40 Innovative Seasonal Business Ideas for Growth

According to Investopedia, a season is a predictable pattern or fluctuation that repeats or recurs over a year.

Running a seasonal business can help unlock great opportunities during a particular season and provide you with the space to run different seasonal businesses throughout the year.

But with multiple options for starting a seasonal business, it can be overwhelming for you to pick a few for your income generation.

Don’t worry.

We have filtered the best 40 proven seasonal business ideas for you to choose from. So without further ado, let’s get started.

20 Business Ideas for Warm Season

The best businesses for a warm and humid season are:

1. Sports coaching and training

Sports coaching and training - season business idea

If you are into sports or a personal health care enthusiast, you have an opportunity to convert your passion into a career. You can acquire the required equipment using a business loan and market your training services to the right customers this summer.

2. Furniture restoration

The summer and spring months mostly witness shopping at its peak. If you have the talent to restore, reclaim and resell second-hand furniture, you can start a professional furniture restoration business to help you earn decent profits.

3. House painting

Many individuals want to improve their homes and commercial spaces during summer. You can provide them with the service with a fresh coat of paint to improve the look and feel of the living or workspace. Starting a house painting business requires minimal investment and workforce to deliver quality results.

4. Fireworks retailer

The demand for fireworks increases during July 4, and you can earn decent profits running a seasonal fireworks retail store. You must get registered as a legal entity in the state, find the right real estate, and open a bank account to start a small-scale fireworks retail shop.

5. Petsitter

Petsitter - season business idea

Most families like to travel during the summertime, but it’s hard for everyone to carry their pets to their desired destination. You can start part-time pet sitting services that can be a great source of income and quality seasonal business during the summers. 

6. Tutoring

Providing quality education to young kids or teenagers can help you earn decent profits and improve the knowledge and skill set of the students. During the summer and spring breaks, parents don’t want their children to lose touch with their studies. So, you can engage them with fun trivia quizzes for kids or with other educational activities.

Tutoring can help you provide the required knowledge and ensure decent cash flow during the season.

7. Outdoor guide

You can spend warm-weather months outside and provide the knowledge of your adventures to others. 

Being an outdoor adventure guide, you can use your hiking and camping experience to provide required assistance and expertise to the enthusiast’s adventures who are new to the outdoor experience. 

8. Moving services

Summer is the busiest season in the real estate industry. You can start a moving service from the folks who are shifting to a new house or apartment. It can be a great seasonal or permanent business idea to help you earn decent profits.

9. Pool cleaning business

Pool cleaning business - season business idea

During the summertime, everyone likes to dip in the pool and enjoy the brisking summer day. You can start a professional pool maintenance business that can provide your audience with a clean and safe pool and help you earn decent profits.

 10. Bike rental business

Providing rental bikes during warm weather is a great business idea that can scale to new heights within a few years of consistency and hard work. If you know the nuances around a bike, it’s a great opportunity for you. 

 11. Canoe and kayak rental business

You can start a kayak and canoe rental business because of the rising demand of individuals wanting to go out on the water during the summer break. If you enjoy water sports and want to establish a great career in the water sports industry, it’s a great business idea for you.

 12. Miniature golf course

Miniature golf course - season business idea

Being an enthusiastic golfer and a result-oriented business owner, you can set up a miniature golf course that can be a great seasonal business opportunity.

 13. Lawn care

It’s a great seasonal business that wants to provide lawn care service to homeowners or commercial businesses. The entry barrier is comparatively low for the business, and there’s not much requirement for additional certification or licensure.

 14. Food trucks

You can choose to start a food truck if you want to expand your restaurant empire or start fresh. You can be available to your customers, like at a park, at a beach, and near great summertime activities.

 15. Pedicab

You can start a small pedal-operated vehicle that can help customers reach a specific destination. You can start a pedicab with minimal investment by becoming a cyclist. It can be a great side hustle during the summer or springtime.

 16. Farmer’s market

You can also start a farmers’ market and serve your community fresh fruits and vegetables. You need a decent’ friendly outdoor environment that can help you attract more customersand deliver a quality customer experience. 

 17. Summer camp

Starting a successful summer camp can be a great idea as a seasonal business during the summer. You can interact with kids, teach them, and enjoy playing with them. 

 18. Surf school

You can start a surf school and teach individuals who love the open water and want to catch the perfect wave. 

 19. Horseback riding lessons

Horseback riding lessons - season business idea

Similar to surf school, you can also start riding lessons for horse lovers to learn the special horse-riding skill.

 20. Challenge course

You can start a challenge course where individuals have to go through a series of obstacles, travel across ropes, zip lines, or rock-climbing. Individuals love these fun and adventurous activities, and it’s a great opportunity to start a seasonal business.

20 Business Ideas for Cold and Fall Season

Similar to the summer business ideas, we have also filtered the best seasonal business ideas for the cold and fall seasons.

 21. Snow removal

The snow removal business is a great seasonal business idea for many successful entrepreneurs, and local businesses have adapted. The low-cost business idea requires minimum requirements and startup costs to start your own business. The industry generated over  $20.5 billion in 2021 and offered high demand for businesses to scale. 

 22. Holiday light installation

Installing lights on houses or Christmas trees during the holiday season is a great business idea to earn decent profits. You should invest in the right tools and workforce to create a robust holiday light installation ecosystem for your business’ success.

 23. HVAC heating

The harsh winter weather generates great demand for heating services. You can avoid the air conditioning and cooling segment if you can choose the heating segment of the HVAC industry.

 24. Chimney sweep

Most customers want to sweep their chimneys at the end of fall or early winter. You can provide them with sweeping chimney services that can help them save time and effort and help you earn profits.

 25. Home winter weatherproofing

During the early winter months and the late fall, people want to waterproof their homes to ensure no leakage. You can provide services like roof checks, cleaning drains, improving subfloor ventilation, and other winter waterproofing solutions.

 26. Christmas tree farm

You can grow pine trees and allow customers to visit your space to purchase the pitch-perfect Christmas tree for their homes. You require a decent land space and outreach to your target market to create a huge demand for your business.

 27. Holiday pop-up shop

A temporary pop-up retail store is a great idea for generating extra money during the winter season and helping shoppers to avail of the desired gifts from a one-shop stop.

 28. Gift wrapping service

Gift wrapping service - season business idea

During the festive season, the demand for gifts rises. You can set up a seasonal gift-wrapping service to boost your seasonal income.

 29. Ice rink

You can set up a great ice rink where people can visit for a small fee. Being one of the stand-out small business ideas, you require enough space to make it a successful business venture.

 30. Custom ornament sales

Holiday ornaments are customers’ most popular purchases during the winter season. You can set up a customer ornament shop to provide unique and special ornaments to each individual.

 31. Sleigh ride service

You can offer winter-themed sleigh rides around the downtown or parks. You need a minimal investment to purchase the ride; it can be a fun and great business idea. 

 32. Hot beverage stands

The scorching winter increases the demand for good hot coffee, tea, and chocolate. You can start a hot beverage stand near the shopping areas or parks that can increase footfall and help you earn decent numbers.

33. Towing service

Many drivers get stuck in snowbanks or slide on the ice. You can start a towing service that can provide them with great assistance. 

34. Wreath sales

Offer your customers natural wreaths made out of evergreen branches so that your customers can purchase quality festive products.

35. Ski destination rentals

You can also start a winter season business related to winter tourism. You can start a resort or rent a room near a ski destination on platforms like Airbnb.

36. Winter sports instructor

Being an expert in winter sports like hockey or skiing allows you to become a professional winter sports instructor and share your experience and knowledge with enthusiasts. 

37. Winter sports equipment rental

Start a winter sports equipment rental shop near ski slopes or ice rinks. You can provide enthusiasts with skis, snowboards, or ice skates that can generate decent rental income for you.

38. Holiday cookie sales

You can open up a bakery that is focused on festive cookies and other desserts. It’s a great business idea because of the demand in the bakery industry.

39. Greeting card sales

Like successful business owners, you must start an evergreen seasonal business. Selling greeting cards during the festive winter season is a great business idea with minimal overhead costs, minimum business license requirements, no liability insurance, or strict intervention from local regulations.

40. Knit accessories

Knit accessories - season business idea

Being a ​​professional knitter or crocheter, you can make hats, scarves, and other accessories that can be sold reasonably to help you earn great profits.

Using these top seasonal business ideas, you can generate a decent income through different businesses according to the season.

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Examples of seasonal businesses are house-sitting jobs, spring cleaning, farmers’ markets, landscaping business, window washing, moving trucks, summer camps, chimney safety institute, personal training, and laundry service, among other small-scale businesses.
Yes. Seasonal businesses are profitable and offer a great opportunity for business owners to operate different businesses throughout the year based on the specific season.
You can start a seasonal business by filtering out the demand in the industry and selecting the ideal business. Research the industry and audience details to set up your business plan and execute the plan to establish a successful seasonal business.

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