8 Sure Shot Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business from Scratch

Starting a new cleaning business involves some challenging tasks, but you can enjoy a stable and profitable business as long as you go about it strategically.

You need to take care of essential points like creating proper planning, including the demanded services, buying equipment, hiring resources, and marketing your business.

But, what strategies do you need to take? Have you ever thought about it?

Continue reading this article as we have highlighted the essential tips for starting a cleaning business to resolve all your queries and help you become your company’s boss. So let’s get started.

Overview of Cleaning Service Business

A cleaning service business typically follows CDC-recommended procedures to provide cleanliness services like window cleaner, green cleaning, vacuuming, and even waxing.

Usually, there are two basic categories involved in the cleaning business. They are:

  1. Residential cleaning service: A cleaning company that provides quality services in homes with fewer operating costs.
  2. Commercial cleaning service: A cleaning company that provides cleaning solutions to office buildings like waxing, window cleaning, and even service related to deep disinfecting the various sections.

8 Tips for Starting a Cleaning Service Business from Scratch

As a small business owner, it becomes of prime importance for you to understand the essential tips and tricks mentioned below to make your work easy.

Tips for starting a cleaning business from scratch

  1. Decide for Easy-to-Remember Business Name and Catchy Business Logo

    A business name along with a catchy logo is the primary identity where the customers acknowledge your business. You must keep a business name that conveys some meaning.

    So, in your business model, you should come up with such as cleaning business name that:

    • is professional and unique
    • is search engine friendly
    • include your basic maid service information
    • doesn’t conflict with an already registered business

    Moreover, the company logo that you design or create on your own will also be helpful for marketing materials like business cards, business vehicles, and other promotional activities.

  2. Plan and Set Your Budget

    You need to perform budget pre-planning as a top-priority and on-demand task. You need to consider all the essential and possible profit and loss margins when starting a new cleaning business.

    For setting up your cleaning business budget, you need to take care of the following metrics in your business plan for providing services to home cleaning/office cleaning:

    • Costs for cleaners
    • Cleaning products and cleaning supplies cost for household chores or commercial cleaning services
    • Costs for cleaning chemicals
  3. Identify Your Business Expertise

    Cleaning businesses are well-known for providing efficient cleaning services categorized into residential or commercial cleaning services. The primary goal when starting your new business in the cleaning industry is to provide the best services to your customers. You must search and select the services depending on the customer’s needs. Moreover, you can include some specialized services that other businesses are not offering in your competition.

  4. Decide on the Prime Location of your Office

    If you have more employees to work in your house cleaning business, you need to buy or rent office space. The employees will have ample space to function and even communicate with the customers face-to-face.

    The best recommendation is to set up your office at a location where you find more senior citizens residing. It becomes easy for them to visit your office, look out for the cleaning services you offer, and become your potential customers.

  5. Hire Employees

    During the startup, it’s the perfect choice to start cleaning with a small team. But as your business grows, you need to include more employees in your team to perform cleaning jobs, and you need ample space to work at the same time.

    By hiring employees in your business, you get a chance to concentrate more on other tasks, and most importantly, your business operations work faster.

  6. Transportation Vehicles

    For any cleaning business, having a business vehicle is of prime importance. When you plan to start a cleaning business, you need to checkout or analyze in detail the transport vehicles to carry your essential cleaning supplies.

    As per your business requirements, you can include a fuel-saving wagon, easy-to-control and that can easily bear a heavy load of cleaning supplies.

  7. Making Use of Referral Policies in Your Marketing Strategy

    To get new customers in your cleaning business by spending less money, you can opt for referral programs. One of the best examples is using word-of-mouth methods in your marketing strategy or when someone recommends your cleaning services to their friends and a family member.

    Using referrals, the customers get full assurance that your company name is their priority among different cleaning companies when planning to clean their home or office. Also, you can enhance the customer service experience by rewarding the customers for their referrals.

  8. Expand Your Business Horizons

    Once everything is well-settled, you can include additional on-demand services in your company to enhance the customer list. Nowadays, the carpet cleaning business is the most prominent example that helps carpet cleaners to offer the best services to their customers with minimal effort.

    Also, you can even initiate by creating a checklist of all essential cleaning supplies that are mandatory to run your successful business.

So, these are the key steps that you can implement when you are planning to start your own cleaning business. However, there may be many questions still arising in your mind related to such topics; we have come up with the frequently asked questions in the next section.


For starting a cleaning business from scratch, a business owner needs to make sure the following steps are taken into consideration.

  1. Try cleaning by yourself
  2. Be specific about the budget you set for your business
  3. Be ready with a list of cleaning equipment and supplies
  4. Give the best brand name to your cleaning business
  5. Perform all the legal formalities like license and insurance
  6. Market your cleaning business
  7. Hire more staff to increase business productivity
  8. Adopt cleaning business software for scheduling

Starting a cleaning business is completely worthy as it allows an entrepreneur to deal with enhancing the business efficiency for the following reasons:

  1. You can initiate with lower capital
  2. Work in conjunction with janitorial business
  3. Cash disbursement at regular interval
  4. Try to buy equipment in advance
  5. Minimal labor costs
  6. No degree or technical knowledge is essential for cleaners

Usually, it depends upon the number of rooms, room size, and other essential factors that need to be cleaned. If you find that the house or office is small or large, you can charge your clients accordingly. As per the recent survey by Home Advisor, it has been found that the average cost can range from $90 to $150, and based on the hourly rate, it can cost from $25 to $90 per cleaner.

To obtain a license for your cleaning business, you, as a company owner, need to follow the essential steps as mentioned below:

  • First, you need to consult your local government to analyze what process to follows
  • Fill the essential forms to register your business
  • You need to decide whether you want to go for sole proprietorship or franchise
  • Apply for your business license

To answer this question, you, as a cleaning company owner, need to take care of the following points:

  • Look after your employees
  • Position your maid services as “contactless”
  • Adjust your marketing message
  • Diversify your services
  • Apply for a business line of credit
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

A cleaning business owner of either residential cleaning or commercial cleaning business need to take into account the following metrics when starting a cleaning business from scratch:

  • Business license, permits, and registration fees
  • Buying insurance policies
  • Cleaning products and cleaning supplies
  • Equipment required
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Labor costs at an hourly rate
Usually, depending on the client’s location, the cleaners may take up to 45mins to 1 hr to clean a single home. But the timing may increase depending on the size of your home.

Getting commercial contracts is not an easy task. You need to be very careful and active during this process. Just make sure that the cleaning business owners should start promotional activities by sharing competitive quotes. Moreover, you need to take care of the following metrics:

  • Develop a responsive website
  • Build a strong partnership with a local cleaning business
  • Offers atypical services to customers in the bidding process
  • Make use of referral programs


So, by looking at the tips mentioned in this article, it is clear that starting a cleaning business is relatively simple.

Starting from giving a name to marketing your cleaning business involves many metrics that you need to encounter. But, if fulfilled with proper care, no one can stop you from becoming the boss of your business.

With increasing responsibilities, it becomes important to automate and streamline your business operations with field service scheduling software. FieldCamp is a one-stop solution for you. You can easily create, manage, and schedule cleaning jobs for your cleaners and get all the real-time updates of their activities.