Collet and manage payments with FieldCamp

Collect and Manage Payments with FieldCamp Stress-Free!

Get real-time payments offline as well as online with utmost security.

Swamped with making bills and collecting payments from your clients? FieldCamp is your one-stop solution. Now dump the tiresome method of acquiring due amount and adopt our field service online payment software.

  • Accept deposits digitally through Stripe
  • Save time and energy by managing receipts smoothly
  • Offer clients convenient payment terms
  • Notify clients on payments received and overdue

Worried About Receiving Payments Safely?

Erase your doubts as FieldCamp offers a secure collection of online and offline payments!

No Credit CardNo credit card details required

Highlights of Using Field Service Online Payment Feature

Collect Bills Safely

Safe collection of payments is of the highest priority? Be rest assured!FieldCamp, field job management software, gives the right to select payment methods only to the owner. An admin or field staff does not get access to make any amendments in the process of payment. This leaves no room for any incorrect info or inaccurate acceptance of the invoice.

Collect bills safely
Provide flexible payment modes

Provide Flexible Payment Modes

Give your customers the freedom to choose their payment medium – online or offline.With FieldCamp, you get three safest modes of obtaining payments – cash, cheque, and Stripe.

  • Getting paid via cash: It is the fastest mode of payment and is enabled by default. Such cash collection of bill charges will keep your cash flow up and running and your budget intact. This, in turn, will help you pay for your resources and manpower in a timely manner.
  • Getting paid via cheque: An easy way to get paid offline is through a cheque. Your field staff can insert the client’s bank name, the branch, and cheque number along with the reference code. Moreover, he or she can edit a client’s email ID before clicking the ‘Confirm Payment’ button.
  • Getting paid via Stripe: When selecting an online mode of accepting dues, Stripe is the most reliable option worldwide. Now process card payments securely through this online payment system.

Check Bill Before Accepting Dues

Take a closer look at the details of the invoice generated before you hit ‘Accept Payment.’Missed any line items or taxes to impose? Worry not! Because you can edit the invoice before sending it off to your clients in our field service online payment software. After adding or subtracting particulars as per deal, the net amount gets auto calculated.

Check bill before accepting dues
Scan and confirm payment

Scan & Confirm Payment

Get the card details entered automatically by scanning the card in front of your client.Accepting online payment through Stripe requires a field jobber to enter the card info. This can be done in two ways:

  • Manually: To make your clients bank upon you, you can fill their card info in their presence or make them put the details by themselves.
  • Scan: To get the card specifics inserted automatically, you just need to hover the camera on the card and Stripe will scan the required data for you.

Get Your Database Updated

Keep a track of your paid and unpaid invoices with much ease through FieldCamp, a field service online payment appOn successful payment of a field job, the invoice gets recorded in the ‘Invoices’ section -> ‘Paid’ tab automatically.
Thus, you don’t have to segregate the paid and outstanding bills to maintain your accounts. Moreover, you can detect bills due and send reminders to the respective clients for fulfilling the payment terms.

Get your database updated
Notify clients on successful payment

Notify Clients on Successful Payment

Share or print a bill receipt for your client in just a tapYour customer will get notified via email once his or her payment is received. Also, you can get these receipts printed and file them for keeping a record of your financial transactions.

Payment collection has never been easy

Payment Collection Has Never Been Easy!

FieldCamp allows you to receive digital and offline payments from clients anywhere, anytime!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! FieldCamp lets you select modes of payment – offline and online. For instant payment, you can select ‘Cash’ icon, edit email ID, and add a reference code. Such bill collection in person will let you pay off your office overheads and manpower in the stipulated time frame.

To maintain your brand image, company info and logo, along with invoice number are displayed. The client’s address, contact details, bill date, due date, and line items are added. Moreover, with FieldCamp, the net amount gets auto-calculated after you levy tax or offer a discount.

Of course, you can! With every FieldCamp subscription plan, you can make alterations to the existing invoice as per the deal sealed and services delivered. Useful, right? View pricing plans.