How to Start a Garage Door Business? [5 Essential Steps & Tricks]

The global garage door opener market size will reach USD 1269.8 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 1.7%.

It is going to become quite a big market. Isn’t it?

Being an entrepreneur, if you are planning to start this substantial growth business this year, then this article is for you. But starting your own garage business requires a lot of research, knowledge, and the correct information.

Not only this, but you also need to know the necessary precautions to take care of. You need to prepare a business plan, branding your business, enlist the service offerings, and create a marketing strategy for your business.

To overcome such challenges and make your business run smoothly, continue reading the article. We have highlighted almost all the essential points on how to start a garage door business from scratch. Ready to explore?

What Exactly Is the Garage Door Business?

Garage door business provides services to people who have a garage at their home or other premises. The standard services include:

  • Basic garage door installation/repair
  • Common inspection of garage doors
  • Spring replacements
  • Roller & track repair
  • Complete door replacements

Apart from these services, there are some emergency services involved in the garage door business. However, the rates for such services are expensive as compared to regular services.

Essential Steps to Start a Garage Door Business

You can efficiently start your new garage door business if you take care of the following points.

5 steps to start a garage door business


Step 1: Write Your Business Plan

For starting a garage door business, proper and detailed business planning is a must. As a business owner, you need to take appropriate measures to analyze the industry and competitors to know their working environment.

Once you know the requirements, you need to search for the missing factors and include them to find the best for your garage door business. Then, when writing the business plan, you need to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What will be the startup cost?
  • Who is my target market?
  • What are my service offerings?
  • What are the future goals for my business?

By answering such questions, you can quickly initiate your business. First, you need to start by visiting the business owners of garage door repair from towns and cities.

The common mistakes can be easily avoided by taking help from someone already running the business for a long time. By doing this, there are more chances of saving both time and money.

You can even browse the internet to look out for the local competition and identify your expertise area. You can eventually change your business plan depending on how you want to be top against your local competitors.

Step 2: Brand Your Garage Door Repair Business

The next important step is to brand your business. Then, you need to think about how and what you will do to bring more customers to your business.

For brand awareness, you need to name your business and design an attractive logo. The business logo will attract more customers to your garage door repair business as it represents and convinces your potential customers to use your services.

These two primary aspects of branding help you to maintain uniformity in your business. In simple words, you can use the logo and business name in your website, uniforms, or even business vehicle as well.

To develop a strong brand identity, you need to maintain consistency. Remember that the awareness of your garage door business makes a significant impact on such big decisive factors. Therefore, it’s better to take more time on this activity.

Step 3: Identify Skills and Hire Employees

The next step is to analyze well and make a list of your garage door business’s skill set. Also, you need to find employees who can efficiently perform the tasks.

A person having basic knowledge of construction skills can quickly deal with multiple services of garage door companies. In addition, garage door installations and repairings are services that help to reduce the workload.

Nowadays, garage doors can efficiently operate on different systems like a chain system, belt system, or screw drive system. So now, it entirely depends on you to select the best one as per your business needs.

In this tough competition, you will come across many garage doors with various modernity ranges. The current industry trend is to use smart garage doors as the customers move towards system modernization techniques.

Apart from these factors, you’ll also need a workforce to provide services to homeowners. In addition, having more employees in your business can help you to spend more time dealing with other tasks.

Your garage door company’s primary goal is to provide better customer service to your consumers’ homes or offices.

Step 4: Enlist the List of Services to Include

Garage door services for homeowners include service, installation, and routine maintenance.

Whatever the services you include in your business, you should focus on improving the customer service experience. Even you need to make sure that you are offering multiple on-demand services to your customers.

Step 5: Develop a Powerful Marketing Strategy

The most crucial step to increase customers in your garage door industry is building a perfect marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media marketing are two basic approaches to marketing strategies.

SEO uses keywords to enhance a website’s performance or content, making it easier to rank higher in Google. In simple words, your website content must be SEO compliant to get accurate results.

The entrepreneurs or business owners use social media marketing methodology that includes platforms like Instagram and Facebook to access marketing tools.

The social media platforms do most of the legwork, making it one of the highly accessible and powerful tools. Also, word-of-mouth is the best way to share your company information by visiting the customer’s homes.

5 Tips & Tricks for Starting a Garage Door Business

Now, it’s time to look at some of the most critical ideas and methods for starting a new garage door business from the beginning.

Tips for starting a new garage door business

  1. Be Ready With Your Basics of Garage Door Business

    To start a new garage door repair business, it becomes pretty mandatory for you to consider various factors.

    • Business license: Licensing is the most significant factor that entrepreneurs need to purchase before starting a new business.
    • Decide for franchise or solo: You need to decide whether you want to go franchises or want to start your business as an individual.
    • General liability insurance: Along with a license, you need to obtain essential business insurance to help your company from a significant loss like property damage or employees’ injury while working on site.
    • Business bank account: An entrepreneur or business owner must have a separate business and personal bank account to deal with asset protection.
  2. Make a Habit to Reach Out to Other Experts

    The standard expert professionals are contractors, real estate agents, hardware retailers, residential painters, and many other garage door repair businesses.

    Such experts can help you deal with various referral programs to share business information in nearby locations. As a result, it will help you to enhance more clients in your business.

    You can contact the garage door manufacturers who have great experience in dealing with a specific garage door repair service.

  3. Create a Company Video

    You might often get new customers by including the video covering the basic information about your business.

    Likewise, you can shoot many videos and market your business to a great extent. So, when users search for “garage door business,” they can quickly get your business name along with some contact details.

  4. Make Use of Business Software

    To reduce the workload of your garage door business operations, you need to adopt business field service management software for your company.

    With the help of business software, the businesses will remain organized, and you can efficiently perform the following activities:

    • Employee scheduling
    • Track your technicians
    • Generate reports quickly
    • Inventory management

    All such essential information remains in one place, and you can even access the software from anywhere. Therefore, this software is solely responsible for reducing your burden and enhancing your business productivity.

  5. Get Reviews and Manage Your Reputation

    Having positive reviews and managing the business reputation is the important goal for any business owner to achieve massive success.

    Once the technicians completed the job at a customers’ site, it is better to take online reviews. The customers just need to rate the business and service techs by mentioning the reasons that they like their service or not.

    Once you have reviews from different customers, you can post them on your website and make your business profile more active.

After looking at the key steps and tips, you might have some questions about starting a garage door business. Don’t worry. We have highlighted the frequently asked questions on garage door businesses in the next section.

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A garage door company involves various budget factors like types of equipment, power tools, and others. On average, the profit can range from $150,000 to $200,000 per year by considering all these factors.

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We hope that you are now ready to start your own garage door repair business. Just follow the essential step-by-step guide listed in this article and start your new business by gaining more visibility.

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