Detailed Lawn Care Pricing Chart: How to Price Lawn Care Services?

The lawn care service business will reach $115.6 billion in 2022. And in the coming years, it can scale at a 4.5% CAGR.

The lawn care business has multiple opportunities to achieve new landmarks and deliver a high-quality service to its clients.

But with the rising demands, it’s getting confusing for businesses to figure out what to charge for lawn care services.

You need to create a standard lawn care pricing chart for your business to ensure that you charge a consistent amount for specific lawn care services.

So, let’s figure out a way to standardize your price chart.

Lawn Care Prices

So, how much does a lawn care service provider charge to mow a lawn?

Do you have a set pricing or a variable one?

Based on the current market scenario, the lawn care price range can vary between $50 to $250. Different factors can affect the prices, like the size of the lawn, the local economy, and additional services like trimming, weeding, or landscaping.

You need to set standard pricing for your different services to ensure that you pay your employees well, handle the equipment or operational cost, and save your company profits.

You need to create optimized workflows to help you balance the lawn care price, minimize expenses, and maximize profits. You also need to ensure that the prices are genuine and your target audience prefers your service over the others in the industry.

Lawn care pricing is one of the important segments for your business success and understands the standard lawn mowing pricing guide that can assist you in planning your service prices.

Lawn Care Pricing Guide

The lawn mowing pricing guide can help you finalize your service prices and stay within industry-standard prices to better customer service and customer retention.

But the basic lawn care service prices across the United States can be different for different types of clients. The prices for on-off lawn care service requests will be higher for someone who has given you a one-year contract.

Multiple clients can also negotiate with you on the pricing, so you need to keep that window set when finalizing your pricing points.

Have a look at the average pricing chart for different lawn care services in the country:

  • Weeding – $40-$600
  • Leaf Removal – $30-$550
  • Lawn Mowing – $50-$250
  • Lawn Aeration – $30-$420
  • Landscaping and Design – $30-$4,500
  • Gardening – $30-$500
  • Full-Service Lawn Care – $40-$449

You may have noticed that for different services the pricing can vary drastically. There are different types of service providers in the industry, and you need to decide which pricing can fit your quality of service.

Adding additional value to your service can help you increase the prices of your lawn care service business and ensure that the customer is happy and satisfied paying you the requested amount.

Customers these days like to consult multiple professionals before hiring a lawn care service provider that fits their budget and gets the job done. So you need to dig deep while finalizing your prices and ensure that your pricing matches your services.

Also, be open to customized prices to adapt to the dynamic requests of the customers for a better customer experience. You can increase your conversion rate if your target audience is happy to get customized pricing for the services they require.

Avoid charging a lump sum amount as most clients underestimate the effort and time for lawn care services, and they can switch to local cheap service providers ignoring your professional and holistic lawn care service.

Give details about different services you offer and then calculate the price based on the service requests. Look at the industry standard pricing for different services in the lawn care segment.

  • Watering – $50-$400
  • Winterization – $80-$380
  • Tree Planting – $45-$2,000
  • Sprinkler Repair – $45-$300
  • Spring/Fall Yard Cleaning – $100-$250
  • Outdoor Pest Control – $50-$200
  • Mulching – $45-$750
  • Lawn Fertilization – $80-$380
  • Landscape Edging – $700-$1,700

You may choose to offer discounts to attract new clients and deliver a quality service experience to retain them in the long run.

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Let’s consider different factors while finalizing your lawn care service pricing to avoid a business loss to local competition.

Things to Consider While Planning Lawn Care Cost

You need to work on deciding the pricing point because it can play a critical role and a decisive factor when your target audience is about to decide on their next lawn care service provider.

Here are some key factors you should consider:

  • Overhead

    Overhead is one of the crucial elements while finalizing your lawn service cost. You need to be crystal clear with your operational cost to ensure that you don’t harm your business profits to cover operational costs.

    You need to figure out your expense and calculate the overhead cost for a better pricing point to help your business scale and become profitable.

    You should consider different costs like equipment, technology, business insurance, office space, and employee cost, among others, to finalize the overhead cost.

    Once the overhead cost is calculated, you need to choose an average number of lawn care jobs you can handle per month and then divide the overhead cost by the number to get an overhead per job.

    That’s your expense for the particular job, which you need to include in your service pricing.

  • Taxes

    Taxes can be included in the overhead cost, but we recommend you give your business taxes special attention. Independent contractors have a lot of tax deduction opportunities that can minimize their tax bills.

    From miles driven to equipment purchases, everything is tax-deductible. All your expenses can be included in the tax filing, which can minimize the taxable amount and the tax you pay to the government.

    You need to ensure that you record everything and ensure that there are no discrepancies or errors in maintaining records while auditing time.

  • Weather

    Weather can play an underrated role in finalizing your business prices. The contractors serving in the cold climates can face a shortage of service work, but most of the overhead cost remains. 

    You need to ensure that you winterproof your business to channel your peak season profits to your low season for sustaining in the industry and scaling your business annually.

    Multiple lawn care businesses offer snow shoveling services to clients to ensure that they remain profitable in the winter season.

  • Location

    Different regions and states can impact the price of your lawn care prices. If you provide service in an area where the climate remains consistent throughout the year, the lawn care prices are comparatively lower than the region where you require to cover different seasons with different equipment.

    You need to ensure that you offer different prices if you operate in different country regions because of the variation in the effort.

  • Labor cost

    The bigger your lawn care crew, the higher your overhead to manage the salaries and elements. You need to ensure that you have calculated the expenses of your crew management, which can help you paint a better picture of the pricing of your lawn care services.

    You need to include the employee’s service cost while preparing the estimate of your lawn care services to ensure that the customer is aware of the human resource cost involved in the project.

    Analyzing these factors can help you calculate a better and foolproof lawn service pricing figure for your customers that can ensure you balance your services and pricing brackets.

    If your customers are aware of the services they get compared to the pricing, they’ll choose you over mediocre lawn care service providers in the region.

    To ensure that you match the customers’ expectations, you need professional tools to ensure there are minimal errors and maximum business efficiency.

    Talking about tools, there’s nothing better than quality field service management software that can help to improve your gardening services.

Why is Field Service Management Vital For Your Gardening Services?

Although physical equipment and tools are important, having a professional management tool in the lawn care business can help you stand out from the rest.

A field service management solution can help you automate the management process and minimize the time and effort required to check the resource management manually.

You can increase your work efficiency and streamline your business operations to ensure that your workforce can deliver best-in-class lawn care service to your clients.

A field service management tool can provide you with centralized control of the business workflow and help you to help your team bypass different difficulties faced during the service delivery.

It can offer you multiple features like automation of schedules, quick invoicing, dispatching, and customer support. Your target audience can access the software and place a service request that gets automatically scheduled based on the availability of the dates and workforce.

You can enhance the quality of customer support and ensure a seamless communication channel between your service brand and customers. You can empower your management team to handle operations professionally and remove the errors and redundancies from your lawn service management.

Delivering a quality customer experience can help you retain the customer, increase your business numbers, and strengthen your brand’s position in the market.

But you need a professional field service management tool that can deliver the best results and enhance your business operations. Out of hundreds of field service management software in the industry, we have filtered the best tool that can handle your lawn care business with finesse.

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Yes, the lawn care business is highly profitable if you manage the peak season with utmost efficiency and professionalism. The demand for quality service providers is rising, and you can deliver the best results to drive more business revenue and profits.

Multiple factors decide the price for your lawn services like weather, lawn care professionals’ salaries, overhead expenses, and multiple factors. You need to calculate them and ensure you charge a fair price for your service.

The average lawn care price range can be between $50 to $250, and you can add more lawn mowing services to add more value to your clients and vary the lawn mowing services cost.

The field service management software can help you improve your professional lawn mowing service and deliver quality results to your clients. You can automate your business process and ensure that you increase the efficiency of your business and workforce. You can centrally manage the business processes and create a seamless communication ecosystem with your employees and customers. To streamline your business operations, you can automate scheduling, invoicing, and dispatching.

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The intuitive and simple UI/UX can help your workflow quickly adapt to the new technology and ensure that they can use the software to maximum effect. FieldCamp is available for mobile and desktop devices which increases its usability horizon.

It offers features like automated scheduling, real-time tracking, invoicing, dispatching, customer support, and other advanced features at a high-reasonable price compared to other tools in the industry.

The blend of quality features and cost-effective pricing can help minimize your investment and maximize the output.

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