Manage Your Trash Bin Cleaning Services with FieldCamp

Ditch the old methods of managing tasks with excel sheets, files, and calendars needed for bin cleaning service management and adapt FieldCamp, a feature-rich bin cleaning software. Designed primarily for cleaning and maintenance service companies, it offers the following benefits:

Organize Job

Your Jobs

Manage your bin jobbers in the field and streamline your office operations with an intuitive dashboard. This would help you schedule and dispatch jobbers at the client’s location without any delay. Henceforth, the clients will get their bins disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized timely, making them your patron.
Optimize Operations


You can allocate jobs and their details to your trash cleaners correctly as all your client details – name, email address, contact number, and site address are readily accessible. This lets you assign tasks, augment the company’s operations, and enerate a loyal customer base rapidly.
Enhance Servicing

Enhance Ways of

Assemble all the bin cleaning job details like client’s data, job description related to disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing, and disposing of waste in an eco-friendly way, job location, and additional notes. Allow cleaners to add photos and notes from the field to amplify your service.
Monitor Job

Monitor Job Time and
Foster Management

Dispatching and tracking your trash bin cleaners accurately will depict their performance level. You or your jobbers can report in and out time for the jobs allocated to them. In addition to this, job status – ‘On my way’, ‘Work-in-progress’, or ‘Finished’ can be updated to manage.
Ease of producing

Ease of Producing
Quotes and Invoices

Raise quotes and invoices without any manual work from any place. The invoices sent are accurate and follow-up is completely automated. Also, these invoices and quotes can be produced in a PDF format that can be printed, downloaded, and linked with your email.
Increase Revenue

Your Revenue

FieldCamp cleaning services software provides your data on total hours worked, problems faced by customers and workers, the number of cleaners on each site, and jobbers’ performance data. Such metrics will help you make necessary decisions on planning business processes to retain employees and clients and intensify profits.
Manage trash bin cleaning business

Struggling to Manage Your Trash Bin Cleaning Business?

Worry no more! FieldCamp helps you schedule and manage tasks and automates 90% of your operations!

Make Your Trash Bin Cleaning Business Thrive with FieldCamp

One of the most important segments for any commercial or residential bin cleaning service company is to schedule jobbers. As your crew expands, your capability to make clever bin cleaning job scheduling judgments will play a massive role in the success of your business. With FieldCamp, you can fill unproductive time, avoid scheduling conflicts, and administer your calendar efficiently.

Scheduling and Dispersing

Scheduling and Dispersing

Assigning the right jobs to the right people draws more productivity!

You can review the availability of your jobbers through their activity in our app – ‘On the way’, ‘At job’, ‘Not working’, and ‘Didn’t clock in.’ Accordingly, you can disperse these jobbers and notify them about new or recurring jobs and clients’ details automatically.

Import From Contacts

Trade the required contact information in a tap!

Importing your clients’ contact through your phone possible? Yes! Our software gets integrated with your phone’s existing contacts and lets you get clients’ information. So, in the event of new job creation, all the available client’s contact info gets displayed automatically as you enter their name.

Import From Contacts
Track Invoice Send Reminder

Track Invoice and Send Reminders

Never let any invoice remain due!

Depending upon present labor rates, job-specific resources’ costs, and margin rate, you can share competitive quotations and invoices online. Analyze your invoices by date and status and gauge which were sent, and which are due.

Furthermore, field staff can send reminders and our app can automatically send an email to your customers to pay the bill when it is due.

Convenient Payment Method

Receive payments timely and securely!

FieldCamp Payments provides a systematic and secure way of getting payments online. It allows your field jobbers to take a picture of THE credit card or check or send that client a link to a personalized online payment portal.

Convenient Payment Method
Detailed Reporting Structure

Detailed Reporting Structure

Avail vital data through customized and comprehensive reports!

FiledCamp allows you to set a custom timeline for generating ‘Activity’ and ‘Revenue’ reports. Through activity reports, you can trace your jobbers’ working and non-working hours, their commuting time, and efficiency.

While revenue reports, you can observe the contribution of every jobber in running the operations smoothly. With such information, you can take subsequent actions to uplift your customer satisfaction and revenue.


Security is our top-most priority!

Being a cloud-based job management software, it employs state-of-the-art encryption. This makes your business information absolutely safe. Besides, you can set a distinctive PIN to access your account quickly without entering your login information.

Ultra Secure

Want to Elevate Your Trash Bin Cleaning Services?

FieldCamp helps you schedule and assign jobs to the right bin cleaners at a competitive price in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience!

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