What is Field Service Management? Business Tips for FSM

Do you know that the market size of field service management systems will reach $5.1 billion by 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.0% during the forecast period?

The graph shows that the global field service management market by region covers the top 5 geographic regions, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, and Latin America. North America is expected to account for the biggest market share during the forecast period because of the presence of technologically and economically advanced countries like the US and Canada.

To make managing field services easier than ever, you can adopt FSM software that helps your business keep track of all your field operations like orders, service technicians on call, inventory, scheduling, dispatch, billing, and more.

This article has detailed information on what field service management is and how it helps your business enhance performance and productivity on a large scale. So, let’s get started.

What is Field Service?

Field service refers to any service usually carried out in the field like the client’s location. Field service technicians play a vital role in the field service delivery as they are solely responsible for performing the field service operation.

The primary job of field service workers is to install, repair, and even maintain the client’s equipment.

What is Field Service Management (FSM)?

Field service management (FSM) refers to the management of a company’s resources and so many essential operations like:

  • Work order management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Monitoring technician’s activities
  • Track job status
  • Service technicians on call
  • Inventory management
  • Work scheduling and dispatching
  • Asset management
  • Billing
  • Other administrative tasks

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What are the Benefits of Field Service Management?

In general, a field service management solution involves dispatching field technicians to a location outside company premises, or we can say customer’s location to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems, or assets.

Field service managers keep track of the field workers and coordinate with field service practitioners who deliver skilled, specialized, or proprietary services to commercial or industrial clients.

The table depicts a clear vision of how field service management solution helps businesses, customers, and even field service technicians.

  • Workflow standardization
  • Getting rid of paper-work
  • Quicker invoicing
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Equipment tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Easily track the technician location
  • Share the feedback
  • Real-time communication with field techs
  • Getting rid of unexpected delays
  • Meet customer expectations
Field Service Technicians
  • Asset management
  • Data integration, reporting, forecasting
  • Customer service
  • Site access management
  • The correct information on time

What is Field Service Management Software?

An FSM software automates and streamlines various field service operations. Here I will share the example of FieldCamp to demonstrate what such software does.

FieldCamp lets you assign jobs to your technicians. You will be able to manage and share all the work details in one place. Track the task allocated to the workers. Moreover, FieldCamp will automatically provide an update of their job status.

An FSM software like FieldCamp will immediately send emails to the clients if the invoice payment is due. Also, you will know which technician is performing the best, the one who needs fewer jobs or more hours. Which person in the team might not be pulling their weight. You will no longer have to guess any of it, as FieldCamp will share accurate reports to answer these questions. An FSM software enables you to increase productivity.

What I shared is just the tip of the iceberg. A field service management software can do much more, but I hope you got the basic idea regarding its capabilities.

Warning Signs That You Need Better Field Service Management

It’s high time to get a new field service management if you are continually experiencing the following issues:

  • There is too much paperwork
  • Can’t find the files you need
  • Not getting enough time to generate new leads and sales
  • Consistently missing essential deadlines or dealing with delays
  • Technicians don’t have the information they need
  • The scheduling leads to continuous problems
  • Communication with customers is poor
  • Getting regular complaints from consumers and technicians
  • The team’s productivity is at an all-time low
  • There is a feeling of uncertainty whether you are assigning the right field technician for the task or not
  • Creating, dispatching billing, and invoicing is a hassle
  • The current FSM technology is too expensive to maintain. It feels outdated
  • Managing the field service team is becoming a headache

If any of these look familiar, it may be time to go for an innovative mobile workforce management solution like FieldCamp. With this software, you can automate 90% of your daily operations. Also, save up to 95% of the time that you are spending on scheduling & reports.

How Field Service Management Software Helps Business?

Field service management technology plays a vital role in enhancing employee productivity and business performance.

How field service management software helps business?

  • Scheduling and Dispatching Made Easy

    It becomes pretty easy for dispatchers to automate scheduling, planning, and dispatching using FSM tools. Moreover, it dramatically reduces field employees’ downtime and reduces costs.

    The technicians can easily view all the job-related information directly on their mobile devices, making it easier and efficient to complete a job.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Field service management solution makes it easy for business owners to achieve two main objectives: customer acquisition and customer retention.

    One of the significant constraints that many businesses face is losing customers. It is possible by having late appointments, customer complaints, canceled service appointments, and double bookings. So, they need an optimum solution to get rid of this human error.

    The field service management software comes up with scheduling features that allow you to get real-time information on technicians and customers. Moreover, they can quickly assess every situation to handle the schedule efficiently and make the customers happy.

    On the other hand, the customers also can track technicians in real-time and preserve historical data on prior interactions.

  • Team Collaboration

    Field service management software is solely responsible for bridging the communication gap between field employees and service managers of field service companies. With the help of web apps and mobile applications, field workers can efficiently deal with:

    • Job management
    • Purchasing field service work orders
    • Reporting
    • Other critical business activities

    This helps to improve communication between field service teams and boosts productivity. Augmented reality and virtual reality also make it possible to enhance remote diagnostics and system maintenance.

  • Inventory Management

    Managing the list of inventories is one of the significant challenges of a field service business. Inventory can be the tools & equipment provided to a field employee or materials required for completing jobs.

    With the help of the inventory management feature, it brings insurance that the field technicians have a list of equipment when they need them on the job site. Also, it provides complete insight to service managers about:

    • Best-selling items
    • Items needed to be restocked
    • Technicians over-consuming materials
    • Business trends
  • Work Order Management

    Work order management flow

    Still, there exist many businesses that make use of paper forms or traditional software to capture the work orders. Unfortunately, it leads to delays in job scheduling and inaccurate data entries.

    To get rid of this, the business needs to adopt field service management software. It not only helps to eliminate paper-based field services but also streamlines business processes.

    Automating work orders allows capturing and processing customer & job data digitally, building KPIs, and improving efficiencies.

Business Tips to Grow Your Field Service Business

Let us now highlight some of the best tips that you, as a business owner, need to take care of to make your field service business a great success.

Business tips to grow your field service business

  1. Digitize Your Field Service Company

    The first step that you need to take is to digitize the way your field service business operates. The best way to do this is by adopting intuit field service management software solutions in your business.

    The software solution allows the field workers to connect easily with service managers and have instant access to documents and company resources. In addition, field service software gives your technicians an unlimited supply of materials and makes obtaining records instantaneously.

  2. Empowering Your Customer

    One of the critical parts of business practices is to stay connected with your potential customers. You need to work hard to improve customer satisfaction and provide them with a sense of empowerment.

    If cancellations or delays arise on either end of field service operations, the other party should immediately know about it. This will help rectify the situation as soon as possible and will prevent excessive wait times.

  3. Make Your Field Service Practitioners Marketing Pros

    One of the best ways to enhance customers in your business is to provide more power to your field service technician. In simple words, include the technicians in the marketing strategies by providing them tools to market the business services and brand.

    The business owners should start by providing discount coupons or business cards to their technicians on an initial level. It will make it easy for owners and customers to know about the service offerings and help meet customer demands.

  4. Work Order Automation

    Automation is one of the best solutions to grow your business. field service management software plays a vital role in automating business operations.

    By having FSM software in hand, the field techs can easily create work orders while working on the job site. They can even quote new jobs using the app and turn them into a work order.

    Preventative maintenance contracts can automatically generate service calls each month without someone having to keep an eye on them. That means you never miss a service call and have recurring revenue work orders automated in your system.

    So, these are the standard business tips that you can follow to improve business performance and employee productivity.

Still, do you have any questions related to field service management? No worries. We have come up with frequently asked questions in the next section.


Field Service Management is important because it helps a field service business to enhance its efficiency and capacity. The right management can achieve way bigger goals with fewer field technicians compared to a mismanaged company with more technicians. FSM helps service providers to deliver exceptional service with fewer resources and less time.

With the enhancement in technology innovation and rise in FSM software solutions, many future trends are upcoming in the field service industry.

These advancements in technology help businesses to deliver exactly what the customer expects.

  • Focusing on better response time
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Enhancing communication between technicians and service managers
  • Workflow optimization
  • Scheduling predictive maintenance

FieldCamp is a premier field service management software that comes with advanced FSM software features to automate and streamline business operations. This FSM solution allows mobile field service businesses to create and manage job schedules for service techs and even report generation with ease.

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The field service management tools handle almost everything that improves your business strength to make it more efficient and provides employees or individuals with the resources to make their jobs easier.

Once you invest in field service management solutions, you can easily get the benefits of establishing interactive customer relationships, minimizing operational costs, and improvising cash flow.

You will come across multiple options to choose from in the market. FieldCamp is one of the top-rated FSM software in the field service industry. It allows you to create and manage job schedules, field service workers, quickly generate reports, and many more making your business operation smooth.