Streamline Your HVAC Business Operations

Streamline your hvac business operations

Things can get hectic between organizing service agreements and managing one-off jobs for your HVAC business. That’s where FieldCamp comes into the picture. FieldCamp’s easy-to-use HVAC scheduling software helps your teams dispatch, estimates, and track jobs, creating invoices and payments — all in one place.

HVAC Business Software Benefits

Features of FieldCamp for Your HVAC Business

Simplify creating, sending and tracking professional invoices from one place using our HVAC business software. Organize your work orders and turn approved quotes into one-off emergency jobs or recurring jobs.

Easily Assign Jobs to Your AC Service Technicians01

Scheduling conflicts can lower customer satisfaction and frustrate technicians. Often multiple bookings get scheduled at the same time slot, or two AC service workers get booked for the same job. It will damage the overall reputation of your company.

Pass all job details automatically to the field technicians with FieldCamp. Share client information, location, description of work to perform, line items, and taxes. Assigning tasks to technicians is easier than ever now.

Assign jobs to hvac technicians
Real time technician status and tracking

Get Real-Time Technician Status and Tracking02

There needs to be a way for you to get the status of technicians assigned jobs. Also, to track their location at the moment. Keeping that in mind, FieldCamp came up with real-time field staff status and GPS tracking.

You will get technicians’ real-time location and status instantly. Find out what they are doing at any time of the day. Our software will share all the technician’s details in one place. Call or text them directly from the app, see their current location, and when last they used the app.

Rapid Invoicing and Payment03

Companies often face extended billing cycles and other significant invoicing difficulties. With FieldCamp, you can get a quick overview of your invoices by status and date, which allows you to see if invoices got dispatched and when they are due. Also, you can send invoice reminders to clients.

Our HVAC software automatically sends emails to customers for invoice payment on its due date. Snap a photo to securely capture credits and checks in the field with FieldCamp payments. You can also send customers a link to a personalized online payment portal.

Rapid invoicing and payment
Access to revenue reports

Gain Access to Revenue Reports04

Companies need data to assess performance against their goals. They still use manual methods like spreadsheets, paper documents, calculators to provide accurate data. But manual research and data entry is a time-consuming process.

FieldCamp eliminates all of this. Access the data to see who is performing better or needs more tasks. Observe which technician needs extra hours, and also the ones who are not pulling their weight. Our HVAC management software provides complete details both for teams and individual technicians. It will increase customer satisfaction.

Kick start hvac business with FieldCamp

Kick Start Your HVAC Business With FieldCamp

FieldCamp will help you manage your entire team with just a few clicks. Manage new requests, track ongoing ones, automate payment and processing!

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp comes with three plans:

Start: Monthly plan of $29/month and Annual plan of $279/year. For 1 user.

Grow: Monthly plan of $49/month and Annual plan of $479/year. For Upto 10 users.

Manage: Monthly plan of $99/month and Annual plan of $979/year. For Upto 25 users.

Check out our pricing plans to know which features you will gain access to in FieldCamp.

Yes. You can place all the job details in one place. Client, job location, description, tasks, and notes. The technician can access everything from our app.
FieldCamp will provide data on your field technicians’ performance. You will know:

  • Which AC repair technician is giving an excellent performance

  • The technicians who need fewer jobs

  • Who requires more hours to complete their task or are not pulling their weight. Our HVAC software will share the team and individual contributions.

Yes. You can store all your client’s details in our application, including name, mobile number, email address, notes, and multiple locations. Also, FieldCamp lets you call or email them directly from the app.
Yes. You can set recurring jobs with FieldCamp. Let’s say you have a customer with regular AC maintenance. In such cases, our app will create job assignments periodically.
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