Pool Management Software That Actually Eases
Your Business Operations

Pool software to ease your business operations

Instead of indulging you in technical difficulties, FieldCamp is designed and developed in a way that is easy to use and understand with a simple yet attractive interface. FieldCamp helps you schedule jobs and assign them to workers.

FieldCamp is your all-in-one field service management software that lets you manage almost every task easily and smoothly.

Elevate Your Pool Services With Fieldcamp

When you automate your business operations, your productivity increases to a good extent, and FieldCamp knows it better. Features of FieldCamp help you automate and smoothen your operations.

Schedule one-time and recurring jobs01

When you schedule jobs manually, there is room for errors like over-booking, double-booking, and under-booking. But, using pool service management software, you can schedule jobs with ease and without errors.

  • Schedule one-time jobs in a jiff by directly importing excel sheets and immediately dispatch workers for the work.
  • Schedule recurring jobs in advance and reschedule them anytime until the job has been started.

Schedule one time and recurring
Plan jobs in modern calendar

Plan in Modern Organized Calendar02

FieldCamp provides Modern Organized Calendar just like Google Calendar to schedule jobs easily.

  • Get a clear view of vacant dates to check whether you should take up work or not.
  • Add, remove or modify jobs according to availability and sudden plan changes.
  • Just “Drag and drop” jobs to modify schedules from one date to another.

Track with an eagle-eye view03

Track your workers and keep an eye on their time utilization during job hours using our “Team Tracking” feature.

  • Get the latest job updates and location of your workers.
  • Check and improvise the parts where your workers are lacking.
Track jobs with eagle eye view
Get regular reports

Get regular reports04

While handling a pool service business, it is crucial to stay updated with your company’s performance every week and quarter. So, FieldCamp provides detailed reporting covering various aspects of your pool service business.

  • Get sales reports and plan your future actions according to them.
  • Get P/L status reports of your company.
  • Know your high and low-ticket clients.

On-site invoicing and payment05

Invoicing and clearing payments is a crucial part. FieldCamp allows you to create invoices and accept payments (Cash, cheque, Stripe).

  • Create customizable and editable invoices.
  • Levy or forfeit taxes and discounts as per your verbal discussion.
  • Set payment due dates and get on-time payments.
Onsite invoicing and payment
Schedule and dispatch jobs with pool service software

Schedule Jobs in a Jiff and Save Hours of Time!

Experience instant job scheduling and dispatching with FieldCamp. Opt for FieldCamp and save 95% of your job scheduling time.

Frequently asked questions

Pool service management software is job scheduling and managing software that helps you schedule jobs. Softwares like FieldCamp, along with job scheduling, provides various other features like one-click job dispatching, reporting, instant invoicing, payment acceptance, and team tracking.

Physical invoicing is a traditional style of invoicing.

Digital invoices can be generated anytime and anywhere by just accessing the software and are easily shareable.

Once generated, physical invoices cannot be edited, while digital invoices can be edited as often as you want before hitting the send button.

You can search old invoices easily by just filtering by name, date, etc.

It doesn’t require dedicated storing space in the office or working space.

Yes, you can filter clients by their payment status. You can filter clients with paid or unpaid payments and send reminders to the clients with pending payments.

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