Complete Field Service Automation


FieldCamp is an all-in-one field service management software that completely automates the operation of your entire service business, including:

  • Job Scheduling
  • Payment Processing
  • Staff Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Customer Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

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How Field Service Business Software Is Boon For your Business?

Icon01Work From Anywhere

Take your business anywhere you go – from fields to canteens, and on roads. With FieldCamp, you have all the essential business operations in the palm of your hands!

Icon02Tremendously Easy

Field scheduling software tools make your life easier than ever. Mainly designed to reward you with a plateful of “aah”, it is perfect for your needs. Say goodbye to your complex solutions and hello to a simplified way of running your service business.

Icon03Make More Money

Excited to earn more profit, right? By increasing productivity of your team and automatic operations, you will earn more revenue. Not that bad tradeoff for making your life easier.

Icon04Fully Organized

Do you dream of having an ultra-organized business? No matter where you’re at on the organizational spectrum, FieldCamp will help tighten those corners, dust up the clutter, and make your business even more tidy.

Icon05Smart Reports

Business owners need data. And you shouldn’t have to scrounge for it. FieldCamp serves up smart reports with a single tap, so you can know what you need to know without any extra effort. Ready to generate reports in real-time?

Icon06Wow! I’m Impressed

Impress your customers with tools and features that make their life easier, too. From payment methods to customized service, FieldCamp makes your customers feel important. Because they are precious.

Icon07Get Started Instantly

Field service management solutions should be fast. Flatten the learning curve, and put this app into the hands of your field staff right away. There’s no time to lose.

Icon08We’ve Got Your Industry

FieldCamp delivers services to all the industries. With it’s customization option, the software works as efficiently as possible for your business requirements. Just adopt our software and reap the benefits.

Icon09Never Lose a Penny

Top-notch organization, super efficient scheduling, and a comprehensive suite of tools will put your field business running at peak performance.

We Get You.

Field service management software for your business requirements.

Whether it’s pet-sitting or petunia planting, you need field service business software that’s designed for your unique business, not some cookie cutter model. That’s the power of FieldCamp— any field service business can use this software. Plus, you can customize the app according to your unique needs.

Plumbing Software


FieldCamp is the best scheduling software that will handle all the plumbing requests from your customers, assigning jobs to workers, and tracking workers and payments in real-time.
Carpenting Software


Being in the carpenting business, if you want to spend less time on paperwork, then FieldCamp is all-in-one software to organizing schedule jobs, track the progress, and keep clients happy.
HVAC Software


Whether you have 10 or 100 technicians and repair workers in your HVAC business, FieldCamp is one such HVAC dispatching software that manages your entire business in clicks from anywhere and anytime.
Cleaning Software


Want to manage everything related to your cleaning business in a few minutes? FieldCamp is the solution that you need to automate your cleaning business operations and help you save time and money.
A Simple-to-Use Field Service Software to Organize Everything
Increase Profits and Streamline the Operations of Your Field Service Business
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Field Service Management Software Key Features

Key Features Of FieldCamp, Top Field Service Management Software

All The Exclusive Features01

Field service scheduling software with all the whistles and bells!

FieldCamp comes with all the essential features, such as scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, follow-ups, payment processing, reporting, and even customer reviews — it’s all packed into a small but mighty field service business app.


Sign-up In Just a Few Seconds02

Sign-up Process Will Have A Few Moments & You Are Ready To Use

Begin using the app by logging in with a Facebook or Google account. Business or personal accounts are accepted. Fifteen seconds. Yep, that’s all you need to get started.

Get Started in 15 Seconds Flat03

Service business is about speed, right?

It makes sense that setting up your field service management software shouldn’t be a painful chore. Simply fill out the information and you’re ready to roll.


One App To Fulfill Your Varied Needs04

From Organizing to Invoicing and Payment Processing, FieldCamp is the Answer!

It’s time to ditch all the other solutions and app, and adopt FieldCamp to streamline all the operations like invoicing, scheduling, payment, and reviews & feedback.

Hands-Free Convenience05

We basically thought of everything.

Sometimes, even tapping a phone is an inconvenience. For technicians who are operating machinery, wearing gloves, or just can’t tap a phone, FieldCamp is equipped with voice-to-text functionality.


Save Upto 95% Of Your Scheduling Time06

Scheduling service is incredibly important. Don’t mess it up.

When you select a job, FieldCamp automatically assigns a staff member to it, based on your preferences and app usage. We’re in this to make your job easier and smoother than ever.

Know Everything07

From technicians’ jobs to completed jobs, stay informed.

With FieldCamp, you will know everything and stay informed. From technician’s schedules to assigned jobs, monitoring the status to completed jobs, manage everything and make your business successful!


Scheduling is a Cinch08

One, maybe two, taps.

Scheduling software should do what it promises — schedule appointments. FieldCamp makes the scheduling process a snap using an intuitive interface and quick-tap tools.

Once Glance. Total Knowledge.09

Field service management in single view.

FieldCamp is designed to give you the knowledge you need at a single glance. The dashboard is comprehensive, not cluttered. Know what you need to know, and then move confidently onwards, Next, please?


Treat Your Customers Right10

Field service customers matter.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Our scheduling software allows customization, expert care, and easy access to the details that matter to each customer — from their service history to payment preference, to their unique details.

Get Paid How You Want to Get Paid11

Field service invoicing and payment processing.

Whether your clients are handing over the cards, writing a check, or even counting out cash, FieldCamp has you covered. With the software, you can get paid faster and manage all the payments whether received or pending.


Master the Details12

Service business software should fit your business, not the other way around.

Businesses thrive on the details. FieldCamp does, too. Get your field service business set up with all the details that make it unique — your custom tax rates, payment processors, and unique job types.

We Speak Your Language13

FieldCamp supports your preferred language. Great, right?

FieldCamp works in four languages, English, Chinese (Simplified), French, and Spanish. Additional languages will be added in the future.


Customize to Your Heart’s Content14

Make your mobile workforce management system work for you.

Your business is unique and your field service management software should reflect that. Create the kind of jobs that suit your business’s unique needs — fixing a leaky sink, giving Fido a trim, or planting hydrangeas by the mailbox.

Everything You Need to Know in OneBeautiful Dashboard15

FieldCamp provides instant visibility on all of your important metrics — completed jobs, job status, and team status. Never second-guess what’s happening. Get total knowledge in real time.


Get What You Need,When You Need It16

We deliver your demanded information instantly

The app is designed to provide exactly the information you need or the actions you need to take right away. Technicians are on tight timelines. Businesses profit on efficiency. With one tap in the app, you get access to any business function you need – invoices, schedules, etc.

Unquestionable Security17

Your safety is as secure as it is to you!

We get it. Security is a priority. As a business owner, you possess the keys to an ultra-safe app that provides unflinching security in the face of the most sophisticated technical attacks. The app also has PIN access to provide security without the hurdle of constantly logging in and out of the app.


Your platform. Your choice. 18

FieldCamp is on Android, iOS and Web App.

Whether you want to use FieldCamp on Android, iOS, or on website, FieldCamp is available on these three platforms. Just make your choice and start scheduling jobs TODAY!

Start Growing Your Service Business With FieldCamp
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