What is Field Service Automation? What are the Advantages of Field Service Automation?

With an increasing demand for mobility to acquire real-time visibility and a surge in adoption of digitalization & automation in the field services industry, the field service management market will reach $10.81 billion by 2026.

As a field service business owner, you might be facing issues that affect your business productivity like tracking and deploying technicians, managing resources, providing customer satisfaction, and managing tight schedules manually.

So, you need to adopt an optimum solution that can easily automate your field service operations. Field service automation is a one-stop solution for your company to gain a superior reputation in the field service industry.

To know more about field service automation, continue reading this article as we have highlighted the core concepts of automation and its benefits.

What is Field Service Automation?

Field service automation — more commonly known as field service management — refers to the collective processes, policies, and procedures that a field service organization uses to manage resources.

The word “automation” represents the technological aspects to streamline the business processes, policies, and even procedures.

What is Field Service Automation Software?

Typically, field service management businesses have dedicated teams with a high level of coordination to manage several tasks and workflows to ensure excellent service delivery.

For example, field service automation software can automatically pair the right employee to the job based on the work order’s requirements and the skill set. Or, it can be used to submit automatically and validate all open claims to the end of a customer’s warranty program.

Advantages of Field Service Automation

There are numerous benefits, but not limited to embracing field service automation and implementing a field service automation solution:

Advantages of field service automation

  1. Simplified Workflow Management

    The majority of the tasks performed in many field service companies are inefficient due to their workflow complexities. The primary reason behind it is unnecessary and repetitive steps making your business deal with slower resolution times.

    As per the recent survey by UiPath, it has been found that almost 67% of global workers feel crushed by repetitive tasks.

    You can easily simplify the common workflows of your field service technicians using field service automation. It allows an agile method to process your service request faster efficiently, and field technicians can easily find the customer’s location.

  2. Minimizes Manual Effort

    You can feel redundant and unproductive if you perform the jobs like data analysis, tracking technicians, managing schedules, and updating service requests manually.

    Moreover, manually scheduling multiple service tasks to field technicians also hinders agent efficiency. To overcome such issues, field service automation helps you eliminate these tasks and frees up valuable time for your service teams to focus on helping the customer.

  3. Improve Business Efficiency and Speed of Service

    In your field service business, you’ll come across many time-consuming tasks. But, if you have a field service automation system in your business, you can efficiently perform such tasks within a short period.

    Moreover, you can maintain strong bonding with your field service team and even maintain customer engagement on a large scale using a field service app.

    Field service software enables technicians to deal with various customer appointments, view service history, job history, and even work with back-office systems. With its mobile access, the field workers can easily view the customer information like locations with GPS tracking, work history, and other factors to get there faster and improve efficiency.

  4. Enables Better Team Coordination

    One of the major pain points you face in your field service company is a lack of coordination with your field workers.

    The FSM software solutions in your business can make it easy to automate the field technician’s workflow. As a result, the communication becomes relatively smooth between technicians and office staff. Apart from this, the software solution plays a vital role in streamlining the entire process, starting from scheduling to report generations.

    Once you adopt FSM software in your business, all the essential field operations are centralized at one location, and it makes it easy for you to streamline service delivery. In short, the coordination becomes powerful if your service team accesses the company data and customer details from a single place.

  5. Improves Professionalism

    Nowadays, most customers want to associate with the top brands in the field service company with modern technology. So, it becomes essential for you to develop a professional look in your business, especially in service deliveries and customer satisfaction.

    The best way to ensure professionalism in your business is to make use of a dedicated FSM tool. It ensures basic functionalities that represent how you conduct your business.

    You will direct communication with the professional teams from software organizations if you are stuck somewhere while using the FSM software. Thus, it will improve the quality and efficiency of your field service business.

    FSM software manages all your business information in a single database intending to have easy access by every staff member to all such information. In addition, by having a central database, your technicians can quickly troubleshoot and access applicable data while working on the job site.

    Your field teams have real-time access to information from anywhere, reducing the number of visits to the office. If the techs have the right tools while working in the field, they can simply pick the next task, visit customers, and execute the assigned task.

  6. Enhance the Productivity of Field Service Technicians

    The field service technicians can quickly receive notifications to perform the right task at the right time using a field service automation solution. It is possible by connecting any smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with your organization’s field service automation solution.

    Moreover, a technician can efficiently deal with work orders, asset management, inventory management, service-level agreements (SLAs), and more while working in the field.

  7. Faster Invoicing

    With the help of mobile accessibility, it becomes pretty easy for the technicians to automatically submit all the essential information about the job performed. It can be total time spent, parts and materials used, and even take the customer’s electronic signature while still working onsite.

    By having such information, field service automation software automatically generates an invoice for the work done, considering discounts and warranties.

  8. Real-time Scheduling

    You have the absolute power to create and manage the technician’s work schedules. Also, your technicians can make changes in schedules as and when required.

    Once the schedule is created, a real-time notification is sent to your mobile device.

  9. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Your top priority is to create a positive customer experience. For that, you need to work hard and provide the best services to them.

    Nowadays, many leading field service management businesses utilize predictive analytics to foresee the needs of their customers and ensure a seamless service experience every time they are engaged.

    When your field technicians complete the task at hand efficiently, the customer is satisfied.

    No one wants to deal with multiple visits, delayed service, or lack of coherence when the field representatives arrive. If the tech has the information on hand, from his or her dispatching software, to take care of the customer in a smooth, fast manner, it’s less hassle.

    Customers have little tolerance for mix-ups or field service organizations that aren’t prepared for the job when they arrive.

How Field Service Automation Software Helps Field Service Management Companies?

By adopting field service automation software solutions in your business, you can avail yourself of many benefits for you and your business. So let’s crack it one by one.

How field service automation software helps field service management companies?

  1. Work Order Management

    You receive a lot of work orders daily. Now, don’t tell me that you are using paper forms to manage and track work orders. Such inefficient processes affect your business’s productivity as it is time-consuming.

    The best way to get rid of such traditional methods is to use FSM software that allows you to create, assign, and track maintenance work orders across your business. In addition, the work order process becomes quicker by automation as FSM software sends work order details directly to invoicing or the customer when completed.

    In your field service business, every staff member, including you, can use digital work orders and streamline business operations.

  2. Scheduling All Service Tasks

    One of the essential factors that you need to take care of is scheduling your technicians and your business. Field service automation software makes it easy for you to create and manage job schedules and check your technicians’ availability.

    You can assign newly created tasks to the field technicians by adding job-related information in the software. Then, the technician verifies the job details and visits the customer’s location to complete the task.

    Moreover, you have an option to filter the schedules of your desired service groups and quickly identify the right technicians for the job.

  3. Real-time Field Staff Status Update and Tracking

    Creating and managing the technician scheduling can be a burdensome task for you, especially on canceled or rearranged jobs. Likewise, if some new or emergency jobs enter the system at any time, you must be ready to solve that issue.

    In short, it becomes pretty complex for you to view the job status and know the location of technicians without software. But with field service management software automation features, you can assign technicians new jobs in one click and even track them with ease.

    The good part of the FSM software solution is that you can easily recognize the productivity gaps in technician schedules. Also, you can automatically schedule recurring work orders on the job completion and streamline the entire workflow.

  4. Comprehensive Business Reporting and Analytics

    Nowadays, data plays an essential role in many field service organizations in this digitized world and helps pinpoint areas of improvement with perfect accuracy.

    With robust reporting and analytics, you can gain valuable and real-time insights into your field operations. A detailed report plays a significant role in knowing the actual data of your team’s or business performance. FSM software helps you to create multiple reports using a mobile application.

    You can create reports to understand which aspects of your team’s performance need to be improved. Also, it helps you to make a perfect decision to enhance the business productivity in terms of scaling your team based on ticket volume trends and other metrics.

  5. Job Management

    Another benefit of field service automation is that all necessary information about each job related to field service operations is easily maintained and stored in the cloud. So, it becomes easy for the technicians to view the follow-up appointments or maintenance calls.

    Field service apps play a vital role in automating the multiple jobs that work as a sequence of numerous events and generally occur outside the walls in a very streamlined fashion.

    Using field service management software, you can easily streamline managing chores, giving you complete control over the workforce. It is more than just a to-do list; it controls your work, prioritizes tasks, coordinates with team members, and tracks the entire business process.

  6. Online Payment and Invoicing

    Invoicing is one of the essential assets of any field service organization. An invoice is usually created once the job is completed from the technician’s end and approval from the customer.

    By having FSM software solutions in your business, you can automate all the essential job information like total time spent, the material used, customer feedback, and even the customer’s digital signature. Wow! So many things with only one software solution.

    With such information, the FSM system automatically generates the invoices quickly to calculate the price, identifies the products available under warranty, outstanding commitments, and discounts.

Still, if you have any questions related to field service automation, we have come up with a list of frequently asked questions in the next section.


Field service management software provides optimum solutions to the business by managing, delivering, and optimizing various field operations. Some of the standard business operations are:

  • Tracking requests
  • Creating and managing job schedules
  • Workforce management
  • Managing personnel
  • To maintain and increase visibility into operations

The field service companies use FSM software to streamline and automate business operations with field service automation. However, there are some other reasons too:

  • Job scheduling
  • Staff management
  • Customer management
  • Payment processing
  • Invoice management
  • Get the right tools for the right job
  • Share information in real-time
  • Make your remote employees feel part of the team
  • Ensure your remote team workers’ understand your company’s goals and objectives
  • Keep the communication lines open
  • Schedule regular calls and meetings
  • Foster a remote culture

Managing a field service technician is one of the essential tasks for you. It is possible by:

  • Creating an effective scheduling
  • Meeting customer’s demands
  • Ensuring real-time connectivity
  • Promoting productivity and efficiency of technicians
  • Establishing supporting back-end processes


We hope you got a clear idea about field service automation and how it helps you streamline your field service operations.

Field service automation software typically covers almost all the business activities and makes the work easy for you and your field staff. Such software solutions help you overcome the complexities you face in scheduling, dispatching, and even generating reports.

You’ll come across many software solutions that can help your business to deal with such factors. But the best which understands your business values and allows you to enhance your business efficiency. FieldCamp is a one-stop solution for managing your business, from scheduling to generating reports and even dealing with technician scheduling.