Multitask Various Business Functions Seamlessly

multitask functions seamlessly

Jobs can be scheduled in 2 ways: Manually and using FieldCamp. Manual scheduling utilizes a lot of time. Also, it requires a lot of paperwork, so it is a messy method.

FieldCamp, on the other hand, eradicates the use of paperwork and makes the process of job scheduling faster and more convenient.

Not only job scheduling, but FieldCamp takes care of other business operations like job dispatching, team tracking, reporting, invoicing, and payments.

Benefits of Software for Painting Contractors

FieldCamp is a simple-to-use field service management software

We provide one-time and recurring job scheduling and save hours of job planning time. Overall 90% of your business operations are automated using FieldCamp.

Job Scheduling,
Made Faster01

It is not advisable to schedule jobs traditionally and manually in this competitive business environment. So, painting software helps you schedule jobs and assign painters conveniently.

  • Add clients, create jobs, and assign painters, yet save up to 95% of job scheduling time.
  • Avoid overbooking and double booking and get a mess-free workspace.
  • Modify jobs easily as per priority and notify painters quickly.

job scheduling made faster
painting invoice software

Create Invoices and AcceptPayments Easily02

Generating invoices is essential as it is considered a proof-of-work and a liable document to look after payments. Not fulfilling on-demand invoices could negatively impact the company’s loyalty, and FieldCamp knows it better.

  • Painting software helps you generate invoices just after the job completion.
  • Create customizable and sharable invoices to make your work more feasible.
  • Set payment due dates to ensure on-time payments.

Never Miss a Payment03

Giving frequent payment reminders to clients is the most hectic work in any business. Also, keeping track could be another trouble. But, with FieldCamp, now you don’t need to worry about payments.

  • Save time by managing your finances using paint contractor software.
  • Accept payments via 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe.
  • Send payment reminders to clients with payment dues.
painting software for payment
painting reporting tracking software

Reporting and Team Tracking04

Keeping track of all the essential performance reports and data is not an easy task. Also, when working with a number of painters, it is not feasible to call and track every painter and know about their whereabouts.

  • Get your company’s P&L reports for different time intervals.
  • Track your jobbers’ performance reports and take necessary steps to improve their performance.
  • The team tracking feature helps you track your workers’ activity to ensure maximum productivity.

Manage Schedules WithCalendar05

When working with a lot of window cleaners, it is necessary to keep track of their activities to avoid waste of their time.

Keeping this in mind, we have added a tracking feature that tracks and sends the live location of your window cleaner.

Using tracking, you no more need to ask for their status to plan future work. It’ll help you organize your business operations and increase productivity.

manage schedules with calendar
automate painting jobscheduling

Bored From Scheduling Jobs

Opt for FieldCamp and schedule jobs automatically in a few clicks and save hours of job planning time.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can modify jobs until the jobbers are dispatched. Once they are dispatched for work, you cannot modify them.

Painting company software is a service scheduling and management software helpful in automating various jobs tasks like job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payments, reporting, and team tracking.

Yes, you can notify the clients via email. This feature helps you ensure clients’ presence at the job location and avoid unproductive visits.

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