Which is the Best Online Booking System For Cleaning Service Business?

As a cleaning service business owner, you always deal with residential and corporate buildings to provide the best cleaning services to your customers.

One of the major constraints you face is performing business activities like creating schedules, allocating tasks, generating reports manually. Trust me; you are wasting your time and effort.

To get rid of such a manual process, you need to adopt an online booking system for the cleaning service business to make your work easier. But, which is the best software for your business? To make the selection process easier, we have highlighted the detailed information on online booking systems hitting the market.

What is an Online Booking Software?

Online booking software is an advanced solution that allows you to accept bookings online, create schedules, manage daily operations, and even managing multiple jobs.

An online booking software helps you to automate the business operation and make your work easier. It becomes quite easy for you to manage your staff members, service listings, and most importantly, take care of your customers.

3 Best Online Booking Software Solutions For Cleaning Services

It’s time to focus on a list of online booking software solutions that help your cleaning business to enhance business productivity on a large scale.

  1. bookitLive

    bookitLive is a cleaning service app that allows you to manage booking requests and cancellations with just a few clicks.

    Not only this, this maid services app allows you to access your client database, individual appointment histories, advertise online, and track staff performance in the easiest manner.

    With several customers and their booking requests, you might be finding it hard to manage all the bookings with their priorities.

    So, it’s better to adopt a technologically advanced solution that helps you create bookings, assign those job requests to cleaners, track the progress, manage payments and reviews from the customers.

    Here are some features of cleaning service software solution:

    • Ease in booking
    • Schedules and timetables
    • Calendar Sync
    • Client Management
    • Reminder and follow-up notifications
    • 24/7 customer support available
  2. SimplyBook.me

    SimplyBook.me is a feature-rich cleaning business app that can be easily accessed from mobile devices, desktop PCs for 24/7 bookings from anywhere and anytime. Comes with a class and membership feature, this booking solution empowers you to have complete control over the booking activities.

    With various tools and technologies, this cleaning business software solution has a POS tool that accepts cash and credit card payments. Considered the most important cleaning service scheduling software solution, it has the ability to run your business and its daily bookings efficiently.

    No matter what type of business you are running, SimplyBook.me is the booking app that handles the everyday hassle of scheduling, task assigning, and tracking.

    Loaded with extraordinary features and functionalities, this cleaning service software can handle almost all the things like:

    • Ease in booking an appointment
    • Reduce no-shows by reminders
    • Accept payments
    • Facebook and Instagram booking functionality
    • Real-time updates and notifications
  3. YouCanBook.me

    YouCanBook.me is an easy-to-use online booking software solution. This booking application helps you to add customer bookings straight into the calendar to decrease the total number of back and forth email coordination.

    It comes with the capability to integrate with Google Calendar, YouCanBook.met has made it easy to share your cleaners’ availability and allows clients to self-book appointments.

    In fact, they visit the profile of your workers and cleaners and book anyone as per their requirements. You can list down your services in the list form, and the customer can choose any cleaning service he/she needs and book it for any date, time, and location nearby.

    Provides reminders, real-time notifications, SMS, and email notifications to reduce no-shows. Check out some exclusive features of YouCanBook.me cleaning services software:

    • Appointment bookings and management
    • Cancellation and rebooking
    • Connectivity with multiple calendars
    • Follow-up emails and reduce no-shows

    So, these are the top three online cleaning service booking system solutions developed for businesses like cleaning service providers and other companies that find it difficult to manage bookings and service requests.

Have some queries related to cleaning service management software? Don’t worry; we have come up with frequently asked questions in the next section.


SimplyBook.me. It is the best scheduling software for cleaning business companies. It has a separate booking page, maid service business offers, booking website, booking form, and more to help customers book services.

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The online booking software solution helps you manage different business operations like work orders, employee schedules, customer information, and even time tracking.

We have covered detailed information on various online booking software that helps you manage your daily online bookings and requests on a large scale. Then, based on your business needs, you can select the best one from the list mentioned.

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