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As a snow removing business owner, you have a lot to deal with as every customer needs urgent service. So it is crucial to manage jobs and other administrative work, all at once. Snow plow software enables you to multitask your managerial work.

You can schedule and dispatch jobs, track workers’ activity, generate invoices, accept payments, send payment reminder emails, and generate progress reports of your workers and company.

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Opting for our snow removal business software will cut 95% of your job planning time and automate 90% of your daily business operations. FieldCamp serves you with
every feature your business needs.

Schedule and
Dispatch Jobs Instantly 01

FieldCamp is a snow removal management software that helps you schedule jobs, dispatch workers, and manage them

  • Schedule jobs and assign snow plowers simply by adding clients and jobs, check out on unoccupied plowers and assign jobs.
  • Adopt a paperless approach and schedule jobs directly from your mobile phone or desktop.
  • Track job progress in-a-go and make necessary data-driven decisions.
  • Add specified instructions to each job.

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs Instantly
Eagle eye View

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FieldCamp allows you to track your workers and their activities to ensure there’s no time wastage from their side.

  • Ensure every minute is productive.
  • Stay updated with your workers’ activities.
  • The team tracking feature enables you to track workers’ exact location once they update their job status.

Plan With Modern Organized Calendar03

FieldCamp provides you with a modern organized calendar like Google Calendar to conveniently schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

  • Add, remove, or modify jobs according to dates and your clients.
  • Check vacant dates to assign jobs and to prevent double-booking.
  • Select your operational country and calendar will automatically highlight public holidays.
Plan Modern Organized Calendar
Ease Your Search Using Filters

Ease YourSearch Using Filters04

While dealing with a lot of jobs, clients, and workers, it is mandatory to classify things. So, FieldCamp provides filters to smoothen your search experience and helps in getting a clear view.

  • Apply filters like job status, priority, and team members.
  • Get a clear view of the list of outputs you desire to get.

Generate Invoices &Accept Payments05

Invoicing is an essential step in the process as payments are dependent on it only. The invoice generated by FieldCamp is a standard document with all your details embedded into it. You can easily customize this template according to your preferences and needs.

  • Generate customizable invoices instantly after job completion.
  • Download or share invoices with the clients.
  • Get paid instantly from one of these 3 methods: – Cash, cheque, or Stripe
Generate Invoices Accept Payments
Snow Plowing Jobs Software

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can send payment due reminders to your clients via emails.

Depending on the plan you choose to buy, you can add a different number of workers. If you buy the ‘start’ plan, you will get to add 1 user, up to 10 users if you buy the ‘grow’ plan, and up to 25 users if you buy the ‘manage’ plan.

After logging in, go to jobs > calendar, then apply filters as per your wish to enlist the outputs.

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