Switch to a Smarter Way of Job Scheduling

Smart way of job scheduling

FieldCamp is curated with an aim to ease your business operations. From job scheduling to invoice generation, we cover it all.

FieldCamp automizes 90% of your business operations, which saves many human hours daily. With easy job scheduling, now you don’t need a pen and paper to list out all the workers and jobs and schedule jobs manually.

You can set priorities while job scheduling and dispatch the teams accordingly. This method is quicker, efficient, and guarantees increase in the sales.

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Some of the main features of FieldCamp include job scheduling and quick dispatch. There are a bunch of other features that help you serve your clients faster and in a better way.

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Till now, job scheduling has been a hectic and time-consuming task. But now, you can save up to 95% of job scheduling time by scheduling jobs in a few minutes.

Due to automation in the job scheduling, there is no room for any major errors. So, your work accuracy tends to increase.

Not only one-time jobs, but you can also even schedule recurring jobs to eradicate the scheduling process every time.

Easy job scheduling for contractors
One click dispatch for contractors


Once you schedule the jobs, you can quickly dispatch workers to the job location. Allot work evenly, so any team doesn’t get work overload, and no one remains unoccupied.

Also, keep a note of which team members are active or inactive. Plan schedules in advance to deliver hassle-free services to your clients. Modify jobs as per the priorities.

Stay updated with your team’s status03

To ensure maximum productivity, FieldCamp lets you track your team’s location using the “Team Tracking” feature.

Once your teammate is out for the job location, you are enabled to get their job status and location. As they update their job status, you will get the exact location from where the status was updated. Then you can verify the location with their expected location and verify if they faked the update or not.

This way, you can increase transparency between you, your teams, and your clients.

Stay updated with team status
Payment made less complicated

Payments made less complicated04

Clearing payments after job completion used to take a lot as manual payment acceptance brings up many challenges like payment delays, unavailability of the client’s preferred method, and much more.

But with FieldCamp, you can accept payments in a jiff just after the job completion.

Your clients get 3 payment options to choose as per their convenience : Cash, Check, Stripe

Generate invoices 05

Creating invoices manually can indulge you into hours of donkey work and still end up with mistakes and dissatisfaction among the clients.

So, FieldCamp lets you generate invoices on the go and accept payments. Also, you can make customizable invoices with your company’s name, logo, and client details.

Add a due date to make sure you get on-time payments and avoid getting delayed payments.

Contractor invoicing software
Automate contractor business operations

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can generate reports of your workers to track and improve their performance.

Job scheduling is a time-consuming task. So, it is necessary to opt for an alternative to manual job scheduling like FieldCamp. It schedules multiple jobs for multiple cleaners in a few clicks. This method can save planning time and operational costs.

Yes, you can generate and share invoices with the clients via email in one go.

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