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Are you stuck in scheduling multiple jobs for multiple window cleaners that too manually? Can’t manage slots to take up new customers’ work? Invoices misplaced and couldn’t help yourself with the accounts? Now it’s time to switch to a smarter solution, FieldCamp. FieldCamp is a window cleaning service software designed keeping in mind all the issues faced by the service providers.

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Simple UI 01

We made sure to keep the UI of the software as simple as possible to ensure all users find it easy to use. The UI of FieldCamp is such that even a not-so-familiar user can easily find features and access them.

You can manage your customers’ jobs and cleaners as per their availability and convenience. Window cleaning management software lets you schedule jobs, assign cleaners, get real-time tracking, generate invoices, and accept payments, in one software.

simple ui
recurring job scheduling

RecurringJob Scheduling02

Job scheduling is not an easy task, especially when it comes to scheduling recurring jobs. Recurring jobs are more complicated because they need to be run at a specific time and date.

FieldCamp, a window cleaning scheduling software, has made it possible to plan multiple jobs for multiple window cleaners on multiple dates, all in a few clicks.

This feature helps avoid underbooking, overbooking, and double booking. Planning in advance enables you to manage workflow and take more work, eventually broadening the business.

Instant Payment and Invoicing03

Keeping a track of pending and incomplete payments could be a hassle. Now, you can accept and manage payments in a single place.

  • Create invoice in a few clicks.
  • Accept payments in 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe
  • Share invoice with the customer.
  • Notify customers on payment confirmation.

payment and invoicing
smooth communication with team customers

SmoothCommunication With Team & Customers04

It is mandatory to maintain communication with your window cleaners and your customers. It prevents any confusion and maintains transparency.

Using FieldCamp, you can send service alerts to your customers via email to aware them of an upcoming window cleaner’s visit. Similarly, window cleaners get an email about their upcoming job.

This transparency lets you engage with your customers and prevents any unproductive visits, saving time and fuel costs for the worker.


When working with a lot of window cleaners, it is necessary to keep track of their activities to avoid waste of their time.

Keeping this in mind, we have added a tracking feature that tracks and sends the live location of your window cleaner.

Using tracking, you no more need to ask for their status to plan future work. It’ll help you organize your business operations and increase productivity.

real time tracking
business operations with moments

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can generate reports of your workers to track and improve their performance.

Job scheduling is a time-consuming task. So, it is necessary to opt for an alternative to manual job scheduling like FieldCamp. It schedules multiple jobs for multiple cleaners in a few clicks. This method can save planning time and operational costs.

Yes, you can generate and share invoices with the clients via email in one go.

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