Nurture Your Landscaping Business From Anywhere With Fieldcamp

Nurture landscaping business from anywhere

Organizing your landscaping jobs, resources, clients, and bills doesn’t require you to be in the office; instead, you can operate everything virtually from anywhere through FieldCamp, an industry-leading landscaping scheduling software.

  • Assign and dispatch lawn mowing, leaf blowing, and walkway and driveway edging services on a real-time basis
  • Trace and plan your technician’s activity by observing their statuses – ‘Job Scheduled’, ‘On the way,’ Staff Reached’, ‘Job Started’, ‘Job Finished’, ‘Generate Invoice’, and ‘Invoice Paid’
  • Store customers’ data and record unique needs requested for their lawn care
  • View job history and track job status to plan upcoming landscape tasks
  • Avail reports on profit and loss incurred at your selected time range

Plant More Jobs by Making Your Landscaping Work and Life Smooth

Escalate your sales by availing all the landscaping software solutions under one roof.

Assign Multiple Jobs to Various Spots

Schedule landscaping jobs by viewing the availability of your team through a job scheduler.

Day, week, and month-wise scheduler views let you plan various jobs for multiple locations. With such a view, you can allocate the right employee for the lawn care job requested.

  • Get job status bifurcation with a specific color code: Assigned – grey, Staff On-the-way – blue, Staff Reached -blue, Job Started – blue, Job Finished – light green, and Job Declined – red
  • Allocate urgent tasks and plan endless tasks throughout the month to deliver exceptional customer services
Assign multiple jobs to various spots
Keep track of jobs and resources

Keep Track of Jobs and Resources

Trace time spent on jobs and lawn care tools used with FieldCamp – a software for landscaping business.

Being in the landscaping business requires inventory management and allocating the right tools to the employees. Also, tracking your field jobbers’ time is essential so that you can plan actions to enhance their productivity.

  • Add your tools – leaf blower, push and riding lawn mower, pickup truck, wheelbarrow, tarps for collecting blown leaves, seed spreaders, chain saw, and other such tools in a single tab.
  • Observe your crew’s activity by getting notified of their statuses – ‘Job Scheduled’, ‘On the way,’ ‘Staff Reached’, ‘Job Started’, ‘Job Finished’, ‘Generate Invoice’, and ‘Invoice Paid’

Stay Connected to Your Landscaper Team

Instant notifications act as a bridge between landscaping contractors and the landscaping team.

Want to communicate the jobs scheduled or modified to your crew timely? We’ve got it covered! FieldCamp, a landscaping business software, facilitates effective interactions amongst your admin and field staff intended to deliver outstanding lawn care services at the reserved time slot.

  • Assign jobs through clickable pop-up messages and get the job details
  • Notify urgent tasks or change in the current landscaping schedule via mobile push notifications
  • Your staff can add site photos, notes, and client’s sign (optional) by clicking ‘job finish’
Stay connected to landscaper team
Organize recurring tasks

Organize Recurring Tasks in a Breeze

Increase your sales by 55% by setting up recurring landscape jobs in just a click!

Stuck in creating recurring or similar jobs? Get relaxed the best landscaping software, FieldCamp, simplifies this process of scheduling recurrent tasks in no time.

  • Disperse weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly field jobs as per your contract
  • Integrate with Google calendar and never miss on a client
  • Job details get entered automatically by clicking on the ‘Create Similar Job’ tab
  • Save more time and energy on winning more clients rather than being swamped with routine tasks

Generate and Send Invoices Timely

Receive payments right away as you produce and share professional-looking invoices on time!

Creating, downloading, sharing, and printing bills have never been easy! Manage your accounting process by availing an overview of your landscaping transactions.

  • Through paid and unpaid bills bifurcation, send reminders to the clients for their due payment
  • Editable invoice format lets you modify the client’s address, invoice date, and due date if needed
  • Give a personal touch by adding your company logo and information adding your company logo and information
  • Charge tax or offer a discount as per the agreement
  • View, download, print, and send via email in PDF format
  • Cash, cheque, or Stripe are the simple modes for accepting the payments
Generate and send invoices
Gain business insights in a single view

Gain Business’ Insights in a Single View

Measure the health of your landscape business through FieldCamp analytical reports.

Accurate bar and line graphical representation render a comprehensive view of your productivity and sales. You may focus on revenue cracks and take measures to ameliorate your lawn care operations.

  • Assess productivity of each member through the ‘Team’ tab or ‘Staff User’ drop-down menu
  • Analyze profit and loss for your desired period and makes decisions on budgeting and forecasting sales
  • Detect high and low ticket clients from the ‘List’ option that displays 5 to 15 records of clients in a distinct view
  • Know your earnings and due payments by filtering ‘payment received’ and ‘scheduled jobs’
Upgrade your landscaping business

Upgrade Your Landscaping Business in Minutes!

FieldCamp provides robust features that simplify your landscape operations and plant more business in a snap!

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp landscaping software facilitates you to schedule and dispatch landscaping jobs through a scheduler view in a tap. Also, recurring jobs can be planted instantly as the job details are entered automatically. Timely collection of payments is possible as you can create and send invoices accurately and safely.

Definitely! Run your landscape and lawn care business from anywhere through the FieldCamp landscaping management app. Organize jobs, manage inventory, communicate effectively, issue customized invoices, get paid, and win more jobs by using our robust features. Don’t believe it? before you buy it.

FieldCamp offers different subscription plans that cater to your landscaping business’ unique needs. You can use every feature for FREE for 7-days. Yes, you heard it right! Learn more about our pricing plans NOW.