Ramp up Your Appliance Repair Business Operations with FieldCamp

Ramp up appliance repair business operations

Being in an appliance or machine repair business requires scheduling, assigning, issuing invoices, collecting dues, and the list is endless! Make your operations simplified and bag more jobs by embracing FieldCamp – your appliance repair service software.

  • Dedicate your time to winning more clients rather than being swamped with repetitive tasks
  • Regulate your repair service activities and make vital decisions on budgeting and forecasting sales through graphs
  • Allocate the right tools to ensure secure fixation or repair of washers, refrigerators, ovens, and dryers
  • Notify field staff through mobile push notifications in case of any emergency

Restore the Energy in Your Appliance Repairing Business Processes

FieldCamp appliance repair software makes your repair jobs scheduling tasks and life easy!

Discard the stack of files needed to run the repair services operations & adopt FieldCamp that automates the entire process. Now steal the show by providing safe repairing services to your clients and making them your patrons.

Schedule Skilled Technicians Timely

Sending trained staff for repairing electrical devices at your client’s premise seems challenging?

FieldCamp, the appliance repair scheduling software, makes it simpler for you! You can appoint the right employee by retrieving info of his or her expertise from the data stored in the ‘Teams’ tab.

  • A specific color code defines the job status: Assigned – grey, Staff On-the-way – blue, Staff Reached – blue, Job Started – blue, Job Finished – light green, and Job Declined – red
  • An easy-to-use scheduler view lets you plan daily, weekly, and monthly repairing appliances tasks
  • Assign the right specialist, resolve the client’s appliance issue, and get paid instantly
Schedule skilled technicians timely
Trace jobs and dispatch accurately

Trace Jobs and Dispatch Accurately

Keep a track of your staff’s activities and optimize delegating jobs through a scheduler!

Smoothen your job scheduling process by disseminating tasks from a job scheduler. Moreover, such a distinct view lets you monitor your field staff’s movements.

  • Examine the job’s status – ‘active, pending, and completed’ from a drop-down menu in a single view
  • Assess your team’s availability to avoid underbooking, double-booking, or overbooking
  • Analyze the time taken to repair appliances, overheads made, and profit gained over a particular period of time

Allocate and Track Safety Tools

Gear up your crew with the necessary safety equipment needed to repair home and commercial appliances.

In the appliance repair services business, safety apparatus must be allocated to your jobbers and traced for proper inventory management.

  • Add your resources – Safety goggles, protective clothes, work gloves, voltage tester pen, screwdriver set, pliers, tool bag, and other such tools in ‘Products & Services’ tab
  • Replenish your inventory, as required, to deliver exceptional repairing services
Allocate and track safety tools
Furnish invoices and collect charges easily

Furnish Invoices and Collect Charges Easily

Get your payments cleared without any delay as you issue professional-looking invoices on time!

Create, share, download, and print bills in a few minutes with the appliance repair business software, FieldCamp.

  • Notify and remind your clients of their dues after discerning paid and unpaid bills bifurcation
  • Collect your bills via the safest modes of payments – cash, cheque, or Stripe
  • Edit invoice date, due date, and client’s address, if required
  • Personalize your invoices by placing your company logo and information
  • The bill’s net amount and auto calculated if you charge tax and/or offer a discount

Know Your Business Health through Reports

Derive your machine repair business’ insights through FieldCamp reports in a single view.

Take a glance at all your repair services offered – disassemble, reassemble, diagnose, replace and fix defective parts – in a single view through graphical depiction.

  • Discover your high and low ticket clients by examining clients’ data from the ‘List’ option
  • Through line and bar graphs, determine the profit and loss incurred and take actions to amplify your repair contracts
  • Ascertain the productive hours of every technician through ‘Staff User’ drop-down menu or ‘Team’ tab
  • ‘Scheduled jobs’ and ‘Payment received’ filter lets you scrutinize your payments due and total revenue
Know your business health with reports
Escalate appliance repair business

Escalate Your Appliance Repair Business Now!

FieldCamp provides robust features that streamline your appliance repair operations and bag more work orders with just a few clicks!

Frequently asked questions

Schedule, assign, and administer all your repair services through FieldCamp job scheduler. You can track your technicians’ activities and assess their job performance. To keep up with the emergency calls, send mobile push notifications to your staff. Moreover, analytical reports let you understand your business’ activities and performance graph.

Register all your client’s info like name, email address, contact number, address, repairs’ description, and photos of the appliance at a central location. You get 24*7 access to such data and share it with your staff for satisfactory delivery of restoration services. Don’t believe it! for FREE.

Yes, definitely! FieldCamp, appliance repair software, offers a 7-days FREE trial and lets you utilize its every feature. This will help you in analyzing the functionalities that are essential for your appliance repair business. View pricing plans before opting for the best one for you.