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carpet cleaning scheduling software

FieldCamp is a carpet cleaning scheduling software that saves you time and money by automating the process of scheduling, dispatching and tracking jobs. It also keeps track of your past jobs, so you can manage them all in one spot.

Basically, it is an all-in-one field service management software that helps you manage all your business operations in a breeze.

Conserve your precious resources with us – Time and Money

If you want to save money and time in managing your business’s daily operations, FieldCamp is the right choice. This carpet cleaning service scheduling software has a set of features that make your job a lot easier in terms of job scheduling, customer management, and invoicing.

Schedule and Dispatch
Jobs quickly01

Scheduling jobs take up a lot of time, especially when doing it manually. Eventually, FieldCamp does this for you.

  • Check availability and assign tasks accordingly
  • Schedule multiple jobs for multiple cleaners
  • Send reminders via email to cleaners and customers
  • Bifurcate jobs using colour codes
  • Schedule advance jobs

schedule and dispatch jobs quickly
never loose your data

NeverLoose Your Data02

While managing any business, it is necessary to preserve data, and we know it better. With FieldCamp:

  • Keep a record of your cleaners so that you can quickly assign a cleaner for a job.
  • Keep a record of your old customers to eradicate repetitive administrative work when you get work from them more than one time.

In-depth Reports03

With FieldCamp, maintain reports of your every cleaner about their job time, performance, and productivity.

  • Get analytical reports of your team.
  • Track the performance of cleaners to get clarity about who deserves a hike and who needs training.
  • Get accurate stats of completed and due payments.
carpet cleaning depth report
 never miss due date

Never Miss a Due Date04

While dealing with a number of cleaners and customers, it is necessary to keep a record of the due dates of payments. Carpet cleaning service software lets you:

  • Generate instant invoices after the completion of the job
  • Mention due dates
  • Get due payment status and set a reminder for the same

Get Instant Payments05

With FieldCamp, a carpet cleaning management software, now you don’t need to worry about payments.

  • Get instant payments after the cleaner completes the job.
  • Accept payments in 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe.
  • Send reminders to the customers with unpaid invoices.
get instant payments
fieldcamp carpet cleaning business software

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, customers can pay you online directly from their bank account using Stripe.

Yes, of course. You can edit the invoice before sending it to the customer.

When dealing with a number of customers, it is necessary to organize everything. Job scheduling enables you to schedule jobs according to the availability of carpet cleaners. It is also helpful for future job planning

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