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If you are a lawn care service provider seeking ways to ease your workload, FieldCamp has got you covered! It streamlines your daily operations and helps your business grow. We cover everything from job scheduling to dispatching, clients’ data and management, generating invoices to receiving payments, and reporting.

Basically, it is an all-in-one business to keep your records on track and organize your lawn care business tasks daily.

Features That You Shouldn’t Miss to Check Out!

One? Two?
Certainly, there are more than a couple of our Lawn Care Business Software features.

In recent times, smooth business operations have been hard to achieve. FieldCamp, a lawncare management software, serves you with a lot of features that ensure you a hassle-free business experience.

Schedule &Assign Jobs in a Few Minutes01

Assigning jobs can be a very hectic task, especially when dealing with a considerable number of landscapers. It takes a lot of time and energy to enter data and assign it to the respective landscaper manually.
FieldCamp’s lawn care scheduling software has made this task easier.

  • Sign up/login using our mobile application or website
  • Add a new client or select from the old database
  • Add work and mention the time and date for the work
  • Add a new team member or select if already added and assign work to them
  • Keep track of their activities and recent status

schedule assign jobs

Experience a Paperless Approach02

Our lawn care management software follows a paperless approach. Whether it is job scheduling or invoice generating, we only make sure to do it digitally.

  • Now, you can easily schedule and assign jobs to workers, saving a lot of paperwork
  • The scheduler schedules recurring jobs at once, which saves planning time
  • Employees can accept payment and generate invoices, can levy a tax or add discounts during the process
  • A shareable PDF can be created

Keep Recordsof Every Activity03

Make sure to keep up the output of your work with FieldCamp’s lawn care service software. It helps you track your employee’s every activity to make sure they complete the assigned work in the provided time.

It’ll help you keep all the records for future reference, and the efficiency of your employees can also be increased.

keep records
accept manage payments

Manage Payments in One Place04

Accounting is a crucial part of a business, and we, at FieldCamp, know this better. So we have a provision to accept and manage payments.

Experience seamless payment processing where your customers can choose whichever method is most convenient to them.

Payments are accepted in 3 ways:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Stripe

Be a Multitasker05

If you are an owner of a small or medium-scale lawn care business, you might have fewer business tools and a limited amount of employees. It becomes necessary to play various roles single-handedly to ensure smooth management of your orders.

With the help of FieldCamp, you can multitask with no hassle.

  • Schedule jobs and dispatch employees in one go
  • Get real-time tracking of landscaper’s activities
  • Get access to your and your employees’ reports
  • Generate invoices and receive payments
  • In a nutshell, handle your employees, clients and payments with a few clicks
be multitasker
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can make a customized invoice that includes the name of your company and its logo.

You can schedule multiple recurring jobs from our mobile application.
Enter start and end date of the job > Enter start and end time > Select repeat time > Select client > Add job instructions > Assign worker > Select category > Add line items > Create job

Yes, along with offline payment modes, you can accept payments via Stripe.

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