How to Start a Pressure Washing Business [A Step-by-Step Guide]

The global pressure washer market is expected to reach around $3 billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of more than 3% during the forecast period – CISION PR Newswire.

Looking at this number, if you have made up your mind to start your own business with lower startup costs and high-profit margins, then the pressure washing business is the perfect choice for you.

But, you might be wondering from where to initiate, what are the costing parameters, which equipment do I need to purchase, and more. Don’t worry. This article is for you.

We have come up with a complete guide on how to start a pressure washing business from scratch. Also, we have highlighted the top tips that will make you clear about starting a new business.

How to Start a Pressure Washing Business? (5 Steps Guide)

To start a pressure washing business, the small business owners need to take care of the following steps to make it easy to run the business.

How to start a pressure washing business step-by-step guide

Step 1: Analyze Your Basic Pressure Washing Skills

One of the essential steps that any homeowner or a businessperson needs to take is to grab the skills to learn about the pressure washers.

Initially, you can start by borrowing a pressure washer from your friend or nearby home depot store for at least a week. The primary intent is to clean your driveway, lawnmower, patio furniture, tile patio, garbage bin, cars, and many more.

By utilizing such cleaning activities, it gives you the ability to build a base foundation. It allows you to track your mistakes and go ahead to view the learning videos.

The next thing that you need to look out for is to identify the customers for your business. It is possible to start doing some online searches to see what your competitors in the local area are performing. Also, you need to identify the customers’ demands.

Step 2: Set Up Your Business

Having an appropriate business license, business insurance, and essential permits are the primary goals for any business owner. Pressure washing is no exception.

You can check out the business permits to purchase as per the business requirements and local laws and regulations.

So, it becomes mandatory for you to contact the local licensing office or county clerk to inform you what the requirements are.

An alternate option is to simply search on Google, “find my county clerk,” if you’re not sure who to contact.

  • Give a name to your business: You must select the business name that matches the domain name as it will be your web address.
  • Get a business license: It is necessary to have a license as per your local, state, and federal government to operate your business.
  • Register your business: Business registration is very much essential, especially for tax purposes. You have multiple options for payment, like self-employment taxes and sales taxes. Such taxations help you prevent some unfortunate events that might occur when starting a business.
  • Get insurance: Business insurance is a must as it allows you to protect your business from property damage, employees’ injury, or even equipment damage while working. So, it becomes quite mandatory to buy liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and equipment (especially power washer) insurance.
  • To open a business bank account: Personal and business accounts must be maintained separately to keep a track of personal and business expenses easily. It is also helpful for a tax filing service and protects personal assets.

Step 3: Purchase Essential Pressure Washing Equipment

For starting a pressure washing business, equipment plays a vital role. The fact is that a cleaning company typically has minimal upfront cash requirements.

Some power washing equipment includes:

  • Pressure washing gear including power washers, surface cleaners, chemicals.
  • Business vehicles to carry pressure washing equipment from one place to another. For example, a truck or a van.
  • The uniforms that cleaners use regularly.

So, based on your business requirements, you can opt to purchase essential equipment.

Step 4: Price Your Pressure Washing Services

The next most essential thing that business owners of pressure washing businesses need to think about is how to price pressure washing services.

Whatever the price they select for power washing, it should be such that it should directly or indirectly affect the local economy. So, it becomes obvious to analyze the local market and identify what other competitors are charging from the customers.

On an initial level, you can initiate by keeping a lower charge on specific services, just to try out to win new customers. An alternate option is that you can try by offering a discounted rate to your clients, which quickly enhances your customer satisfaction.

You also need to be sure about the hourly rates you set for your on-demand services. You can test on specific projects to identify the hourly rates that reflect your pressure washing business expertise the most.

Step 5: Market Your Pressure Washing Business

A business owner’s essential step is to develop robust marketing efforts to become a successful pressure washing business.

There are various methods to market your pressure washing business with ease and bring in new customers to your business. We have come up with some of the best marketing methods that will make your work easier.

  • Build a robust and responsive website: A website is one of the biggest weapons for any business to attract customers. It is the method through which the business’s trustworthiness is proved. The customers are showing more interest in your business if you have a company website.

    You must include the essential business information on your website, including the service offerings, contact information, and even social media profile links.

    You can also adopt advanced marketing strategies by including blogs on your website mentioning the basic information about pressure cleaning, power washing, pressure washers, and many more.

    By having an online presence, the customers can quickly get an overview of your power washing business and what you provide them.

  • Using social media marketing: The best way to promote your pressure cleaning services to potential customers is to adopt a social media marketing methodology.

    Nowadays, in this competitive world, you’ll come across many platforms that perform social media. Facebook is the leading platform that most people use to connect with their family, friends, and even corporate businesses.

    Facebook allows you to share photos of your services when the cleaners visit the client’s location. The customer testimonials and any additional offers can easily be kept on social media pages to attract more customers.

  • Using word of mouth: A traditional method to develop a marketing strategy is to adopt the word-of-mouth technique. It involves terminology to quickly gather and promote customer testimonials and showcase to your customers your work.
  • Distributing Flyers: The best and easiest way to market your business is to start distributing flyers to the local areas, friends, and family members. The flyers include basic business information like services, contact details, and others.
  • Using door-to-door advertising: With this method, you need to approach customers directly by speaking to them face-to-face about the services you offer.

These are the essential steps that help you to start your new business from scratch. Just follow the steps, and you are good to go with your new business.

5 Tips for How to Start a Pressure Washing Business

Now, it’s time to see the business tips that an entrepreneur needs to take care of while starting a new business.

Tips for how to start a pressure washing business

  1. Create Your Business Plan

    A proper planning and clear roadmap is a must for starting any new business as it defines your business’s primary goals.

    The first and foremost thing that a pressure washing business owner needs to identify is costing parameters and upfront investments essential for a business.

    In your plan, you need to mention the following things:

    • Analyzing and identifying the list of your potential customers
    • Decide on whether you need to target commercial, residential, or both.
    • Technique to organize and advertise your business
    • Decide on an appropriate business name

    To start a new business, one needs to work hard on planning and management, and trust me, it’s not easy.

  2. Gain More Experience in Pressure Washing

    Before starting a new pressure washing business, a business owner needs to learn to pressure wash just like an expert professional.

    You can pick up a simple pressure washer directly from any home improvement store on an initial level. You can use such a washer to clean common surfaces like:

    • Driveways
    • Siding
    • Decks
    • Fencing
    • Sidewalks

    An alternate option is that you can even ask your friends, landlord, or even family members to allow you get-go practice in exchange for free power washing services.

  3. Effort and Time

    Initially, when you start your business, it’s pretty apparent that you have little to no money. So, you must have a lot of effort and strength to handle your business with ease.

    You need to manage the overall business aspects like marketing strategies, customer appointments, providing cleaning services to a client location, and many more.

    Timing plays a significant role in starting a new business. One needs to complete the task by considering the timing as a top priority. If you do not consider timing appropriately, there are more chances of getting less income flowing.

    So, the best option is to get rid of such timing activities to hire a team of employees in your company. You will be relaxed and more time will be available to concentrate on other tasks as well.

  4. Planning for Future Growth

    Long-term business planning is one of the most significant factors that helps you to start a successful business. If you have strong portfolios available with you and cannot serve on your own, hiring employees is the best option for you.

    It’s pretty evident that based on your employees and business experience, you will be able to handle more clients and generate more revenues to help you boost business productivity.

    Also, you need to make real-time estimates on future business aspects like employees’ count, services to include, and even the financial perspectives.

    Business growth does not have a specific time to come. It just depends on how to develop a plan to enhance your growth. Also, the budget that you set in your plan makes a lot of difference by allocating funds for future development.

  5. Adopt Pressure Washing Business Software

    The last but not the least tip for pressure washing business owners is to start using software for handling the overall aspects of the business.

    The software allows you to automate the operations with ease, no matter of business size. Moreover, FieldCamp is one such scheduling software that enables you to manage to schedule, dispatching, reporting, invoicing, and other tools/services to improve efficiency to a great extent.

    • Scheduling — create and adjust field service persons schedules to guarantee timely arrival.
    • Invoicing — A paper invoice is a relic. Most clients will prefer automated invoicing these days.
    • Management — If you have an extensive portfolio of repeat customers, pressure washing management software can help keep track of customers and service dates.

So, take your time to read all the essential tips and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your pressure washing company.

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However, do you still have any questions related to the pressure washing or power washing businesses? Don’t worry. In the next section, we have highlighted frequently asked questions to clear your queries.

Commercial properties usually pay per square foot for the exterior surface area. Higher rates can be charged for multiple-story buildings and also include the rental cost of required scaffolding or window washing equipment so you can reach higher levels.
A pressure washer easily cleans specifically large areas including hard outdoor surfaces. You can use a pressure washer to spray off a wooden deck, siding, a car, or a concrete surface such as a patio, walkway, or driveway.
Heat is the primary term that differentiates a pressure washer from a power washer. In power washing, water heats up using jet wash, whereas, in a pressure washer, the water is not heated. Many cleaning businesses prefer to use a power washer to clean the surface in a well-defined way.

We have gone through some of the critical elements for a new entrepreneur or person looking to get a side hustle to consider before starting a business.

We have also mentioned some of the common pitfalls for new business owners, so you can avoid some of the stresses that can dampen the thrill of starting a business. We have also shared how different scheduling software can help companies like you manage the entire business from the comfort of the canteen.