How To Start a Pool Cleaning Business in 2021?

Have you made up your mind to start a pool cleaning business this year? It’s a great idea, and you have landed at the right place.

In this article, you will come across a step-by-step guide on how to start a pool cleaning business from scratch. A pool cleaning business includes a lot of hard work to clean and maintain the requirements.

So, let’s get started.

Basics of Pool Cleaning Business

A pool cleaning business is a type of service business that is a boon for someone who likes working outside and even travelling to various locations.

In pool cleaning businesses, pool cleaners typically work outside based on their available time and generate more revenue while working on it.

The most exciting part of this business is that many states require only a business licence and a pool skimmer to start a pool cleaning business.

The pool cleaner’s primary role is to make visits to clients’ locations like your home, apartment, complexes, hotels or restaurants, and maintain the health club pools ready for the season.

Essential Steps To Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Let us now see the steps that will make it easy for business owners to start a new pool cleaning business.

6 Steps to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Step 1 – Do a Market Research

Before starting a pool cleaning business, you, as a business owner, need to perform detailed market research to analyze every aspect of your jobs.

The pool cleaning business is a business that possesses more complicated science than ever you have imagined. The customer’s expectations are increasing day by day, whether you have experience cleaning pools or not.

Nowadays, customers want high-quality water, quality expertise, innovative filtration systems, and even different chemicals for cleaning purposes.

In this online and competitive world, you will come across much online information related to certification programs. One of the best examples is taking a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) certification program from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Step 2 – Write a Business Plan

For any entrepreneur and pool cleaners, writing a business plan is the first and foremost thing to start a pool cleaning industry.

If you are confused about writing a pool service professional business plan, several online templates are available. Such templates typically give you an overview to write a business plan in a well-defined manner.

Your business plan should include essential business structure information like target market, revenue details, prediction of operating costs, and even marketing plan.

In a business plan, the business owners should specify the target audience’s details, especially when you need to target potential lenders or investors.

Step 3 – Choose Your Legal Business Structure

You need to define the business type you want for your pool cleaning company along with the business plan. Generally, three primary business entities are available for you to select:

  • Sole proprietorship: It is a simple, easy, and most affordable business type for your new business.
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company): The business owners can quickly grab the opportunity for protection against various business operations.
  • S and C corporation: Another form of business protection that business owners can opt for their business, which in turn requires more leg work.

It becomes mandatory for LLC and corporation business types to file an article to the state or local government secretary and perform some legal operations before starting your pool cleaning business.

Whatever the business type you select, it becomes essential for you to ensure that all the due diligence and following the laws are fulfilled. It ultimately depends on the states wherever you live because different states have different rules and regulations to follow.

For legal formalities, business insurance and getting an employer identification number (EIN) is also mandatory for running a pool cleaning business. Having a business name and a business bank account are essential factors.

Step 4 – Buy Your Equipment

For cleaning a swimming pool, you or a pool dealer need a lot of equipment to purchase. The cleaning pool business is a low-investment business if you are not considering transportation.

For starting a pool cleaning business, a pool business owner needs to purchase essential supplies like:

  • A brush and a skimmer
  • A small or large leaf rake
  • Equipment for testing water
  • Chemicals for cleaning pools
  • A vacuums and hoses
  • A business vehicle for transporting & delivering a pool service
  • Responsive business software for handling scheduling, billing, etc.

Apart from these supplies, business cards and company-branded apparel also need to consider before starting a business. If you include an online pool cleaning service, you need to view the pricing for purchasing a domain name and buying ad space.

Step 5 – Market Your Business

Now it’s high time to broadcast your business to the clients. Initially, with a low budget, you can create a strong network with entrepreneurs. You can try with pool builders and even supply shops by providing door-to-door pool service to them.

You can run promotional activities to attract customers in your local area and make them ready to use your services. Nowadays, getting online is one of the best methods that you can use to enhance your business productivity.

By creating a professional website, you can share your pool service’s details along with testimonials demonstrating your work. Even you can include Google Maps and create SEO-friendly contents like blog posts related to pool services.

Social media presence on your website is another major factor that can enhance the customer base to a great extent. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading trends that give you another outlet to share for reviews, content, and customer interaction.

Step 6 – Assess Your Profits

Once your business is set up and running smoothly, it becomes your prime responsibility to analyze the things that are going on in your industry. You need to make proper analysis on different aspects like:

  • Is your pricing structure affordable to the customers?
  • Have you included all the essential services that are demanding?
  • Are you ready to troubleshoot any issues that occur in an emergency?

For gaining profits for your business, you need to get some necessary repair skills in the initial stage. You or your pool cleaners must have the skills to patch cracks, the ability to solve filter-related issues, and even can fix the clogs.

Moreover, you need to sell equipment to your customers to maintain their pool in between professional cleanings.

These are the key steps you can follow to start your pool cleaning business and make the swimming pools cleaner.

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Pros & Cons of Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

  • You can work outdoors either full-time or part-time.
  • You can start your business with fewer start-up costs
  • You become physically active while doing the pool cleaning work
  • The pool cleaners don’t need to have a uniform while working. Generally, shorts and a t-shirt will do.
  • You have complete freedom to select your working hours and schedule your work orders that suit the best for your needs.</
  • The cleaning chemicals that pool cleaners typically use are toxic and hazardous to your health.
  • The cleaners need to be aware of using such chemicals. Otherwise, there are more chances of getting them hurt when used wrong.
  • The pool cleaning business is considered a seasonal business, especially for the areas that have cold winters. So, you need to find an alternate solution during that off-season. However, many places like hotels have indoor pools, making it easy for you to retain more work to work even in winter weather.

Top Things to Consider Before Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

For starting a pool cleaning business from scratch, you need to consider the following things in your mind:

  • You must obtain the certification or experience from your state government or area’s health department to prove that you are one of the best-rated pool service businesses.
  • You must be ready with the selection of your business structure and appropriate business plan.
  • You need to create an effective marketing plan for your business by mentioning your target market and even the strategies you planned to know your customers about your business.
  • You must have the required amount of revenue on hand for buying and maintaining tools and equipment for your business.
  • Business license, insurance, and even asset protection are a must when planning to start a pool cleaning business.
  • The pool owners must have pool cleaners who possess expert professionals who can swim to save the swimmers and yourself.
  • You and your cleaners must have good energy and stamina to clean the pool.
  • You must have small equipment that helps you protect yourself from the sun, for example, sunscreen and a hat.
  • To keep yourself hydrated, you must have water bottles and a cooler to stay protected from the sun.
  • For marketing strategies, business cards and flyers or brochures should be included in your business to enhance your local area’s brand awareness.
  • You need to include the essential pool cleaning equipment and products like poles, hoses, skimmers, cleaning products, chemicals, and water test kits.
  • Finally, you must have a reliable transportation facility to move your equipment from one place to another.


On average, the pool owners can make about $50 to $60 per hour for cleaning a swimming pool. It depends on the cleaners whether to work full-time or part-time, but can make up to $2,000 to $2,400 per week.

For promoting and marketing a pool cleaning business, you need to perform the following activities:

  • Performing a robust partnership with local pool supply stores to enhance the customer base to a great extent.
  • Include your business in local search directories.
  • Perform website optimization to be on top of the local search

Professional pool cleaners can earn up to $50 to $60 per hour and up to $200 if they do equipment repair and maintenance.

A pool cleaner typically charges $86/month if the customer opts for weekly pool service. So, we can say that one-time pool cleaning ranges from $150 to $300. If you want to winterize the pool, then approximately $95 is the cost.


I hope you are now ready to be the boss of your pool cleaning business.

Running a pool cleaning business is an excellent opportunity for fresher or experienced and planning to work with great fun and even full-time or seasonally.

Having the right information and few startup costs in your business idea, you can quickly achieve a lot of business productivity by delivering the best pool cleaning service.