Save Hours of Manual Planning & Job Scheduling With FieldCamp for Your Yacht Cleaning Business

Save hours of manual planning and job scheduling
Schedule and manage multiple recurring and non-recurring jobs with simple field service management software. FieldCamp helps you with automated scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and much more for your boat hull cleaning business.

  • Automate over 90% of your daily scheduling & dispatching.
  • Track technicians and their tasks in real-time.
  • Create invoices instantly & accept online payments.
  • Save up to 95% of planning time by optimizing your scheduling process.

From Scheduling to Receiving Payments, FieldCamp Supports Your Yatch Hull Cleaning Business at Every Level

Effortless Scheduling

Effortless Scheduling

Schedule several boat bottom cleaning tasks for multiple divers or contractors. Create recurring and non-recurring ship cleaning jobs schedules in just a few seconds.

Quick Task Dispatch

Quick Task Dispatch

All the necessary job details & additional notes are sent to the divers’ FieldCamp mobile app (for both Android and iOS). Assign & re-assign ship jobs to your contractors instantly.

Invoicing and automatic follow-ups

Invoicing & Automatic Follow-ups

Technicians & managers can instantly create invoices and send them to clients with a single click. Also, they can send out invoice reminders to clients through automated emails.

Accept online payments

Accept Online Payments

Businesses can receive payments in person or online using a credit card or an online payment gateway. In addition, businesses can share a link to a personalized online payment portal.

Tracking staff members

Tracking Staff Members

Know where your divers have to reach in their task journey. Get to know if they have reached their destination and started working or finished working on the hull cleaning job allocated to them.

Adding multiple workers to a task

Adding Multiple Workers to a Task

Need to send 3 divers for a boat cleaning job? No problem. You can allocate a task to multiple divers in situations where your clients need more than one person to finish a boat detailing job.

Transform Your Plumbing Business

Want To Automate Your Boat Cleaning Business Operations?

FieldCamp has got you covered! Digitize your entire boat interior cleaning business and manage it from anywhere.

FieldCamp: All-in-one Software For Scheduling, Dispatching, Invoicing & More for Your Yacht Cleaning Business

FieldCamp is an all-in-one field service management software that completely automates the operation of your entire service business, including:

  • Job Scheduling
  • Staff Management
  • Customer Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Invoice Management
  • Reporting and Analysis
Scheduling, Dispatching, Invoicing
Automatic planning and scheduling

Automate Planning & Scheduling

FieldCamp provides you with the right solutions to automate scheduling & dispatching of each of your boat detailing tasks. Whether you have one-time tasks like dock repair, installing snap jackets & piling wraps, or recurring cleaning orders like cleaning boat carpet or yacht interior cleaning, FieldCamp organizes them and helps avoid overloading.

Accommodate more jobs

Accommodate More Jobs

Accommodate hundreds of boat detailing tasks every week and keep a track of whether or not each task has been accomplished. You can easily manage hundreds of yacht cleaning & boat detailing jobs in just a few clicks.

Make operations time and cost effective

Make Operations Time-effective & Cost-effective

FieldCamp helps you divide ship cleaning tasks equally among all your divers or cleaning reps. Integrate our cost-effective platform to provide time-effective services to your clients.

Systematic approach for streamlining business

Systematic Approach for Streamlining Your Business

FieldCamp’s cutting-edge technology provides a systematic approach to get a hold of your scheduling operations. Right from task allotment to receiving payments for boat cleaning jobs, FieldCamp handles all your operations.

Reduce paperwork and manual planning

Reduces Paperwork & Manual Planning

Leave behind managing files, paper-based forms, and manual manifests. Use FieldCamp’s automated approach toward scheduling, invoicing, and reporting for each boat cleaning job. Keep your client data & payment details safe within FieldCamp’s safe scheduling software.

Keep a record of all your jobs and payments

Keep a Record of All Your Jobs & Payments

FieldCamp becomes your all-in-one platform to record all the necessary details of your workers, clients, and boat detailing tasks. You create invoices, track them, and accept payments using FieldCamp.

Team Up With FieldCamp To Maximize Efficiency & Accommodate More Requests
FieldCamp provides you with all the essential tools to help you tackle scheduling & dispatching issues for your yacht cleaning business.