up their cleaning supplies and equipment into two essential categories:

  • The items like cloths, mops, gloves, face masks, bleach, and all-purpose cleaners need to be purchased regularly.
  • The items like vehicles, caddies, window cleaner, vacuum cleaners, and carpet cleaners can be used for many years.

Before purchasing any home equipment for your cleaning businesses, keep in mind the type of product you may want, whether traditional cleaners or environmentally friendly cleaners.

4. Identify the best brand name for your cleaning company

Branding is an essential part of any startup cleaning business. You need to select the best brand name and business logo for the cleaning business to have a user attraction at first sight effectively.

You need to decide the type of brand identity like:

  • It precisely describes the company information
  • It is easy to read and spell
  • It’s a unique one
  • It enhances your market value

Cleaning business owners can even search online for better suggestions for the brand name. If another organization has already taken the brand name, it will lead to legal issues and even cost them a pretty high price.

5. Setup proper licensing and fulfill legal requirements

For starting a cleaning services industry from scratch, you must have business licenses. The primary aim of having a business license is that no other company can use your brand name.

However, such licensing requirements typically vary based on different states and local legislation to ensure that it follows local ordinances for small businesses.

The business owners of cleaning companies must have a license and permit for the business to start. Generally, there are two core options for business licensing:

  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC): Minimizes the amount of liability the individual possesses
  • Sole proprietorship: It is cheap to establish, and you can easily control your business with ease

The business owner needs to file a DBA – Doing Business As – license for operating your business legitimately. Moreover, they need to determine whether the local laws want you to have appropriate liability insurance, business insurance, and other protections.

6. Start marketing for your cleaning company

Once the business registration completes, it’s high time for business owners to build a list of customers. To achieve customers using marketing forms is as simple as word of mouth or even complex as advertising in a newspaper or online format.

There are various ways through which you can do marketing for your cleaning business:

  • Print and share fliers to local clients to advertise your services
  • Develop a website and mobile apps with an attractive company logo to target market
  • Invest more in digital marketing
  • Ask for referrals to your existing customers
  • Create discount coupons to enhance user attraction

Apart from such tips for startups, the small business owners can start the marketing strategy by hiring resources or workers to visit the location of clients to share the details.

7. The Staff hiring process to enhance business strength

At an initial level, it’s a good practice to perform the cleaning services yourself. But how do you manage your business if it grows? Obviously, there will be more roles and responsibilities to handle and you might need more employees in your business.

It becomes apparent that you need to complete an employee hiring process to increase your staff. An employee does not need to have any specialized skills, experience, or qualifications to perform cleaning activities. To become a part of effective cleaning teams, individuals must be addicted to doing the job of clients with perfection.

By having appropriate and perfect staff, entrepreneurs can quickly grab more clients by having effective communication skills, leading to more revenue and business success.

The staff must possess robust ideas to deal with cleaning tools and platforms to represent the brand in the marketplace well.

8. Use cleaning software for business management

Cleaning software plays a vital role in enhancing business productivity. Such platforms provide ease for the agents and help them to get rid of the pen-and-paper technique.

You can manage everything related to the cleaning business, like employee scheduling, manage customer lists, notes, and generating an invoice smoothly.

With the help of cleaning software, the owners can perform the following activities:

  • Schedule the tasks and activities for the workers
  • Perform marketing strategies to enhance revenue and productivity
  • Perform customer surveys to increase customer experience

The most exciting part about this professional cleaning software is that you can smoothly perform a payment transaction even using credit card payments. The software comes up with an inspiring pricing structure in the market.

So, whatever type of cleaning service you prefer residential or commercial, it can quickly provide you with high-quality customer service by following the steps mentioned above.

Things You Need To Start A Cleaning Business

Generally, for starting a cleaning business, a business owner needs a license, supplies, equipment, and also a clientele to get started.

Important Things You Need To Start A Cleaning Business

1. DBA and Vendor’s License

DBA (Doing Business As) and vendor’s license is a must for someone planning to start a cleaning business from scratch. A local county clerk or county admin office is the legal authority from where you can get DBA.

Your business registration completes once you fill out the application, along with paying for the application fee. One of the best recommendations is to be ready with your company name before applying for DBA.

You receive a vendor’s license during the DBA registration and help collect sales tax from your clients or customers.

2. Cleaning Agents and Supplies

When you plan to purchase cleaning supplies, you must be ready with the perfect decision whether to opt for cleaning residence, business, or even both.

As compared to residential cleaning services, buying cleaning supplies in business cleaning services requires much more quantity. For example, office sites and restrooms are more extensive than your rooms in the house.

Cleaning agents typically used in the cleaning business are floor, mirror, and even window cleaners. On the other hand, cleaning supplies play a vital role in the cleaning business.

The most common cleaning supplies include

  • Toilet brush
  • Mops and buckets
  • Dusters
  • Towels
  • Spray bottles
  • Trash bags
  • Garbage can liners

During the starting stage, you need more time to make a perfect decision on cleaning supplies quantity.

3. Some Larger Equipment is Needed

In general terms, carpets are available in both offices and houses. So, to clean carpet, you specifically need larger equipment like the vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner initially to start your business.

Occasionally, it becomes quite a possibility that the agents can use it to clean carpets. As a best practice, you need to check the reviews and prices of other carpet cleaners for market values. The charges of most of the carpet cleaning services occur by the square foot.

4. Advertising and Promotion

For starting cleaning businesses, marketing plays a significant role in enhancing your customer service experience and productivity.

As a part of your marketing strategy, you can pass out advertisements, fliers, and brochures regarding your products to the nearest residences and businesses.

To gain more potential clients, you can use the referrals methodology through which your company information is shared among the network. In simple words, you can ask your colleagues, family, and friends to know whether they need house cleaning services.

Moreover, it offers discounts to a current client if they refer a new business to you. Build a website and use social media to help spread the word.

These are the key things that help cleaning companies enhance business performance and customer service experience to a great extent.

Is Starting a Cleaning Business Worth?

If you have planned to start your cleaning business, you can enhance your business by spending less amount and grab more profit. Following are the possible reason as to why it is worth to start a cleaning business:

  • Lower initial capital need
  • Deal with stable janitorial industry
  • To spend a bit of cash every week
  • Purchasing equipment in advance
  • Fewer labor costs
  • No previous experience or education required
  • Searching for the best and reliable cleaning crew members
  • Scheduling a training session to get more awareness about the cleaning work

After looking at such pricing constraints, let us now focus on the pros and cons of starting a cleaning business.

The Advantages of Starting A Cleaning Business

Now, you must be thinking what are the benefits of starting a cleaning service business. Right? Here are the benefits that we have discussed in detail. Let’s get started with each of them in detail:

  • Minimal startup costs: The cleaning business requires few types of equipment, cleaning supplies, and materials to start on an initial level. You can even opt for renting a few equipments if high-cost equipment is included in your company as it will save your money and gain profit.
  • Excellent income potential: Nowadays, cleaning services are in great demand as there are multiple project management tools available for cleaners. However, your earning potential is strictly limited only by your restrictions of using interactive platforms for cleaning organizations and effectively running the company directly from any location.
  • No experience required: Wow! No education, no qualification necessary for performing cleaning services. Just you need to have strong motivation, determination, and hard work to start booking your first clients.
  • Work from home: The service provider just sits and relaxes to provide the best services to their clients or customers. Everything is managed with ease, and one can smoothly run the cleaning company directly from the home location.
  • Flexibility: You are self-employed and the boss of your cleaning company to work for yourself, schedule meetings, set your hours, and in a nutshell, have total control of your cleaning business.
  • A few additional expenses: A cleaning business owner doesn’t need to rent or buy premises, buy a company vehicle, labor costs, or pay utility bills. These can all be standard tasks at a later point – but for starters, you can start with minimal monetary concerns.

The Downsides Of Opening Your Cleaning Business

After having a look at the advantages, now let us highlight the downsides you face starting a cleaning business:

  • It is tough physical work: Cleaning is a physical job that requires a lot to invest time in making it right, doing repetitive movements on your own, and carrying heavy supplies. But, it’s only the case if you are not hiring an experienced cleaning crew from the start.
  • Less income at the initial level: During the initial stage, your cleaning business has a low income as per the expectation. However, if you have the capability to manage your company correctly and figure out a way to find clients, you are all set up and ready to go.
  • It is competitive: In this competitive world, you will find several cleaning service industries globally. At an initial level, it is quite complex to stand out from the competition. But, if you have unique skills to perform sales, you can top the market.
  • Stressful team management: Your cleaning crew should be your main focus when running a successful cleaning business. Sometimes, there may be ups and downs — and you may not be available to track them or see how they do their jobs. So, you must be ready with the best available marketing team.


So, are you well-set to start your cleaning business?

The service providers can easily set up a customer base such that individuals deal with proper cleanliness services to gain or improve a better customer relationship.

However, the cleaning jobs eventually help potential customers to grab the home cleaning services and also office cleaning to a great extent.

Want to streamline daily operations and grow your service business?