Grow Your Cleaning Business With FieldCamp

Grow your cleaning business with FieldCamp

Are you experiencing difficulties in automating your cleaning business operations? Is scheduling jobs, managing staff, processing payments, invoice management getting downright hard to handle? Don’t fret as we can help you with our software. FieldCamp is a cleaning scheduling software. Maximize the efficiency of your company with our field service automation.

Cleaning Business Software Key Features

Here is What You Will Gain by Choosing FieldCamp

FieldCamp is an FSM software for home cleaning businesses to improve their efficiency and provide better customer service. Our janitorial management software will provide all the job details in one place. Allow your cleaners and maids to add notes and photos from the job, which will be great feedback for you.

Better Security01

FieldCamp uses state-of-art encryption to make your data completely safe. You can set a unique pin to access your account without the need to log in. With this housekeeping scheduling software, the security will be ultra-secure.

Better Security
Schedule and dispatch jobs with ease

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs With Ease02

Our Cleaning business software makes it easy to schedule and dispatch jobs to your maids. You can share data like work details, client information, location description, line items, or taxes automatically with your maidservants. Our software is compatible with all devices or operating systems.

Track Your Cleaners in Real-Time03

Our commercial cleaning business software will share with you the current status of your workers. You will know whatever they are doing at any time of the day or night. There are four statuses that cleaners can choose from:

  • On the way
  • At job
  • Not working
  • Didn’t clock in
Track your cleaners in real-time
Comprehensive revenue reports

Comprehensive Revenue Reports04

  • Which worker is giving an excellent performance
  • The cleaners who need fewer jobs
  • Who requires more hours to complete their task or are not pulling
  • their weight

Our residential cleaning software will share the team and individual contributions. It will help you become a better manager.

Accept Online Payments05

You can snap a photo to capture checks and credit cards in our cleaning schedule software. Don’t worry. Your information is fully secured. Also, share a link to a personalized online payment portal with your customers.

Accept online payments
Put your cleaning business on autopilot

Put your Cleaning Business on Autopilot

Our Cleaning Schedule Software will Automate and Streamline the Operations of Your Cleaning Business to Maximize Efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp comes with three plans:

Start : Monthly plan of $29/month and Annual plan of $279/year, For 1 user.

Grow : Monthly plan of $49/month and Annual plan of $479/year, For Upto 10 users.

Manage : Monthly plan of $99/month and Annual plan of $979/year, For Upto 25 users.

Check out our pricing plans to know which features you will gain access to in FieldCamp.

You can place all the job details in one place. Client, job location, description, tasks, and notes. The cleaner can add notes and photos from the field, which will provide you essential feedback.

Yes. FieldCamp integrates with your phone’s contact list. You can import your clients directly from existing contacts. All you have to do is type the name, and the app automatically imports all available contact info.

Yes. You will know how much time you or your cleaners spent working and commuting.

FieldCamp enables your maids to clock in and out on the jobs assigned by you. You will get updates about the job status, which can be

  • On the way

  • In progress

  • Complete

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