How To Start a Lawn Care Business [7 Essential Steps + Tips]

Do you know that the market size of global lawn and gardening is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% from 2020 to 2027?

As an entrepreneur, if you have a dream to start your first own lawn care business this year, you have landed in the right place. Starting your landscaping business or lawn care business is a pretty challenging and rewarding task.

Initially, you might face some complexities, but gradually, you will be deep-dived into such critical tasks. So, you might be wondering or looking for a guide to get help starting your lawn care business. Right?

Don’t worry! This highlights the main steps of how to start a lawn care business from scratch. Let’s take a quick look.

What is Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business involves much physical work to perform. The person who takes care of lawn has many responsibilities like:

  • Cut grass lawns
  • Trim around the garden edges
  • Debris removal
  • Cleaning lawns at regular interval
  • Managing weed and pest control

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How To Start a Lawn Care Business From Scratch?

For starting your own lawn care business owners need to follow the essential steps mentioned below:

Essential Steps on How to Start a Lawn Care Business

Step 1: Choose a Name and Logo for Your Lawn Care Business

For starting a lawn care business, naming your business is one of the most significant aspects that you need to focus on. To enhance the goodwill of your business, giving the right name plays an important role.

Whatever the business name you select, it must be catchy and attract customers when they see it for the first time. Also, it should be more professional as you need to use it in marketing strategies.

The name you give to your business will be beneficial as it will be used on emails, invoices, vehicles, advertising materials, and even t-shirts of workers. A business logo is incomplete without a business name and plays an essential role in brand awareness.

You can design the logo on your own or hire an expert designer to make an efficient logo for your company. Place it on essential company materials, clothes, and vehicles to enhance productivity.

To start a lawn care company on an initial level, you can build a free and responsive website and include the logo to attract customers.

Step 2: Identify Your Service Areas

Nowadays, there are multiple lawn care services that you can offer in your business in this competitive world. However, some of the top-notch landscaping services that you can provide in either home or office are:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation
  • Trimming
  • Disease treatment
  • Planting
  • Landscaping
  • Cleanup

The services list above might help you to include in the business while keeping aside the rest of the services. You need to take care of the following aspects before selecting the services:

  • You should include the list of the services in which you have more knowledge than other services. However, it’s a common myth that with more expertise, there are more chances of earning revenue.
  • The next essential thing to consider is the total number of services you are offering to your customers. Never make a mistake to include a large number of services initially; just be limited to your service offerings and focus on the quality of services rather than quantity.
  • The essential factor is defining an area or location where you can offer the services to the customers. Many times it happens that you need to provide a service where your customers live in cold weather. So, you need to be ready to include winter-proof services in your company.

Step 3: Determine List of Equipment to Purchase

A lawn care company is incomplete without equipment. So, you need to purchase equipment for performing the business operations. One of the best recommendations is never to purchase the most expensive equipment or go for the cheapest one on an initial level.

You need to select the equipment that suits the best as per your business needs and that too with budget-friendly. Also, you need to take care of financial perspectives such that it does not impact your company’s burden more.

Initially, you can opt for a low-hour and used commercial grade lawn mower for providing lawn care services to the customers. It saves your money and provides a service that enhances customer satisfaction on a large scale.

Once your business starts growing, you can eventually purchase expensive and new handheld equipment for customers’ additional service offerings. Generally, you can opt for equipment like string trimmers, edgers, and even a backpack blower that does not cost more.

Step 4: Decide the Pricing Structure For Your Services

For starting a lawn care business, the biggest challenge that many lawn care businesses or we can say lawn mower face is to define the price for the services.

Generally, there are multiple factors to determine the pricing for a lawn care service. Cost-plus pricing is one of the first and foremost strategies that helps you to deal with pricing methodologies.

Cost-plus pricing, most frequently known by the name markup pricing, includes a process where you can easily add a fixed percentage in the costing. However, for calculating the cost for your services, you need to consider the following metrics:

  • Material/Chemical Cost
  • # of employees hours to finish the job
  • Operational costs
  • Average fuel cost
  • Drive time
  • Tools/equipment maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance

Step 5: Perform Legal Formalities for Your Business

It becomes a mandate for you to do the legal activities for starting a lawn care or landscaping industry. First of all, you must be ready with the business structure you are planning for your company, either be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation.

Whatever the structure you select, you must be very careful as it directly affects the process where you register your company. For starting a small landscaping company, you just have to contact the local or state government to perform the registration.

Now you have a registration document with you, the next thing you need to do is obtain business insurance. Insurance helps you recover from any damage caused to business property or injury to employees while working.

The great thing about business insurance is that you do not have to pay for such damage or injury. Nowadays, many insurance companies are available in the market with various insurance plans and policies to select.

So, you should take valuable time to select the perfect policy as per your business needs.

Generally, a business license is not required to start lawn care businesses, but you may need it for additional lawn care services like fertilization. The reason is that different states follow different licensing laws for fertilizer applications.

However, you can check with the local Department of Agriculture to know the complete details of a license you may require.

Step 6: Developing a Lawn Care Business Website

Once the business name, services, and legal formalities are completed, it’s time to showcase your business to get more customers by building an online presence.

To enhance the customer base, you can develop a professional website that includes complete information about the services. Even the booking of services is possible using a website, and you can quickly generate more revenue.

Your website should contain essential metrics like:

  • The perfect domain that suits the best for your business
  • The website must have appropriate hosting and SSL certificate
  • Basic branding assets
  • Your company logo
  • Media assets – pictures of team members, customers, and services to showcase on your website
  • A legit business email address
  • Apart from these, there are some other factors that you need to focus on. You can have your professional email ID to share your contact information like business phone number and business address.

    Step 7: Market and Launch Your Lawn Care Business

    Now, it’s high time to highlight your business globally. In simple words, you need to build marketing strategies for your services and business so that everyone can know about your business.

    To be on top of the competition, you need to create a marketing plan in such a way that it directly affects your business productivity and enhances customer experience.

    Initially, you need to create a responsive website for your business, mentioning the complete details about your services and contact information. However, there are other possible solutions that you can apply in your marketing strategies like:

    • Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
    • Using Google My Business platform
    • Distributing flyers in your local area
    • Using word-of-mouth

    Once your business is set up by fulfilling all the essential assets, you can launch your business by including marketing strategies.

    So, these are the leading steps that you can include in your business plan. In the next section, we will focus on the essential things essential for running your company.

    Things to Consider to Run a Successful Lawn Care Business

    After having a look at the steps to start your new lawn care service business, there are some essential points and expert tips to consider for your lawn care business.

    Things to consider to run a successful lawn care business

    1. Analyze Your Competitors

    Before starting your lawn care business, do not make a common mistake by buying or using a mower without considering its usage. The best recommendation is to analyze something more demanding in the lawn care industry.

    First, you need to look out for residential areas that possess big yards. An alternate option is to call for performing commercial landscaping jobs to maintain sizable green space for your business.

    Whatever the business type you prefer, either commercial or residential, you need to keep in mind that your customers are more interested in working with a trusted lawn care company.

    So, it becomes your prime responsibility to find not only customers but unique and innovative ways that differentiates you from other companies. You can initiate by identifying the services that you can offer.

    If you find difficulty finding your competitors, research is the best option for lawn care insurance and check for local businesses’ lists. Also, you can view their websites and services they provide and what they charge.

    You can review the people who are already working on the lawn care businesses and analyze many things. By taking feedback from them, you can get an overall idea on:

    • How much complexity do you need to handle to find customers?
    • Do they possess any certifications for managing their work?
    • Is there any specific demand to deal with specialized skills, like working with pesticides or fertilizers?

    Once you have answers to these questions, you can better understand the market before you begin.

    2. Improve Your Skills

    Once you’ve analyzed your competitors, you need to make yourself ready to identify the expertise skills you have and also the skills you still need to add.

    As we know that lawn care is a tough job as you need to stay physically active. However, many lawn care experts make it smooth to perform such hard work jobs. You need to be more responsible to keep the moving lawns neat and clean and solve the customer’s issues as they arise.

    Besides, you need to take care of learning new specialized knowledge. As you will learn new technologies, there are more chances of enhancing your customers to your business. So, you should include such an inspiring solution for your service such that you become a trusted expert.

    Or your expected customers might ask some common questions about the process of applying pesticides for getting rid of weeds. Moreover, almost every state requires a legal certificate to work with commercial pesticides.

    Obtaining the certification for pesticides is a time-consuming and cost-effective solution. One of the essential aspects of this business is that you need to identify a specific person’s skills. You can start with job bidding, make customer communication daily, and ensure that the customer’s expectations are met.

    Finally, you must have a friendly, responsible, and knowledgeable resource in your business. Once the clients like your services and do the work, they will recommend your company to other friends and neighbours.

    3. Manage the Money

    Generally, many questions arise in your mind related to starting a business. But, you must be ready to answer the following questions:

    • How much is it going to cost to start a new lawn care business and lawn care equipment?
    • How much are you going to charge your customers for your services?

    If you have answers to these questions, you can easily manage the business and services. Apart from this, you need to consider the following landscaping tools or equipment in your business:

    • A mower and edger
    • String trimmer
    • Leaf blower
    • Pruning bushes
    • Pair of eye goggles and hearing protectors
    • Truck and trailer
    • Safety equipment gear
    • Marketing materials

    So, these are the standard metrics that are essential for your business to generate more revenue and enhance business productivity to a great extent.

    4. Make a Schedule For Your Office Timing

    Initially, you need to do multiple administrative works for a few starting months. Trust me, it’s one of the essential steps for starting your business, and you need to be ready to spend more time on the task.

    By making an effective schedule for the office, there will be comparatively less stress for future work. Registering your business is an essential and primary step to perform, and you need to visit the Small Business Administration website.

    This website includes the basic information about the process to do such a task, and you can even check for the online resources for your town office or city hall.

    You need to manage everything related to office maintenance like paying taxes, generating invoices, and other items to work as per the business plan.

    The prime responsibilities to become a lawn care professional is to perform the following steps:

    • Perform business registration
    • Grab or complete the essential certification
    • Attend training programs
    • Opening a business bank account
    • Get business insurance
    • Set up and install an interactive bookkeeping system
    • Organize and file receipts for business purchases
    • Market to potential clients

    Just to note that these points play a vital role in enhancing customer experience and business productivity. It’s better to have an expert who can guide you correctly while performing such essential steps.

    By keeping these points in your mind, you can easily enhance the look and feel of your home or office’s garden. However, many types of questions will still be arising in your mind, so we have come up with frequently asked questions in the next section.

    Improve the Performance of Your Lawn Care Business

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    Lawn care companies typically involve using large equipment or tools to provide services to the clients with a reasonably large amount. You also do not need to pay for any additional services.

    Lawn care or landscaping is an industry that possesses excellent potential to gain more customers and profit margins. By spending more time on work, you are going to make more money. If you work precisely, then easily you can earn up to $50,000 on the initial level and can reach up to $2,50,000.

    Generally, the charges for lawn mowing are done as per visit. You will come across many companies that involve fixed pricing on an hourly basis (hourly rate) or as per your property size. But, on average, the charges range between $30 to $80/visit.


    So, starting a lawn care business requires a lot of work and perfect planning. If applied correctly, no one can stop you from becoming the boss of your company.

    We have come across detailed information on everything related to lawn care businesses starting from deciding your business name to marketing your landscape business. Moreover, we need to even consider the essential points as it impacts the company’s growth and enhances customer service on a large scale.

    To make it easy for you, you need to adopt FieldCamp in your business. It is a field service management software that allows you to create and manage the task for your workers to perform on a client’s location. This software solution helps you automate your landscaping business operation with ease and enhance your business productivity.