Why Does Your Field Service Company Need Business Management Software?

In a highly competitive environment, companies must have an edge over the competitors. One way of creating an advantage for yourself is by managing your resources well and offering the best services to your customers.

With the changing circumstances, even a small business needs to step up its efforts to survive. The only reason some industry leaders are successfully managing their field operations is that they leveraged advanced technologies and take several variables into account, which are challenging to consider when manually controlling the entire business process. 52% of field service companies still use manual methods for field operations. Amazed? Continue reading to know the solution!

Introduction To Business Management Software

Adopting a management tool can help field service management companies or any other companies, for that matter, to tackle some of the biggest problems faced by the industry, which include:

  • Low technician productivity
  • Poor customer service
  • Route planning & optimization
  • Idle technician & equipment time
  • Increased operating costs
  • Unorganized job history, customer details, and other crucial data
  • Safety concerns

If you are still wondering why your field service company needs small business management software, then keep reading.

10 Reasons Your Field Service Company Needs Business Management Software

With the best field service management software by your side, you can:

  1. Improve Job Efficiency of Field Technicians

    Factors like fluctuating demands for service jobs and last-minute changes to work orders can add complexity, slowing down service on-field technicians. Inefficient service will eventually lead to revenue loss and affect customer satisfaction.

    With the help of a business management software system, dispatchers can streamline service workflow for better work order management, real-time updates, assigning tasks on mobile applications, adding comments, notes, and other helpful information to the technician’s mobile app. This helps in improving the efficiency of the technicians for providing high-quality service to your customers.

  2. Satisfying Modern Customer Expectations

    Expectation levels set by the customers from a field service company or any company, for that matter, are high. There is a reason for such high expectations. If one company does not offer the desired level of service, five other companies are standing in line to provide the same product or service with an even better experience.

    According to customer service stats by Salesforce Research, in 2021, 89% of customers are likely to make another purchase if they have had a positive customer experience. With every service, a positive customer experience needs to be in priority. As a business, you can offer a positive customer experience by making sure that:

    • The flow of customer communication is easy
    • Offer quick & efficient service
    • Making it easier for your customers to reach out to you
    • Offer personalized services
  3. Improve Field Service Technician Productivity

    The first-time fix rate for technicians is not met at least 1 out 4 times. This is an expensive and time-consuming mistake. It adds to travel costs, affects customer experience, and increases pending work orders. However, when field service technicians are offered the right tools and techniques to tackle the work orders, the first-time fix rate is bound to go up.

    Technician productivity can be increased by making necessary information available through a mobile app. The mobile app can also be used to integrate timesheets, offer real-time navigation, real-time tracking, and real-time support for job workflow. Making the information relating to inventory and spares available on the technician’s mobile app also helps.

    Field service management technology can help small businesses as well as any large enterprise to boost technician productivity. The technology brings together several modules and automates the majority of the process. When tasks are optimized properly by the software, the technicians can focus on more important duties.

  4. Service Follow-up and Tracking

    The field service management software not only improves activities before service. It is capable of tracking service progress and also analyzing the performance post service. Businesses are required to offer the best service and to maintain that level with the help of regular follow-up.

    Good work gets lost when there is no regular follow-up. Follow-up activities provide an insight into more ways of improving services. If anything went wrong during the service, it can be fixed through a service follow-up.

    When field service managers monitor technicians and their performance in real-time, it makes the service and the business process more proactive. Managing your field service reps becomes more straightforward. Anticipating problems even before they occur is made possible with a field service management tool.

  5. Easy Work Scheduling Process

    Streamlining workforce scheduling and managing last-minute changes helps your technicians maintain productivity and punctuality. Missing out on proper workforce scheduling leads to missed opportunities, a waste of time and money, and reduces overall productivity.

    With business management software, new work orders can be scheduled, assigned, and dispatched to field technicians based on their skillset and availability. In addition, the software allows you to employ real-time data in making important decisions. This data helps you streamline your workflow and make sure the business is running efficiently.

    A field service software can help immensely by connecting the right resources to the right jobs. A field service scheduling software can schedule job orders more efficiently, especially when the enterprise has a large flow of job orders.

  6. Capturing & Centralizing Necessary Information

    Field service technicians struggle a lot in their job due to a lack of information. The information can be related to their task, customers, work orders, location, or job. A field service management tool allows business owners to centralize all the necessary information and present it to all the employees on a single platform.

    Technicians can now easily access all the information related to their jobs and tasks on a mobile app. It makes their job easier, saves time, and creates a channel through which information flows. This technology covers an excellent knowledge gap which can otherwise create several errors for the business.

    Capturing and centralizing important information helps field service companies in making more informed decisions. It becomes a single resource of truth for the organization. In addition to allowing transparency, it offers scalability by making the process easier for the employees.

  7. Easy Invoicing and Payment Process

    Field service management tools are a boon for the field service industry. It solves one of the biggest hassles faced by small businesses and large businesses offering field services. Field workers can update work orders, add proof of delivery, update inventory, create & track invoices, and accept online payments on their mobile phones.

    Businesses often have to worry about unpaid invoices. But creating an invoice instantly speeds up the payment process as well. In addition, automating or digitizing the invoicing and payment process is a great way of taking the load off of staff members. This can be done by tracking and initiating invoice reminders to clients.

  8. Add, Update, and Access the Field Report With Ease

    Another tedious task that becomes extremely easy to handle with field management software is reporting. Employees in the field have to create daily reports regarding their duties and work orders and update the field service managers.

    Job completion or job management reports can be added, updated, and accessed with ease by field service managers and business owners with a handy tool. It allows the field service process to be more transparent and opens possibilities for clear communication.

    The reports can be stored in the system and accessed for future reference as and when needed. It doesn’t occupy space and at the same time makes the managers’ job easier. It also allows managers to provide instant feedback.

  9. Paperless Processes and Customized Report

    The adoption of field service management software allows businesses to go paperless. Physical documents take up a lot of space. In addition, they can prove to be expensive to generate and store. Having a digital process means anyone can access it easily from anywhere using a mobile device. A digital strategy can satisfy several top strategic actions as it:

    • Improves data integration between the field systems and back-office systems
    • Provide field workers with task-related information in real-time
    • Track service performance in real-time
    • Enable real-time tracking of resources and technicians
    • Leverage mobile strategy across all levels of the organization
    • Creating & handling customized reports and forms for office staff members and customers also becomes easier
  10. Business Automation and Centralized Management System

    Having a field service management system as the central system offers several advantages. But one of the most significant advantages is the ease with which it blends all the aspects of the business process.

    The platform becomes a centralized management system incorporating inventory management, customer relationship management, work order management, etc. Having a centralized system makes it easier for business managers to automate most repetitive tasks that do not need constant input from the office staff members.

    A centralized system offers a clear direction for the business process and goals. It allows easy and quick implementation of business decisions while improving the overall quality of work. Managers can ensure that costs are under control, operational efficiency is maintained, and keep data consistent and secured across the business process.

Still, have some questions or queries regarding field service management software? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

An efficient and sure way of improving your field service business is by integrating field service management software to enhance efficiency further and grow your business. Field service management software offers support to automate the business process and focus on making services more efficient.
Field service management software is used by field service technicians and field service businesses, offering HVAC repair, telecommunications, cable repair, cleaning, carpeting, plumbing, and healthcare.
Yes, a field service management software is installed with algorithms & features that automate the scheduling process by matching the queries with the right resources and scheduling them according to the priority or distance of the drivers.
Yes, if your business receives work orders and your field service representatives need help to manage and complete those work orders and assignments, field service management software can help you automate the process.

Scale Your Business with the Right Field Service Management Software

The future requires us, people and businesses, to be more dynamic. In a constantly changing and challenging environment, you must get support from the tools and techniques necessary explicitly designed to fight those challenges. In the coming years, more dynamic behavior will be asked of businesses.

If the competitors grab it and you don’t, there will be a lot to lose. Businesses that have stayed away from automation or schedule optimization are currently struggling. They will keep working in the future if they do not accept the FSM tools available to them.

These tools are already made available to you. All you have to do is choose the best field service management tool and integrate it with your existing business process. Once you do that, scaling your business processes will be a breeze.