Strengthen field service operations with reports

Strengthen Your Field Service Operations With Analytical Reports

Get required insights to boost operations and income through FieldCamp reporting structure.

View an analytical report and see how your service teams and admin staff are performing. Through a powerful graphical representation and listing structure, you can save much of your time and energy and recognize ways needed to make your business thrive. With our service reporting software, you can

  • Track employee’s activity and take steps to improve their productivity
  • Identify the payments due in the desired time range and follow-up with the clients
  • Evaluate your field service sales and plan actions to multiply it
  • Gauge the profit and loss incurred at different time intervals

Get Important Insights Of Your Business in Real-time With Reporting!

FieldCamp generates tailored reports that help you detect field service operations’ problems and take measures to solve and earn profit.

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Prime Functions of Using Field Service Reporting Feature

Track and Increase Productivity

Assess team members’ activity through the ‘Team’ tab or ‘Staff User’ drop-down menu.You can track how your admin and field staff are delivering their service within a specified time. Ascertaining who are your top performers and are eligible for a hike becomes easy. Moreover, detecting mediocre performers will signify which employee needs training. Such tracking of activities will help you optimize your operations and thus, boost productivity.

Track and increase productivity
Setup custom time duration

Set-up Custom Time Duration

Analyze the complete picture of your transactions by customizing your timeframe.
Dive deep into analytics and unearth the overall revenue generated by your staff at a specified time range. Such observation on profit and loss helps you in:

  • Knowing your numbers and monitoring your cash flow
  • Planning budget, forecasting sales, and examining company’s status
  • Determining which staff drives the maximum sales

Find Your High & Low-ticket Clients

Evaluate which customers produce the highest and lowest revenue through FieldCamp Reporting.Here, the ‘list’ option displays 5 to 15 records of clients in a single view, making you discover the sales generated from the services delivered. This feature of field reporting software helps in letting you understand the following aspects:

  • Take actions to enrich your customer support: You can detect which clients yield less revenue and improve your service and post-delivery services.
  • Detect future sales opportunities: You can examine and pay more attention to customers who are satisfied with your services. These are the ones that will refer your business in their circle, inviting more clients on board.
Find high and low ticket clients
Measure payments and transactions

Measure Payments & Transactions

Want accurate stats on payments, transactions, and jobs in a flash?Get data on the total number of jobs, payments, and transactions in a single view. Moreover, such real-time information can be traced for a given time frame. This makes you plan activities needed to boost productivity and revenue.

Examine Payment Received and Due

Collect payments from clients timely by filtering ‘scheduled jobs’ and ‘payment received’.You can identify and follow-up clients for overdue payments to enhance your account receivables by selecting ‘scheduled jobs.’ Also, evaluating how much earnings have been spawned can be availed by ‘payment received.’ Such a study would help you keep a track of your invoices due.

Examine payment received and due
Interpret through an easy

Interpret Through an Easy Graphical Representation

Take a glance at your overall business health through line and bar graphs.Gain insights in a single view through an easy-to-understand graphical representation. You can get an impression of which are your high and low-performing staffs. Also, how many invoices are due can be estimated from ‘scheduled jobs.’
Now, you can make vital decisions on optimizing operations, sales, and profits.

Plan field service budget and forecast sales

Want to Plan Your Field Service Budget and Forecast Sales?

FieldCamp facilitates you to measure your sales, profit, and loss that helps you make decisions on planning and forecasting accurately!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely! FieldCamp field service reporting software you can get reports on every pricing plan. Performance analysis, sales forecast, planning budget, ascertaining profit and loss, resource management, payment collection, and follow-up can be made through a robust field service reporting structure.

By selecting your team member from the ‘Team’ drop-down menu, you can know his or her performance at a given time range. With such analysis, you can train and motivate your employees to deliver high-quality field services. This, in turn, would amplify client satisfaction and churn more revenue.