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Complete alarm installing tasks faster

The only constraint in expanding a business is you don’t get time from everyday tasks to focus on other important tasks. Most of the time is spent in job scheduling, as manual job scheduling takes hours.

To overcome this, opt for job scheduling software for alarm business. Job scheduling software like FieldCamp converts your hours of effort into a matter of a few minutes. You can save up to 95% of time spent in job scheduling and utilize the saved time in other business tasks.

Choose the One That Benefits Your Business

Using FieldCamp, you can automate 90% of your business operations. Features of FieldCamp combinedly help you save time, make faster moves, and expand your clientele.

Using FieldCamp, you can schedule jobs, dispatch technicians, generate performance reports, track teams, generate invoices, and accept payments.

Schedule one-time and recurring jobs01

What else do you need when you can schedule jobs easily, faster, and accurately? With FieldCamp, job scheduling is no more a complex task.

  • Add job details, check for vacant technicians, and schedule jobs instantly
  • Use Google Calendar like calendar to add, modify, or remove jobs
  • If the job is repeated at a certain time period, schedule recurring jobs
Schedule jobs easily

Dispatch andtrack your teams02

Dispatching teammates is as easy as job scheduling using FieldCamp. You can dispatch teammates according to the schedule or job priority and monitor them.

  • Efficiently assign and dispatch technicians at their job location
  • Track the assigned teams and know about their whereabouts
  • Avoid underbooking, overbooking, or double booking

Generate invoices and accept payments03

One of the major constraints in a service business is not getting on-time payments. Sometimes clients delay payment, and it can affect your sales. So, FieldCamp enables you an option to generate invoices and accept payments faster.

  • Generate customizable and shareable invoices in a moment
  • Add due date while invoicing and remind the client if it is delayed
  • Accept payments in 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe

Generate invoices and accept payments
Use calendar view for job scheduling

Use the modern organized calendar04

Why use the traditional calendar to verify dates and days when you are automating everything? FieldCamp provides a calendar just like Google Calendar to schedule jobs instantly.

  • Modify jobs instantly using the “Drag and drop” feature
  • Select your operational country and get national holidays added automatically
  • Set your business hours and days to avoid scheduling jobs during this time interval

Get accurate reports05

It is crucial to know your company’s different reports to carry out necessary steps to improve them further.

  • Get the P&L status of your company at different time intervals
  • Know pending payments, low-high performing technicians, and sales reports
  • Get reports in 2 views: Graphical and listing views
Generate reports easily
Alarm installing scheduling software

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Frequently asked questions

Digital invoices are better than manual invoices in many ways. Manual invoices are time-consuming, while digital invoices can be generated in a few minutes. Also, once the manual invoice is generated, you cannot edit it, while digital invoices can be revised many times. There are high chances of making errors in manual invoices while less in digital invoices. Also, paperwork is eliminated in digital invoicing. So, in many ways, digital invoicing is better than manual invoicing.

FieldCamp’s team tracking feature is developed to ensure utmost transparency between admin and field technicians. The moment the teammate dispatches for the job, you can know their location. As soon as the field technician updates their job status, the location from where the status has been updated is sent to you. Then you can verify if the location is the one where the technician is expected to be or not. So, this feature helps you detect fake updates and also keeps you posted.

With FieldCamp, you can generate invoices and download them easily. It is downloaded in PDF form, and then you can share the invoice to the email ID directly from the FieldCamp. You can also share it via other mobile applications.

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