Ensure Maximum Productivity and
Minimal Time Wastage With FieldCamp

Maximize productivity with FieldCamp

FieldCamp is a scheduling software for junk removal businesses like you. It helps in managing cleaners and scheduling jobs for them. The main motive of FieldCamp is to perform business operations quickly and accurately.

Automating business operations leads to time saving, and saving time enables you to focus on other development work for your business. Also, you can serve more clients at the same time, increasing productivity than earlier.

Make Revolutionary Decisions for Your Business

FieldCamp is a junk removal software that is all you need to overcome all your managerial issues like
over-booking, under-booking, time wastage, payment delays, and paperwork.

Features of FieldCamp like job scheduling, job dispatching, invoicing, payments, and team tracks make it
possible to overcome all your issues.

Schedule and dispatch cleaners01

Scheduling jobs can take a long time if you use pen and paper. So, with FieldCamp, you can complete the same task in just a few clicks and a few minutes.

  • Schedule one-time and recurring junk removal jobs
  • Add/remove tax/discount from the line item
  • Schedule later if you are unsure about the job’s date
Schedule and dispatch junk removal cleaners
Junk removal invoicing payment

Invoicing and payments02

After the job completion, the most hectic part is invoice generation and asking for client payments.

  • With FieldCamp, you can generate invoices in a go
  • Add a due date to ensure on-time payments
  • Accept payments instantly before the due date


How do you measure profit-loss status in the past quarter? Which teams are performing well, and who needs guidance? Which clients provide regular work? FieldCamp gives answers to every such question using reports.

  • Get P&L status of any time interval
  • See reports in the graphical and analytical structure
  • Evaluate your business’s sales in a go

 Junk removal reporting
 Junk removal team status and tracking

Team status and tracking04

Sometimes, it may happen that cleaners waste time doing non-productive activities, and it directly affects your junk removal company’s performance. So, FieldCamp provides a team tracking feature to avoid this.

  • Increase productivity by tracking cleaners’ activity
  • Get the original location instantly once the cleaners update their job status
  • Detect false location updates and increase transparency

Your data is secured with us05

While adding such large data about jobs, clients, and the company’s revenue, you must be worrying about data privacy. Well, we’ve got you covered.

  • Secure your account with a PIN, so you don’t have to log out every time worrying about data privacy
  • Also, our junk removal business software uses state-of-art encryption to keep every data of your account safe

Secured junk removal software
Save time on job scheduling with junk removal software

Can’t Take Out Time for Other Business Tasks?

Well, worry not and get ample time to concentrate on other constructive ideas. Opt for FieldCamp and save 95% of time spent on job scheduling.

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp is an all-in-one software for job scheduling and other business operations. Other business operations include quick dispatching of teams, on-site invoicing, instant payments, team tracking, and reporting.

You can avail yourself of all of these and many other benefits in one software at a single price. So, you won’t need any other software if you implement FieldCamp in your junk removal business.

Currently, we provide 3 options to accept payments: Cash, cheque, and Stripe. The client can choose whichever method is feasible for them.

Yes, you can import contacts and make a client list of them directly. You don’t need to add details individually if contact data is stored on your phone.

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