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future of managing service

FieldCamp makes it easy to schedule jobs, dispatch workers, and generate invoices. Also get instant payments, performance reports, and team tracking of your workers.

It’s like having an entire business in your pocket—and it saves up to 95% of planning time, automates up to 90% of daily operations, and makes job and client management easy.

FieldCamp is a fence company business software that helps fence service business owners manage their teams, operations, and clients.

Boost Your Employees’ Productivity With the
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Fence Contractor Software serves you with all the necessary features you will need to run your
business smoothly. Eventually, helping you to retain customer satisfaction.

Assign & Dispatch
Jobs in a Few Taps01

Scheduling and dispatching jobs can make up a lot of hassle as paperwork becomes messy once the number of workers, clients, and jobs increases. FieldCamp makes these processes smoother.

  • It saves up to 95% of planning time as adding jobs, scheduling it datewise, and assigning jobbers, FieldCamp fulfills everything.
  • Almost 90% of daily operations are automated, which eases your managerial work.
  • Dispatching jobs is easier once you add jobbers’ details; find the unoccupied jobbers, assign jobs, & dispatch them immediately.

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs Easily
modern organized calendar

ModernOrganized Calendar02

We provide you with a modern organized calendar that helps you check assigned jobs, job updates, and public holidays.

  • Easily find vacant slots to assign jobs.
  • Add, remove or modify jobs according to your convenience.
  • Use the “drag and drop” feature to revise any current job schedule.
  • Get a list of public holidays in your country once you set your location.

GetPaid Instantly!03

While handling a fence business, keeping track of financial matters is crucial. Some clients complete payments instantly, while some take up long to settle. With FieldCamp, now you don’t need to worry about handling payments.

  • Generate digital invoices once the jobber completes the job.
  • Create customizable invoices with your company’s name and logo on them.
  • FieldCamp lets you accept payments in 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe.
  • Set a payment due date and send a reminder to pay dues to the client.
Team Tracking
 paid instantly

Easy TeamTask Management04

Managing drivers and providing job updates to clients parallelly could be inconvenient. Our fence program serves you with a “Team Tracking” feature that helps you get location and job updates of the jobber.

  • Get instant updates of jobbers’ location when they switch their jobs’ current status.
  • GPS tracking helps you identify if the jobber is at the exact location as their current status or not.
  • It helps eradicate time wastage and improves the performance of the jobbers.

We EnsureData Security05

Leakage of clients’ and jobs’ data is something that no business owners want, and FieldCamp knows it better.

  • FieldCamp provides utmost security to prevent any possible cyber attack.
  • We implement state-of-art encryption to prioritize your data security.
  • Create a unique PIN to access your account without entering your login details.
data security
organize business operations

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Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp is a field service management software that helps you manage any service businesses like HVAC, plumbing, electricians, cleaning, snow removal, lawn care and landscaping, pest control, appliance repairing, handymen, junk removal, and other businesses.

Yes, you can integrate our app with your phonebook to import clients’ contacts directly from your phonebook. While job creation, just enter the client’s name, and you will get all the details of the client easily.

Yes, you will get to generate various reports related to your business like progress reports of jobbers, P&L reports, and sales reports.

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