How to Start a Roof Cleaning Business in 2021? [6 Steps To Follow]

Have you planned to start your own roof cleaning business? Yes? If you have already made up your mind to begin a roof cleaning business where you will deliver roof cleaning services to both commercial and residential buildings, then this blog is for you.

In this article, we have come up with a complete guide on how to start a roof cleaning business that covers all the key information that business owners like you need to know. Let’s explore the given steps one-by-one.

Basics of Roof Cleaning Business

A Roof cleaning business provides services to large enterprises, small communities, and homes by removing dirt, leaves, branches, stains, and other dirt materials from the roof.

Apart from these services, this high-profit potential business is solely responsible for cleaning drains, rooftop impurities, exterior walls, and chimney exteriors.

A previous roofing contractor, cleaner or household maintenance worker are the main resources of the roofing business. Generally, roof cleaners use light bleach solutions to remove difficult stains and take care of roof maintenance.

As roof cleaning typically lasts for two to three years, you may not need to visit that area for some time. So, it is better to prioritize this snowball effect during roof cleaning services.

Many times, building owners might need to contact the roof cleaning business to report the damages, shingle weaknesses, and weakened exteriors. So, let’s move ahead and discuss the steps that you need to take to start a business.

6 Steps to Start a Roof Cleaning Business

Let us now start our journey to see the step-by-step guide to start a new roof cleaning business from scratch.

6 steps guide to start a roof cleaning business

Step 1: Write Your Business Plan

Before starting any business, it is a must that you do appropriate planning to make things succeed. To be on the top of the competition, you need to take care of the following aspects of your business plan:

  • Startup costs: Generally, you need to purchase a pressure cleaner and some cleaning supplies on the initial level. So when deciding the costs, it’s better to check what other contractors are charging.
  • Ongoing expenses: It is very much important to maintain equipment that is used regularly. Also, you need to keep the entire stock of cleaning supplies.
  • Target market: Next, you need to define your customers you want to target. In most cases, they are residential homeowners, apartments, or complexes.
  • Business name: Naming a business is the most significant and most challenging decision for many business owners. Select the name that is readily available as a web domain, and it should be secure.

In your business plan, you need to be very careful while deciding the business location. It includes excellent networking opportunities, giving a roof cleaning business plenty of future clients to enhance the strong relationships.

Step 2: Perform Legal Formalities

The next essential step that you need to take care of is to make your business legal. So, first of all, you need to define the common business structure types for your business.

The sole proprietorship allows you to start your business alone, whereas if you go for a partnership, then you have an option to make one or two partners in your business.

If your business structure is either LLC or corporation, it will protect your business from being personally liable if your roof cleaning business is sued.

After selecting the business structure, you need to register your business with the local government to deal with various state and federal taxes. Also, you must have an employer identification number (EIN) during the registration process.

Step 3: Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses

For starting a roof cleaning business, roof cleaning business owners must get essential permits and licenses to deal with multiple business operations. Remember that your business will be shut down if such permits and licenses are not available.

You’ll find many states that require essential permits and licenses to operate your roof cleaning company. To obtain local licenses and permits, you need to:

  • Visit and consult with your town, city or county clerk’s office
  • Get assistance from the local organizations of US Small Business Associations

Also, you need to sign a legal service agreement with your customers just before you start a new project with them. The agreement helps you to clarify your points related to:

  • Customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Rules and regulations for payment processing
  • Service level expectations
  • Intellectual property ownership

Step 4: Open a Business Bank Account

Managing the financial perspectives of the business is one of the challenging tasks for many business owners. They need to keep a record of the various expenses and even manage the income sources.

Having a perfect and detailed account to manage all such things will be easy for you to file for tax and help with personal asset protection. One of the best recommendations is that you can keep personal and business accounts separately.

The reason is that if something unusual happens and suddenly your business is sued, it will not affect your personal account. Managing the financial perspectives of the business is one of the challenging tasks for many business owners.

You can also opt for a business credit card that will maintain all your business expenses in one place. It also plays a vital role in enhancing your company’s credit history, which in turn gains huge profit margins.

Step 5: Make a List of Equipment to Purchase

As we all know, the roof cleaning business involves fewer upfront costs. Just you need a simple pressure washer, detergent, and bleach. That’s it.

Many homeowners and even roof cleaning businesses make a mistake by using a hose with too much pressure for cleaning a roof. They usually do to remove or clean chewing gum off the walkway, but they do damage more.

Remember, roofs are typically flimsy and fragile, and to remove stains from them; you need a chemical cleaning system. Also, you need to spray cleaned at pressure with much more frequency than a garden hose.

Step 6: Select the Perfect Roof Cleaning Methods

Before starting a roof cleaning business, the business owners must know the cleaning methods for cleaning roofs.

  • Using a chemical mix with the low-pressure application: A chemical mixture of chlorine bleach and TSP (trisodium phosphate) is applied to a power washer specifically on low pressure to clean the roofs. Such mixture has the real possibility to dry and rinse off immediately. So, the roof cleaning business worker needs to repeat this method to remove stubborn stains. Extra care needs to be taken off when your cleaners are working on exterior cleaning projects. The reason is that there are more chances of spreading chemicals that can kill or damage plans on a large scale.
  • Using an eco-friendly algaecide with low-pressure application: In this method, the workers make use of organic algaecide utilizing a power washer at low pressure.Generally, various application methods are available in the market for power pressure washers to apply the products. Moreover, it entirely depends on the cleaning products that your customer has. Most eco-lovers are addicted to using this method as it seems safe for animals, plants, and even humans.
  • Using a high-pressure power washer: For cleaning the roof, you’ll need a pressure washer to remove the ugliness of stains and algae. It is solely responsible for creating more damage and thereby decreasing the roof lifespan.Many roof cleaning businesses do not recommend using this method as it requires only a simple pressure washer without any chemicals for equipment.

These are the basic steps you can perform when you are planning to start a new roof cleaning business from scratch.

Now, let us see the concept of how you can market your business and increase customers.

How to Promote & Market a Roof Cleaning Business

  1. Create an Attractive Business Card

    To create awareness about your business, you can create an attractive business card specifying the relevant information about the services you offer.

    With such business cards, someone can quickly get an overview of your business and where you are up to. Likewise, you can start distributing it to many people you know who likely need your services.

  2. Start a Door to Door Marketing

    Once your business card is ready, you can start door-to-door marketing, especially in your neighbourhood.

    As per the recent survey, it has been found that many people are still unaware of the reason for cleaning the roofs regularly. So, you can visit their home and provide them with the essential information about it and share awareness related to getting rid of such permanent damages.

  3. Expand Your Business and Hire More Employees

    The next thing that can help you bring remarkable success to your business is expanding your service area. In simple words, include additional services like pressure washing services, window cleaning services, and other customized services.

    You can hire cleaners who specialize in cleaning the roofs of high rising buildings as it involves making substantial profit margins. Likewise, you can also include people who are well-trained and not having height phobia.

These are some of the best techniques that you can apply to enhance the marketing strategies in your business and get more customers.

However, if you have any questions about the roof cleaning business, we have added frequently asked questions in the upcoming sections to clear your doubts.


Roof cleaning businesses are nowadays hitting the market as many customers are in need to clean their roof regularly.

We have highlighted the step-by-step guide especially for business owners who are planning to start a new cleaning business this year. So, they just need to follow the steps mentioned in this article and they are good to go to boost the business productivity.

In any case, if you are wondering how you can manage your entire business digitally, then FieldCamp is the best service scheduling software to automate daily operations. To know more about how this software is beneficial to your business, connect with us.