Take Your Plumbing Business To New Heights

Take Your Plumbing Business to New Heights

Are you facing problems in getting the accurate status of your plumbers in the field? Afraid not, our plumbing business software will solve such issues for you. FieldCamp will provide your plumber’s current status instantly. You will know what they are doing at any time of the day. Gain complete oversight of your business operations with our FSM software.

Field Service Management Software Key Features

Key Features of Plumbing Business Software

Our plumbing software makes it easy to assign jobs to your plumbers. Share all the job details through our software, that too, without having to worry about compatibility. FieldCamp is compatible with every device or operating system.

Manage Your Plumbing JobsEfficiently and Quickly01

Assigning jobs to your plumbers is easy with our software. You won’t have to worry whether their device is compatible or not, as FieldCamp supports both Android and iOS as well as web.

  • On the way
  • Job in progress
  • Complete

Time tracking for jobs is accurate and automatic in FieldCamp.

Manage Plumbing Jobs Quickly
See Plumber's Assigned Jobs

See Your Plumber’s Assigned Jobs02

You can see your plumber’s current and future jobs, along with all its details and current status. It will help you to know the status of all the plumbers’ jobs be it completed, ongoing, and pending.

Rapid Invoicing03

Your plumbers can send an invoice from the field with just a single click. Creating and sending invoices to clients is a seamless process with FieldCamp. The invoices will be instant, accurate, and follow-up is fully automated.

Invoicing for Your Plumbing Jobs
Create Your Plumber's Profile

Create Your Plumber’s Profile04

You can put all the plumber’s details in one place with our plumbing dispatch software. Call or text them directly from the app, see their current location, schedule, and the last time they used the app.

Your Data is Safe With Us05

FieldCamp uses state-of-art encryption to make your data completely safe. You can set a unique pin to access your account without the need to log in. With this plumbing scheduling software, the security will be ultra-safe.

Your Data is Safe with Us
Transform Your Plumbing Business

Transform Your Plumbing Business

Schedule jobs with efficiency, Get paid quickly and Grow your Plumbing Business effortlessly with FieldCamp.

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp comes with three plans:

Start : Monthly plan of $29/month and Annual plan of $279/year, For 1 user.

Grow : Monthly plan of $49/month and Annual plan of $479/year, For Upto 10 users.

Manage : Monthly plan of $99/month and Annual plan of $979/year, For Upto 25 users.

Check out our pricing plans to know which features you will gain access to in FieldCamp.

Yes. You can place all the job details in one place. Client, job location, description, tasks, and notes. The plumber can access everything from our app.

Yes. You will know how much time you or your plumbers spent working and commuting.

FieldCamp enables your plumbers to clock in and out on the jobs assigned by you. You will get updates about the job status, which can be

On the way

In progress


Yes. You can set recurring jobs with FieldCamp. Let’s say you have a customer with monthly plumbing maintenance. In such cases, our app will create job assignments periodically.

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